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By | September 7, 2019

– On this episode we
bring Fiverr to the house. – [Gary] The #AskGaryVee Show. – Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 204
of The #AskGaryVee Show. Actually you know
what switch because I’m going to use
him as my India. Let’s do a little bit of
add-on, I like your glasses. I’m pretty excited
about the show. This is really fun. I’m going to let this wonderful
gentleman tell you who he is and what we’re doing here on
this episode but much like musically, even Snapchat before
recently and I finally did invest there’re certain
companies that I watch that I’m not involved with. I didn’t make an angel
investment but I watch and they deliver on a thesis that I
believe in and the company that I’ve teamed up with for this
campaign and then subsequently this episode and I assume I
don’t know what the questions are gonna be so the themes of
the questions are delivering on a very important thesis
and so I’m not in the let’s make a commercial. I’m in the content business. You need to go down the rabbit
hole of what these guys do for a living because I
know my audience. And for 80% of you there is
something meaningful that this platform can do for you that
will be good for your business. And I think that now that we
have the search engine we’ll be able to pull it up. I think I brought it up
like 120 episodes ago. I believe most things
are overpriced because of inefficiency. I believe these guys have
solved it to some degree. And I’m personally excited
to be doing this with you. I don’t team up for contests or
be the face of things ever and I did in two seconds because
I believe in the thesis. With that unbelievable
anointment that I’m sure you’ll chop up and use for other
behaviors, why don’t you tell the Vayner Nation who you are
and from what company and then let’s get into the show. – Sure. Gary, thank you. Thanks for your trust
and thanks for having us. I think you nailed it. – That often happens by the way. – Does it? (laughter)
I got that. Listen, Fiverr world
largest marketplace of services. Fiverr was built in order to
provide largest category of services for digital needs. Our primary customer is
small businesses, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, micro-preneurs,
mom-preneurs. Any -preneurs you want
should go on Fiverr and find the services they want. You are going to 5 million of
services, hundreds of thousands of sellers are providing you
their talent and their skills around graphic design, music
and audio, online marketing, programming and tech each of
them are going to provide you with services that will allow
you to go faster and often the entry price on Fiverr is going
to be 10 times lower than you would find on the backend. – Supply and demand.
Supply and demand. What’s tough about marketplaces
is that you need both sides of the funnel. And that’s why so
many people fail. They pulled it off.
Period, end of story. Help me with this because
sometimes I don’t stay up to date for everything. I headline read the things
that I don’t deep deep into, originally all the
services were five bucks. – That’s correct. – I think now that that is not
the way it is anymore, right? – That’s correct. – Obviously you opened it up and
somebody thinks that the thing that they’re willing to do, a
logo or things if they want 30 bucks you had open up that
marketplace and that make sense even when you guys
launched 5, 6, 7, 8 years ago. – 6 years ago, yeah.
– Right. Five’s my favorite
number by the way. So that was originally caught
my attention and second I just believe in this. It’s really no
different than VaynerMedia. We do everything that the
biggest agencies in the world do a lot cheaper. Because we created a process. Now you did it better
because it’s software and it’s marketplace. I’m doing it a little bit
different because I’m building it for myself different story.
Different day but what’s going on now? How did you figure out the
creative way to make Fiverr name still stick or you just
didn’t give a crap or is five now the bottom? What do you guys do?
– That’s a good question. Fiverr is our brand. Fiverrs is our community and
Fiverr is our name so put that aside for one second. How we thought about– – When did you do it? When did you move
from everything is $5? When did that happen. – It has happened gradually
over the last couple of years. – Yes. – It’s now this
trend is accelerating. What we’re doing we let our
seller have complete pricing freedoms under one– – Condition?
– condition. – What? – Which is being a scope well
the service so the price can be understood. What’s the difference between a
logo at five dollars and a logo at $50 and a logo of
$250 and a logo of $5,000? We are helping and we are
productizing that process for each of the categories. 150 categories.
– Theme songs. – And understand
how people buy them. – But I’m sure you also agree
and I’m sure you’re doing this because I watched from afar and
I think you guys are doing so many things right. But I assume but maybe not. One of the differences between a
logo for $50 and $5000 is hours. That you can scope.
– Yes. – Talent is not
something you can scope. – You’re absolutely right. – So you have to
leave room for the gray. – Exactly. – Why is my keynote speech
six-figures and somebody else’s is $10,000 and we both talk
about social media because I’m fucking better. – So this is where, you are.
– Thank you. (laughter) – You’re right.
And I think– – Again.
(laughter) – You’re right and I think what
you have to think about Fiverr we focus on that market
where we’re not going for the $3000 logo. What you are going to find on
Fiverr is you’re going to have a variety of options
between 0 to $100. – We have to get into the show
because I have to be on a live somewhere. – And when I say
zero I mean five. – I know you mean five. Let me just say this and you
guys know me we’re now 300 deep, 250, I’ve been
around for 10 years. I don’t do things with anything
because I just don’t believe in most things. The reason why talk about
Facebook and Snapchat 24/7 is because I believe in them. I am very aware of the
community that watches the show. I am secretly, this is selfish,
I’m secretly pumped that a lot of you don’t know about this and
that literally it’s going to be the thing that helps your small
thing over the next year because you don’t have a lot of money
and you don’t have unlimited time and I think there’s a ton
of services on this platform that are grossly underpriced.
The end. So let’s get into the questions. – Let’s do it. – India, who are you today?
– My name is Adam. – And what you do? – I do a lot of things. Substitute asking questions
for shows but I do marketing at Fiverr as well on the side. – Very cool.
– Side hustle. – And you know what? You didn’t actually
say who you were. We went right into it. Why don’t you tell the Vayner
Nation for five seconds who you are, I’m sure they’re making
assumptions and your name. – David Manela, chief
revenue officer at Fiverr. Born 41 years ago. North of France, my parents
first generation in France. Very nice childhood decided to
move to New York at 22 years old for three months and
I’m still here and during the last 19 years,–
– I love it. – the last 19 years I have
been working with a variety of startup and high growth company
and I’ve developed an expertise to scale businesses. – I got it.
Let’s get into it. – [Voiceover] San Barrionuevo
asks, “How can I charge more “than other sellers in my
market without losing revenue?” – Nice, nice question. – Go ahead, go ahead. – It’s about the why. When you think about pricing
it’s about the why and the why is often about quality and what
you just talked about you nailed it on how can I
justify a higher price. We just released a new
product on Fiverr for most of our sellers and most of our
categories now called packages and what happens it allows
you to use a well new marketing technique which is
good, better, best pricing. – That’s right. – You can start at five, you can
have a package at 15, you can have a package of 30 so what you
do is that it allows you to own that entry price point that
allows you to build credibility to get volume and to customers
that could not afford the $50 but maybe at $50 what is going
to happen is that you’re going to provide more time,
faster delivery better techniques and more options around the
logo you are providing. And this is how
you should price it. – I’m gonna go yes
and I’m going to go and. You can always go back. – Take risk.
– You can always go back. Let the market decide. If your 400 bucks to make a logo
and I promise you whatever you got last time ask for more
the next time figure out what your cash flow is. It depends on how fancy you are. – And how much you want time you
want to spend working on Fiverr. – Of course. How fancy are you? Do you want a nice watch? Well then you need more money
to buy that watch but if you’re willing to live in your basement
you could always go back. You could get, it depends
how many no’s can you take. I did it for 400 now I want 600. You come in no.
You come in no. If you’re fancy, you’re
going to go back to 400 ’cause you need the 400s. If you’re not fancy and you can
wait and be patient then all of a sudden you can do a whole
bunch of waiting, 10 no’s get your first 600, you
established the market. another thing how
DRock got his gig. The other thing you could do is
get understand the difference between something you want to do
for 600 bucks but then somebody asks you to do a logo and you do
it for free because the exposure is going to allow you to get
all the $600 ones that you want. Let’s move on. – [Voiceover] Letecab asks,
“I have a really hard time “letting go of my job. “I don’t like it, but I’ve
been there for so long. “I have loans, two kids to
support, a deep fear of leaving “the security and I’m not sure
what it takes to make it as a “solo-preneur. Any tips on how
to release the fear and “decide whether to
take the risk?” – I’ll go first this time. Punt leisure.
Punt leisure. You can work, I’m going to call you out. If you really mean that you
can live on six hours sleep. So you have 18 hours,
18 God damn hours. I want to know what you’re
doing with your 18 hours. Because you can work your 9-to-5
and that’s fine and you can travel for an hour here
and there, respect, nice little solid commute. Oh you want to be a family man? Mazel Tov, you can spend two
hours with your kids, what are you doing with
those of the five hours? You’re watching
House of fucking Cards. You’re playing Madden. You’re relaxing from
the other intense. Gary already spent 11 hours. Well great then don’t
complain or want more. Respect that by getting rest and
this and that you’re giving up opportunity to go
into a new market. You want the
audacity to have a 1% life. Let’s call it what it is. You want to live as well as
the 1 to 2% in the world. It’s not very complicated
the math is very raw. If you want to have one of the
best lifes in the world and you live on your terms then you have
to pay your dues to get there. And you have to be lucky enough
to figure out that you had talent in the thing you actually
want to do because you work 24 hours a day and if you stink
at golf or you’re not a good content producer or your logos
like the shit I would make then you’re going to lose. So that’s what you gotta do. And Fiverr was built for you. Fiverr was built or those
talented individuals while trying to find– – Was Fiverr built
for everybody? – Yes, yes for talented and
skilled individuals that want to find financial and
professional development. So what you have on Fiverr today
yes you have sellers making your six digit a year
that are top sellers. – Real quick I apologize, I
know you want to say it but like they’re all going. Here’s the punchline. What’s the mechanics are
you guys taking 20% of the transaction?
– That’s correct. – Is at the number?
Yeah, listen. The reason I went there is
because he’s the chief revenue officer is all going to sound… How do you cure cancer?
Fiverr. How do you go to the movies?
Fiverr. Let me save us time here. Here’s why I’m curious at the
scale that you guys are now not five or six year
ago, four years ago. Giving up 20% for that attention
no different than eBay or an Amazon I think is very
minor for the exposure. I think there’s a Fiverr and
things like Fiverr but you guys are at scale that’s why you’re
sitting here and social media combo if you can make that
one plus one equal four there’s something very real there.
Let’s go. – [Voiceover] Emerchant asks,
“I understand both are important “but if I only had to pick
one should I focus on content “marketing or paid ads?
I have learned paid ads provide “more results with less effort.
Thoughts?” – I start, you start, you start.
– Go ahead. – Okay. I’ll start. I’m advising a few
startups and that question comes often and I
think it’s about again, most of this question
is about the why. What are you trying,
the why and the what. What are you trying
to achieve right now? I’ll tell you something which
is thinking that you can build a business based on
paid ads at one point it’s going to catch up with you. – It always does.
– It always does. – Because the creative is
the variable of success. And the creative is your
business it’s like the product, your service, the creative. By the way, you can get in front
of everybody with your ad if that creative is bad
you won’t convert. And you’re exactly right, the
answer is yes if it makes you more money up front. First of all the person’s going
to win because they understand there’s two different things he
or she already knows, who was it? – [Adam] Emerchant. – That was the name? Got it. He or she already knows
that there is a big difference between sales and marketing. Paid advertising is sales,
branding marketing content that’s what that is and so I
don’t buy these because Nike fucking cookied me and chased me
around the Internet and I gave up and I bought them. I do it blindly.
Because it is Nike. – [Adam] I got the
red pair by the way. – Love it. We’re going to
agree on that one. I know we’re keeping it tight. Let’s go to the next one
that when I think we got. – [Voiceover] Mike asks, “As a
copywriter/fiction writer, a lot “of work goes uncredited or
remains private to buyers. “What’s the best way for me to
showcase my business without “practical examples of my work?” For Fiverr, it’s a
very fair question. Fiverr when you come as a buyer
you buy on Fiverr like you buy your book on Amazon. And Gary’s book, please.
Ideally. You buy what you see. Buying what you don’t see is a
little more difficult so how do you do that? It’s about your seller profile,
it’s about your skills, it’s about the emotion and your
talents on how to describe your gig on Fiverr. It’s about to show your
personality, it’s about the put your face as your profile
picture and not use a design. You want to create trust
and confidence to do that. That would be my
clear recommendations. – I would say this again I’m
going to pound this because it is just true. They wouldn’t be here, you know
that, this is a great tool at what it does you don’t need to
make every tool do everything for you. If you want to get your name
out there as this great writer there’s something called Medium.
Medium is amazing. You can get completely
discovered, all day long, write for free.
You want exposure? It comes at a cost, it’s
called not getting paid for it. I wish you got paid $100,000
to write an article for the New York Times and get
money and exposure. I wish. I also wish I was 6-foot-5
and could throw 100 miles an hour so I can be a
baseball player. Wishing doesn’t mean anything,
here’s the practical answer. You don’t use that
screwdriver to hit in a nail. You have a whole tool belt. You don’t need to make Fiverr
do this and you don’t need Snapchat. Everyone’s like, “Oh Snapchat how are
you going to target?” You don’t. You just realize that every
13 to 25-year-old is on it. And it’s awareness. So what I would say it’s funny
eluded back to a recall when I said I see this social
media-Fiverr I guess what I see is I think of your designer or
songwriter or things of that nature using the Fiverr URL on
your Instagram to drive people there to create transactions
around your free creative in an Instagram environment
could be quite interesting. It’s a very subtle way to throw
a right hook without it doing especially because
of the oomph now. There’s a lot of Fiverr’s. I’m sure there’s a lot of
marketplaces out there but this now has the oomph in the same
way that a Facebook something of that nature an Amazon has. There’s a lot of
bookstores on the Internet. Once something hit scales
and it’s the brand you take advantage of that and so I would
say write great stories for free on platforms where
people can see it. Here’s a good one and go
and search every fiction or nonfiction Facebook Page that
has a lot of followers and ask them if you can write an
original story for them to post in their community. I’m sure there’s something
called “Fantasyland Fantasy” where you write a great little
fantasy article, a story– – And what kind
of page was that? – It’s a Facebook page. – Meaning?
Moving on. – I think there is some kind of
silly page that has 4 million fantasy readers that people love
that Harry Potter and stuff like that, you write a great
story for it they post because they said yes or maybe they’ll charge you for
the exposure, I don’t know. Heck, you may have to get
charged to build your brand and things of that nature. Nonetheless it’s about exposure
and you got to find the avenues that have it and not every
tool has to everything for you. – [Adam] Great. Last question. Cinco on Cinco de Mayo. – [Gary] You were
waiting for that. That was your moment.
(laughter) Look in the camera and say
thank you for that moment. – Thank you for my moment.
(laughter) It comes from JustMe07. – [Voiceover] “What would have
been your first gig if you are a “seller on Fiverr and why?” – That’s cool.
– I let you start with this. – Mine would definitely have
been, probably especially when I saw it four, five years ago
I probably would’ve done hype videos for product. I would’ve an infomercial guy. Right, I would’ve been the
informercial guy saying this is delicious juice. Video is my medium. I would’ve
created original video. You don’t agree DRock?
You’re shaking your head. – [DRock] I agree. I’m kidding.
(laughter) – [Man] Check out Fantasyland.
– Exactly. (laughter) Hey everybody go to Fantasyland
Fantasy for all your fantasy needs Harry Potter to
Dungeons & Dragons. You’ll love Fantasyland Fantasy.
(laughter) – Nice. For me, I’m very
(inaudible) with that which is all of those gigs are my children. I don’t want to choose one.
– Forget about that. That’s a copout.
What do you do well? What could you
sell for 10 bucks? – I’ll go with either SEM
services or SEO services. – Got it. That great.
That’s grounded in your craft. I would’ve hired you to
voice over old Wine Library TV episodes with
proper French accent. I’ll do that too.
Question of the day. You now get to attack,
this important moment, you guys have
built something special. You wanted to team up with
me for this contest which we have to link up. That has some
restrictions, right? – [Man] New York, SF, Chicago.
– That’s what I thought. New York, SF, Chicago.
They have to live there? The contest we’re doing.
– [Adam] Need to be based there. Your SMB needs to
be based there. – No worries, so if your small
business is, there’s a landing page for it in the video?
– [Adam] Yes. – We’re going to link that up in
Facebook and YouTube, Staphon. – [Staphon] Yep. – You sometimes
get freaky on me. You got it man?
– [Staphon] Yep. – Alright, this is where you
get to as a question of the day. There’ll be hundreds of answers
on YouTube on Facebook which will give you
great feedback so you should think
about it carefully. It could be about anything but
as the CRO I think it’s going to be pretty Fiverr’d out. But anything you’d like,
ask any question that you’d like. What do you want to know from a lot of entrepreneurs,
solo entrepreneurs? What do you really want to know? – What is their number one
pain as an entrepreneur? I’ll talk to two audiences. First audience, which is those of you who are not comfortable
with the online, that are mostly off-line businesses, what is your main pain as you
go into the online business? What do you need?
How can we help you? What is your number one
pain so we can solve it because it’s your number one goal. For those of you
that all online– – Which is the far majority. If you’re watching this show
you on the online ecosystem. Because I suffocate
the people that are not. (laughter) Keep going.
(laughter) – And for you what can we
provide same question but as an online entrepreneur what are the
services that we need to provide you because you can
get access to that? And we will. Off-line entrepreneurs, online
entrepreneurs please answer those two questions.
Gary, thank you. – You did a really great job.
You brought great energy. You keep asking questions
we’ll keep answering them. (upbeat hip hop music)

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    Fiverr is only good for services that can be provided without any customization and that can be useful for a wide range of people. Graphic design or custom programming and similar stuff is definately not suited for fiverr. It only mocks them. How can a logo cost 5$, 50$, 100$? The people who do this only steal stuff and make more harm than good and the people who actually do custom logo, literally do a logo worth 5$, but if you are serious about your business, how can a symbol that represents your business in everyway be worth 5$? It just shows that the business owner is not willing to do anything for his business, thus the business WILL fail.

  37. Šarūnas Post author

    Also, about underpricing at fiverr – it is not, the services are just so poor quality that they are worth it.

  38. Kashan Mustafa Post author

    I made a brand strategy document on Fiverr and earned a 100 dollars. Just last night.

  39. NocPat Post author

    Cheaper competition really brings out the toxicity in people doesn't it? 🤔

  40. chiplanay Post author

    Fiverr has greate T-shirt Designers:

  41. Nuncle Cleent Post author

    I feel like he’s getting $100 every time he says the word fiverr. He’s at 49/51. Just another reminder how awesome you are, Gary Vee. Thanks for coming, ALWAYS, with the priority to bring value to us!

  42. Chris Blide Post author

    Gary you’re devaluing creatives. Look at your Instagram stories. You’re not paying someone $20 a design. You never overplay for quality

  43. Stella The Panda Princess Post author

  44. Ganny Dolars Post author

    Garyvee, may i watch this video offline by downloading it for learning my self?

  45. Kieran McKeown Post author

    Love this…….work your balls off if you want it.

  46. Eli Acuna Post author

    5:09 Straight Savage! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌 Love this dude

  47. Jaden Post author

    Who else is hustling hard this weekend instead of going out and partying!?

  48. Livia Fiset Post author

    Fiverr is an insult to the industry. They are the 99cent bin of graphics (Even $0.99 is too much.)

  49. 10 hour Lumpi Post author

    … so how do I become now a succeful freelancer…

  50. Chas Bruns Post author

    Gary are you trying to win a competition with Kanye West to see who can be more cocky and full of himself? Just giving you a hard time. Your cockiness is obviously working for your brand. You do you. ( :

  51. Ishan Kumar Post author

    It's easy to tell when someone is intimidated.

  52. Momina Arif Post author

    why do you invite people to you show if you are not going to let them talk. This gary guy can not stop interrupting people. its kinda rude.

  53. Arundathi Manakkad Post author

    Gary, are your thoughts on Fiverr the same today in 2018?

  54. Alizy jhon Post author

    Really Nice video here is the Link you can get this services.

  55. John Tiller Post author

    I agree that businesses who need quick turnarounds at cheap prices benefit from using services like this, in terms of cost. In relation to graphic design in particular however, you're not necessarily getting quality output. When clients frequently use these sites, they approach other freelancers or agencies outside of them, and realise that if they expect quality work, with quick turnaround time, it's going to be a greater investment. Design doesn't just look nice, it solves business problems and can have an impact on your business's ROI. For example, a considered and strategic brand identity design can inspire customer loyalty, leading to repeat or increased sales, or perhaps a web design might include a marketing strategy, leading to more conversions or increased click through rates. On the other hand, with a single logo design for instance, since the client pays little money, they're more likely to take for granted the worth of an informed logo mark to a business. By contrast, a strategically thought out brand identity system (including logo) would give the client a visual voice they can confidently use to do business under. I think you get what you pay for.

  56. Daniel Augoustakis Post author

    Hi @garyvee I am a Graphic Designer, more specific a Logo Designer, What is the best way to expose myself on Instagram and LinkedIn?

  57. Victor Mendoza Post author

    I got a great logo for a business for 30 bucks on fiverr.

  58. Shilpa Rani Post author

    Hy Gary, i am pumped by your statement that — you can sellany thing to anyone, but I want to know that if you were a artist like me, I mean at my place how will you introduce yourself to your audience, or make anyone to buy your art stuff even if u have less art skills and how u can make a important your stuff to be a necessity in one's life, 🙏❤❤

  59. Felipe Z Post author

    Im from brazil. Age 28. And worked like a fker to get 20$ a day. But im good at 3d Moddeling,

    Can I get at least 15 dollars a model, spending time in it ?

  60. L Ryuzaki Post author

    I LOVE this handsome French genleman. ❤ Many people are saying they cannot understand him but yet he is understandable to me…

  61. Sara T Post author

    Wow how big is Gary’s head. Fucking annoying AS FUCK to listen to

  62. mubk Post author

    Fiverr sucks. I have made a logo and brand identity using one of the fiver's top sellers in 2017 for $80. $55 plus rest tip. I had informed the maker that I intend to do serious business with it and intend to trademark it beforehand. I tried for trademark the logo the application, time invested for 1.5 years, LegalZoom fees all cost me near $900 only to know by USPTO agents that the logo is not original. I go to and search the logo and it shows 5 different sites with the same logo used before and after he delivered me that logo guaranteed as an 'original' logo multiple times in final delivery. When asked the logo maker eftimov_h he said he had outsourced the logo and fiverr refunded my money. Story finished they can't help more than that. WHAT ABOUT MONEY AND TIME WASTED OF YOUR CLIENTS? TYPICAL ISRAELI BEHAVIOR BY EVEN A DUMB COMPANY FIVERR MADE IN ISRAEL.

  63. Antank Post author

    0:26 did you just touch me !!??!! 😂😂

  64. Steven Jones Post author

    you are just to annoying to listen to, 30 seconds and Iv'e lost the will to live

  65. Round Post author

    First rule of Fivrr: Don’t buy packages
    2nd rule of Fivr: email seller
    3rd rule of Fiver: ask seller for a quote
    4th rule of Fiver: Don’t have high expectations.
    Last rule of Fivr: No REFUNDS!

  66. Duncan Owen Post author

    Clearly I should subscribe to this podcast, hosted by a guy who has just taken his roids for the day and is interviewing a guy with missing roof panels behind him. Billionaire digs!


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