11 thoughts on “Find POWERFUL Expired Domains (with DomCop)

  1. Hato Pham Post author

    Can you make a tutorial about how to find and bid an auctioned domain on Godaddy or someone else?

  2. Hasan Post author

    So if you was to utilise the footer of a website for backlinks, would you recommend putting your logo there instead of exact match Keywords?

  3. Hasan Post author

    Hey Nathan, what you you think about buying domains from flippa?

  4. I Want A 6 Pack Motivation Post author

    very good!! 2 questions, is everything in Domcop still relevant today? and would linkminer by mangools do just as good backlink checks as ahrefs?

  5. Ali Senejani Post author

    Hi. Do you need to enter your website's name in the search box so it can search for relevant domains?

  6. At True Post author

    I usually just use ExpiredDomains but this looks easier.

  7. Bradley Shimels Post author

    That's why I like Lean Domains everything is already done and in front of you. As long as you dont mind using WordPress only.


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