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By | August 24, 2019

Do you know what a featured snippet is? With Google Evergreen changes, featured snippets
are an opportunity to increase brand awareness, traffic and eventually leads! Why would you leave this space to your competitors? It’s now the perfect time to utilise featured
snippets to your advantage! It’s actually pretty easy to do, and we
will show you how! Hi, my name is Dorian, and today I am going
to share with you fundamental information about feature snippets. Before we start, make sure to subscribe to
this channel to be notified about everything we release. Google, being constantly on the move, is forever
tweaking search engine features. There were quite a few recent discussions
in the industry around featured snippets. Featured snippets are usually placed on top
of organic results and can appear in different forms in order to provide users with a relevant,
fast and concise answer to their search. They’re designed to provide one definite
answer that Google believes fits our search query accurately. The answer is directly and automatically taken
from the webpage it links to. Users are getting answers served from Google
result page itself, and only visit sites the information was taken from if they’re looking
for more information. You’ve probably come across a few of these
yourself. A featured snippet can usually appear as one
of 3 different categories – Text, video and or a list/table but this is forever evolving! Actually, the community is concerned about
one specific new launch from Google. A new featured snippet format will display
information from publishers without rewarding them with traffic, making it harder for users
to connect directly with the brand and click to where the piece of content originated from. Danny Sullivan, from Google, in a tweet to
the SEO community stated that Google’s primary goal wasn’t to scrape and “steal” content
from publishers but to serve users to the best of their ability, having to compromise
in order to have the search ecosystem thrive. Though it might look like a disadvantage to
publishers at first glance to as it could result in a loss of traffic, these new featured
snippets might actually provide an opportunity. Let me explain – What if for certain queries,
your site was ranking in “Position 0”, above the usual map stack for local queries
and other organic results? Additionally, it is commonly known that on
mobile devices, people tend to scroll down the search results less AND 80% of voice search
answers are directly coming from featured snippets! As voice search usually only presents users
a single answer, securing a featured snippet for a certain query could actually make you
and your site the only answer for this query! The forever evolving search industry, led
by Google, is a fast pace environment and as marketers or a business owner, it is extremely
important to seize any opportunity presented, and get that golden traffic back to your site! To stay in the know about all thing’s SEO,
follow us on our social media platforms where we constantly publish new helpful content
to help you moving up the SERP’s ladder! See you later!

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