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By | August 13, 2019

all right FAJOB family. we are on
the page for the FAJOB trade school the trade school where we teach real
estate, internet marketing, and SEO marketing. all right so today we are
running a special we are running a special because we have something coming
up that will need us to have maybe a flood of new testimonials we’re starting
a huge service in order to pull it off we’re going to need flood of new
testimonials so what we’re trying to do is give you guys a discount today our
school is usually five thousand dollars a year for anybody that studies my
channels YouTube channels Facebook any of that you know that tuition for my
school is five thousand dollars a year but today we’re giving the discount of
fifty bucks to get in the school only for those that stay to the end and get
the promotional code though all right so as far as real estate class it is
virtual wholesaling so you do not need to have a license you don’t need to have
experience you don’t need to have let’s see any property investment money you’re
not gonna be flipping or rehabbing anything this is virtual wholesaling
where you get paid a commission just for connecting buyers with sellers and it
goes deeper we show you all the promotional methods and everything like
that blah blah but you’re gonna also have internet marketing class that
teaches you everything in and their marketing CPA all of that where you
don’t have to actually sell anything to make money alright so then we have SEO
marketing where you will be allowed to connect with local businesses and make
thousands of dollars per deal to get them ranked on the first page of Google
so this is the average on trade school page just in case you guys don’t you’re
not familiar whatever couple testimonials you can check them out
and she shows you her pavement proof a check that she got from a local surgeon
of whether a plastic surgeon he paid her five grand up front all right
here’s more love pavement proofs of CPA and all of that but anyway this is our
school uniform you work for bosses I work for freedom
but anyway let’s get back to it so let me give you a little show of what you’ll
begin this is to have the job SEO class this is the real estate class this is
the gift shop where you will get your uniforms from and different materials
and study materials this is study hall where the the school the students
chitchat or whatever and study together is internet marketing class where you
learn se I mean CBA and different affiliate marketing techniques so I’ll
give you an insight of what it looks like
alright so this is the internet marketing survival kit I’ll just show
you through the pages alright so this is how you join Mac’s bounty to me those of
you that don’t know what magnet bounty it is it is a CPA network alright then
the next video is how to do extreme keyword research for CPA alright then we
have where you can get bill Maynes articles extreme YouTube keyword
research so that you could put your CPA offers on autopilot doing something
different combining local SEO with CPA offers ranking CPA offers in different
languages how to slaughter Craig’s List with CPA offers use per site SEO to rank
is just a whole flood of dip everything man and then that marking the survival
kit will get you there now just in case that’s not enough for you or you’re not
interested in internet marketing we’ll go over here to SEO the SEL class is
where you’ll be learning how to do to rank local businesses on the first page
of Google as well as your own businesses and offers alright so the first module
of the class is how to get SEO clients so we got multiple ways around twenty to
thirty different ways of to get SEO clams as you can see a lot of
them are automated so we teach you how to put your business on autopilot all
right then you click how to get clients results let’s see all right so this is how to outsource it
so it’s on autopilot we’re to get cheap or free articles for the websites
ringless voicemail drops for SEO competitive analysis she’ll change the
keywords sub topic pages everything how to get them results how to rank them in
competitive cities and areas and stuff like that everything you need to be
successful at SEO is in here and how to start making money this freaking week as
well with internet marketing you can make money the same day with SEO you can
make money in the same day as far as real estate it might be a week or two
before you close your first deal if you go hard in the school alright so
remember stay tuned because I’m going to get a promotional code and this is the
same code that you will use to get the school which is valued at $5,000 a year
you’ll get it for 50 no joking no joking just because I need more testimonials so
you get in here you go horn and this is gonna change your life
alright let’s go to virtual wholesaling remember this is a real estate section
alright so virtual whole selling it has an explanation for where whole selling
this is where you get your free website if you need your free real estate
websites for doing lead generation and everything like that this video shows
you all you need to do this this one will show you where to find cash buyers
because remember virtual wholesaling is just connecting regular investors with
people that are desperate to sell their homes once the deal is closed you get a
high commission on that the average commission is in between five thousand
to thirty thousand dollars depending on where you are alright so I teach you how
to do this this is what my students do alright finally cash buyers the advanced
way motivated sellers to close make better sellers beg to sign with you
pricing so that you get the deal every time where to get your purchase and
seller agreement forms automate the inbound seller and buyer
leads on dating sites and on Instagram we have a software that can automate
this and everything so that your life is easier and you can do other things how
to make thousands and between bills also so everything virtual wholesaling and
everything you need to be successful with SEO everything you need to be
successful with real estate everything you need to be successful with internet
marketing is an alpha job trade school and you can get in today today only
today only I don’t even think we want to do this for a week maybe today only so
this is the promotional code if you text F a j.o be 1022 which is October 22nd
two three one four three two five seven zero three zero you’ll get in today and
you’ll get all three sections of the effort I’ll trade school and updates
they come out for free all right you’ll get that if only for fifty bucks
today all right so that’s the special that we’re running for today once again
the code is f8j o b 1022 text at to my business cell phone which is three one
four write it down three to five seven zero three zero and you will get
enrollment full Roman to the school for only forty nine bucks today alright so
do that today Oh

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