Five YouTube Tools To Grow Your Channel

By | September 2, 2019

What’s up people Dunna here and today I
want to talk about my five favorite tools that I use to grow my youtube
channel. Let’s get it! so lately I’ve been noticing on my youtube channel that a
lot of the people that are watching are also either YouTube creators or they’re
musicians or they’re people who are building a brand on Instagram or
Facebook and there are so many tools out there for us as content creators to
build our brands on platforms like YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and
Instagram so I wanted to share with you guys five of my favorite tools that I
use on a regular basis to grow my youtube channel number one other YouTube
channels that teach about growing a youtube channel there are tons of these
out there if you’ve ever started a YouTube channel or let’s say an
Instagram account you want it to grow it’s pretty easy for you to go onto
YouTube and find videos telling you exactly how to do that. Now once you’ve
done that search a couple of times you’ll notice that you keep running into
the same channels over and over again because those are the ones that people
trust those are the ones that people like those are the ones that give the
best content. So a couple of my favorites on YouTube are first and foremost Derral
Eves who is essentially a YouTube mastermind the guy lives and breathes
YouTube he manages channels and he has his own channel where he talks about how
to build your channel on YouTube the second channel is Tim Schmoyer
he’s very similar to Derral Eves in the content that he creates so lots of stuff
about YouTube and how to grow on YouTube I’ve noticed lately he’s been doing some
videos on how to move over to Facebook or how to use Facebook to leverage
against YouTube really informative stuff and he even has his own family vlog so
he’s got kind of the in the trenches vlog channel grind that he’s done as
well so some real world experience there on his own channel and the third channel
that I like to follow for this kind of stuff is Roberto Blake he’s just kind of
an all-around inspirational guy he teaches about YouTube
teaches about tech stuff he teaches tutorials about creating videos just all
around kind of great channel great personality that kind of thing
definitely go follow those guys up number two on the list of the tools that
I like to use to grow my social media is kind of the other side of the coin from
number one. So you got to learn how to do all the search engine optimization and
tags and all that kind of stuff but then you also need to be able to make great
content and what I definitely suggest for this is checking out photography and
cinematography channels on YouTube. There are tons of these channels with great
tips and tutorials so that you can learn to make great content including my own
channel check out some of my tutorials but you never stop learning so I’m
always looking around for new channels that I can be learning from and if I
learn something exciting from those I’ll probably build off that and then I might
make a tutorial for you guys to see as well I have a lot of channels that I
like to watch for this kind of content but I’ll try and name off my top couple
here so that you guys can have something to check out too. First and foremost
YouTube wonderboy of the year Peter McKinnon he’s got some amazing
tutorials and vlogs too he’s just like fun to watch he’s got a great personality
and is obviously really really talented with what he does with the camera. The
next channel I like to watch is Matti over at travel feels very similar kind
of style to Peter McKinnon they do a bunch of videos together and that kind
of thing but just a little bit of a different vibe if that’s what you’re
into another one that I picked up recently is a newer channel guy named
Chris Howe and he’s a professional photographer videographer and he’s
working with some pretty big brands like Mercedes and Corona those kinds of
things and he’s got some great information still fairly new he doesn’t
have a whole lot of videos up yet that are the informational kind lots of
really great travel vlogs great channel make sure to check him out and just to
be a little bit quicker because I could go on about these channels for days a
couple more that I really like. A guy named Travis Transient another great channel
similar style to the first three a channel named DSLR guide he has a really
cool approach to the way that he makes this video is very different than the
other guys that I’ve mentioned so far and finally a channel named DSLR video
shooter which is a lot of tutorial stuff and then a lot of like review and tech
stuff so that you and get to know the gear that you’re
using number three on the list of my favorite tools is a Chrome extension
called tubebuddy there are so many cool tools within it it helps you find good
tags it helps you choose a good title it allows you to see other people’s tags so
you can borrow from them or see how their video is doing you can compare
yourself to other channels so that you can see how your growth is compared to
theirs if they’re a similar channel if you do decide to go up to the pro level
there are some more options that it gives you but honestly the free version
is great to start out with Number four on my list of tools to grow my youtube
channel is something called the YouTube creators hub podcast now this is a
podcast that’s sponsored by tube buddy but they talk about anything to do with
creating a YouTube channel and growing that YouTube channel they do awesome
interviews with other creators that are growing or have had explosive growth to
find out how they did it or how they’re monetizing their channel and everything
that you could need to know about growing your YouTube channel you can
listen to this podcast pretty much anywhere that you can listen to podcasts
I use the Apple podcast app but from what I understand it’s on pretty much
all the platforms. And the last tool that I love to use to grow my YouTube channel
are my peers and the community out on other social media so for example
Twitter is a great place lots of youtubers on Twitter for some reason
Facebook is great there are lots of great groups that you can add yourself
to and then you can ask questions and you can share your content and ask for
feedback on it and build a community around your channel reddit is another
great place it’s a little bit tough to get into the flow on reddit but if
you’re already part of it or if you feel like you want to dive into it it’s a
huge huge network where you can grow your YouTube channel as well as just
meet other great youtubers those are my five favorite tools that I use to grow
my YouTube channel I hope you liked this video I hope you got something out of it
if you did give it a big thumbs up make sure to subscribe to the channel to see
more of my content I do vlogs on Mondays and I try and put out other videos like
this every once in a while too thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next

16 thoughts on “Five YouTube Tools To Grow Your Channel

  1. Flash Kids Club ⚡ Post author

    That's awesome info I would love too watch listen to podcasts I have never really thought about that! Thank you for all your info, research and positivity!!

  2. Our Simplistic Love Post author

    I'm trying to dive into Reddit!. Thanks for this info!.

  3. Reloaded Reeality Post author

    Tubebuddy is great! I’m still learning how to utilize it though. This video was fantastic Dunna! I’ll definitely be checking out some of these channels!

    Also, Roberto Blake is phenomenal. He was the only guy you mentioned that I actually knew lol

  4. Video Creators Post author

    Thanks so much for the shout out, Dunna! Keep up the great work on your channel.

  5. Randomly Oni C Post author

    Roberto Blake is one of the first people that I started watching also! I always feel motivated after watching his vids!! Peter Mckinnon is def THE MAN…hands down! Loved this video man!!

  6. Simple Annalisa Post author

    Great Video! Roberto Blake was my YouTube mentor, lol !! I learned so much about SEO’s and optimization and all of that. I also follow many of the channels you mentioned, so much good stuff out there. I enjoyed this video, keep em coming 👍🏻😊

  7. M Azka Kamil Channel Post author

    Nice video my friend.. . i have subscribed your channel, please sub back

  8. Szara Dental Lab Post author

    HEY. I saw you FOLLOW me on instagram… I checked out your YouTube channel just for some weird curiosity. Your video is very professional. Wishing you the best of luck. I subscribed and will watch your channel grow. Good job

  9. Jim Dodd Productions Post author

    Awesome video Man! Very informative, never knew about Tube Buddy. Going to have to use that site, to see if that helps my channel grow.

  10. JanetBan Post author

    I looooove ♥️ Peter Mckinnon, Matti and Chris.🇨🇦 they are great bunch of youtubers.

  11. Andy Bowman - DadBodJogVlog Post author

    Just started using TubeBuddy – Genius !! – Great video as always


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