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By | August 11, 2019

– Hey everybody, this is Adam
Arkfield and in today’s video I’m gonna go over the
Facebook Business Manager, because it is the best and only way that you should be
managing your Facebook ads and Facebook pages, especially
if you’re working with a lot of different clients or a number of different businesses. It’s different than just your
regular Facebook account, although it’s associated
with your Facebook account. So, basically the
Facebook Business Manager is for people that are
running ads or managing pages, or connecting with a variety
of different businesses and wanna control everything in one place. And in the case of ParaCore
this is incredibly valuable because we receive access as a company, and then we delegate out the access to different employees within the company. So, if someone joins the
company or leaves the company or anything like that, it’s not connected with their personal Facebook accounts, it’s connected with our business account and then we delegate out that access. So if you head over to
business.Facebook.com you’re gonna see this page. And this is the Business Manager and it says managing ad accounts, pages, and all the people who on them,
all in one place, it’s free. ‘Cause it’s obviously free. So you head to the Business Manager and then you hit Log In or Create Account. I’m not gonna do it here
’cause I’m gonna show you a demo account in just one second, but when you hit Create
Account it’s gonna ask you to log in to your personal Facebook page, which is fine, because it is attached to your personal Facebook page. But then it’s gonna say,
create a business account. And with your business
account you’re gonna put in your email, your business
email, your name, and then what company you’re with. And that will create a business account, and that will allow you to
then manage all of your assets within one place. Now, if you’re not an agency and you’re a client working with us, or you’re a client that has
just stumbled across this video, you probably wanna
create a business account for your business anyway. Because you can then
invite your employees, all of your webpages and everything else. And then you can actually invite people, invite other companies like ParaCore or an SEO company or anyone else to then work on your business account. And so you would basically
connect two business accounts through Partner at ease, which
I’ll show you in a second. So anyways, I just wanted to
give you a lay of the land. This is the Business Manager, this is where you log
in or create an account. And it’s at business.Facebook.com, okay? So once you log in and sign up, this is essentially the
interface that you see. This is a demo account, so there’s not an incredible amount of data in it, there’s not a lot at all. But this is just a bit
of an overview page, so it shows what ad
accounts you have running, what pages you have in the account. It shows you the amount of spend, and then it shows you some
activity for your page. You can add a cover photo
which you would have if you were just a normal page. But this is just a bit of an overview. It’s asking me to add security, which you can do if you want. You can then hit the Ad Account Overview. So this shows you an overview
of just your different ad accounts and kinda
how they’re spending. And just gives you like a dashboard look. And then you have Activity, so this shows you just a
snapshot of how many people are in your business and
employees and things like that. So, this information to me is
not that incredibly helpful. So the most important part
that I want from this video is the Business Settings piece right here. Okay, so they have business settings. Now I’m in this completely
different interface that really breaks down all
of the different components of your Facebook marketing campaign. So up here on the left we have Users, and this is people and you’ll
see myself, Adam Arkfield. You can add a person. So you can invite someone to
your business account by email. So, if this is ParaCore
and we hire a new employee, we would then invite them to our business account via email. And then we would give
them Employee access and then potentially Admin access if we wanted them to. We also invite our CPA
to have finance access so that they can, you know move some things around in our PNL. So here’s where you can invite employees and pull them into your account, okay? So this is, as ParaCore
or as your business, and you wanna add employees in, you do those through the People. So then we have Adam here. And then on the right-hand side these are all of the things that Adam has access to. So I have access to
our ParaCore demo page. This shows what level of access I have. So Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertisers, so on and so forth. So I can change my permissions here. It shows what Ad Accounts
I have access to, what Properties I have
access to, product Catalogs and then Apps, okay. So these are all the different things that Adam has access to. Now if I wanna give myself
access to certain things, I will hit Assign Assets. And then it asks me what I wanna add, so I’ll say Pages. And I only had the
ParaCore demo page in here but you will see a list of
pages, you can click ’em all, you can kinda change
the default role here. If I click this it allows me to determine what role I wanna choose. And then I’ll save and
that’ll give me access to a page or an ad account
or something like that, okay? So, what ends up happening is
ParaCore as a business manager has set up its account, so
this is ParaCore’s account and I have a number of employees in here. And then another company, let’s say, you know, Phoenix Electricians, they set up their own business account. And then they might share
their account with us so that we have access to
their page and ad accounts. If I wanted one of my particular employees to be able to access that, I
would select my employee here, and I’ll go over how to get
access to that in a minute. But I would select that employee here, Assign Assets, and then they would be able to access someone else’s ad account in someone else’s page, okay? So, that’s People, so those are people. And then we have Partners. And ParaCore is considered a partner, and we connect with
different business accounts so that we can manage their ads. So if you’re an agency, you’re a partner. If you are a company, you want to invite partners to your account. So for example, if I
was Phoenix Electricians and I wanted to give ParaCore
access to my Facebook account, I would come into my Business
Manager, I would set it up. I would then say I wanna Add A Partner and I hit this button, it says,
oh, you need a Partner ID. And so I’d say, okay, I
don’t have a Partner ID. So I would ask ParaCore
to give me a Partner ID. So in this case it’s right here. So your Business Manager ID. So I would take that Business
Manager ID as ParaCore, I would then send it to my
client, Phoenix Electricians. They would take that ID,
they would go to Partners, they would do Add, they
would put in the ID, and then that links up the two accounts. So it’s a little bit like how you connect two Adwords MCC accounts. You’re not requesting access, however, you are giving your Partner ID to Phoenix Electric Company,
they are then inviting you and giving you access to their account. So they’d put that in
here, they’d hit save, boom, they would have a partner account, and then the two business
accounts are connected. So that would be great. Now, once you have business
accounts that are connected, you then have all these different accounts over here on the left-hand side. So, very first we have Pages, so just obviously Facebook pages. Ad Accounts, so if you’re
working on a variety of different ad accounts,
all the ad accounts end up showing up here. Different apps, you also
have Instagram accounts. Line of Business yet,
so this is just kind of a different thing where you can add different lines of businesses. So this allows you to
manage a group of accounts and other assets. So let’s say that you
have like one client, like we had a retail
shopping center for awhile, and they had like four ad
accounts and four Facebook pages, so then you would add a Line of Business that you could then group
multiple things into. So I’m not gonna go into that. And then you also have projects. So, this is Organize Ad Accounts and Pages Under One Project. But this is where you could
organize the accounts. You know I mentioned this is new, I recorded this video
like a year and a 1/2 ago, the same exact video, and
things are just changing in the Business Manager all the time. So, it’s December 4th, 2018, if you’re watching this
video in late 2019, there’s a pretty good chance
that there are other things that are different. So, Projects is what I just described, Line of Business is something
a little bit different. But as we keep moving along
you have Product Catalogs, you can share Pixels,
you have Offline Events, that’s Custom Conversions,
I mean, so these are all of the different Users,
Data Sources, Accounts, everything is all in this one area, okay? So, this is how you manage your business and all the different assets
related to your business. Now if you go to your
Facebook page on Facebook, there are some different things that you can manage within there. So you can manage like lead
forms and you can manage just different videos and different assets within the Facebook page itself. This is where you manage
the higher level stuff like Domains, Blocklists, Pixels, and you share those things out. You can also integrate Lead Access right here for lead forms. Okay, so that is the high level. Also, I do want to say that with Pages, if I hit Add, so if you’re a business and you’re not an agency
and you are just setting up Business Manager for the very first time, you’re gonna wanna pull your
assets into Business Manager so that you can delegate them out. Because just by creating a
Business Manager account, it doesn’t mean that
your pages or ad accounts or anything else are actually connected with the Business manager. So what you do is you
create Business Manager, which is what we’re looking at, and then you say Add a Page. And you can either add a
page because your business already owns it, right? So this is pretty easy, so I hit this. I don’t think anything will show up, yeah so I can just like start typing and like different businesses show up. But I don’t own any of those. So you can then just
add one of those pages if you happen to own it. You can request access to a page, which is another way to add a page. So this is a little bit
different than the partner. You can say, I just want
access to this one page and they can give you access to that. Or you can create a brand
new page from in here. So adding a page is really important, requesting access to a
page is also another way to get it pulled into
your business account, if you’re just requesting access to it. Or you can create a new page. So, this is kind of a overview
of the Business Manager. Once you head up here, so
if you wanna get back to that first page I was at, you hit this Facebook icon,
which I think is really weird that this is the navigation. I think the navigation’s really weird. So yeah this icon takes you here. The Business Settings icon takes you here, which is where we were just looking, which is Users, Accounts,
Data Sources, everything else. And then if you hit Business Settings, this is where you can
start actually managing different aspects of an ad account. So, this is a little bit strange because now we’re now in the Audiences, and then you can choose
your ad account right here. So, if you have a bunch of ad accounts, then you would hit the
Asset Library in Audiences and then you hit this dropdown, and then you could change
between different ad accounts, then manage different audiences. So now we’re in the Ads Manager. And if you wanna go back
to your Business Manager, you hit the Facebook icon and then you go back over to Business Settings. But the navigation, in my
opinion, is a little bit goofy. But that’s a brief overview
of the Business Manager. If you are a business
that has multiple people working on your ad account
or Facebook ad account, or Facebook page or anything like that, you wanna be in the Business Manager, you wanna have this set up. And then if you’re working
with other companies and you need to connect it, you also need to have this set up so you can connect with
agencies like ParaCore, or a social media agency, or whoever else might be
wanting access to your business. So, that’s all for now,
thank you for watching. My name’s Adam, I’m the owner of ParaCore, we’re a Pay Per Click generation agency. If you have any questions
please comment below. Like the video, subscribe to our channel, we release a lot of videos just like this. And thanks for watching, we
will see you in the next video.

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