Fine-tune Your Content

By | August 22, 2019

James Schramko here with an SEO news update.
Now, here’s some of the changes. There’s a new algorithm update called Hummingbird. It’s
like the biggest update since Caffeine for the algorithm. And what it does, it really
looks for solving the query that the customer’s putting in, especially questions and answers
that wants the most relevant result. If you’re using OwnTheRacecourse, the technique that
I teach and you are putting up good valuable content that’s based on people’s questions
like I taught, then this is great news for you. You’re going to get more search traffic.
Google are going to be removing access to the keyword research data. So when you look
into Analytics, you’re not going to see as much. But I really recommend that you go and
have a look at Google Webmaster Tools, make sure you register your site. It shows you
queries coming to your site. And you can check the click-through rate to see how relevant
it is. I actually think that click-through rate is a really important SEO metric. You
want to make sure that the phrases you’re trying to rank for get click-throughs as much
as possible. So keep it relevant. Keep it real. OwnTheRacecourse.
I’m James Schramko and this is an SEO news update. I look forward to catching up with
you soon. This is Catch up with you soon.

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