FAQ – How SEO Can Grow Businesses | Primal 004

By | August 26, 2019

– Hi, this is Mark McDowell, General Manager here at Primal, and today we’re going to start a frequently asked questions series, just to keep videos a little bit shorter, and a little bit more engaging. So what I do is ask the team here to send me a bunch of
questions on a weekly basis. I pick one, and then I simply answer them. So, this weeks question was, “How can SEO help businesses grow?” One of the clients we were speaking to, this was one of their initial questions that they asked before
they started the campaign. So, SEO can, put in
its most simplest form, it’s really important because people are, there’s X-amount of
people already out there searching for your products and services, especially if it’s a well
known product or service. It’s really important to, I guess, appear, on the top of Google for
relevant search terms pertaining to your products and services, because 98% of the search market share in Thailand is actually with Google, so really important to be on Google, and, I guess, on page one, because we all know that the best place to hide a dead body is
on page two of Google. It’s really important to, I guess, you know, optimise the website for key words and having
lots of relevant content in there in order to rank higher. So I guess, it’s gonna draw business
because it’s essentially demand fulfilment, so, there’s X-amount of
demand already out there for your products and services and essentially you’re
just enabling your business to be found for those
products and services. So, through ranking higher on Google, especially position
one, which will bring in the highest return on investment, and/or the most exposure for
your products and services, will essentially drive interest
of people to your website in order either get in touch
or make an online purchase. Case in point would
be, let’s just say it’s an e-commerce site and they’re looking to, they’re selling shoes online, so relevant key words that
they wanna rank for would be, say, “Buy shoes online Thailand,” or “Buy shoes online Bangkok,”
or “Buy shoes online.” By appearing higher in search engine result pages for that search term, that e-commerce company can then attract more traffic to the
site, interested traffic in people wanting to
buy shoes in hopes that they will make an online
purchase and therefore increase their revenues through search. Not only is this relevant
for SEO campaigns, but also AdWords search campaigns too. So, that’s how SEO, or search,
could help business grow. Stay tuned for next
week’s question, thanks.

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