Exposure Ninja Testimonial | Logican Solutions

By | August 30, 2019

– My name is Yaakov Smith, my business is called Logican, and
we provide, and develop, and support software for businesses to help them be more efficient. We’ve got software for
claims management companies, for legal firms, for property
management companies, for debt management companies, even for funeral plan management companies. And we provide software to
help businesses work better. We check, we tweak it,
and support it to make it, ultimately, the best for the companies. I’ve been signed up Exposure
Ninja for about five months. Prior to that, I had read the book, when the book was written by Tim, and I was very impressed. Decided I couldn’t do it myself, so I’d go to him, and he’s
been doing it for me. I’ve been working with him
the whole time and been very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Yes, I have worked with a previous one. Initially they seemed to be quite good and they got me up to a relatively high position on Google, for
one of my key terms. But, they slipped, and on investigation, which I took after I
joined Exposure Ninja, I realized that they’d been
using very poor quality links which had just disappeared. They weren’t telling me
what they were doing. They weren’t doing very much, and the advise they’d been giving was getting increasingly poor and disinterested. In contrast, with Exposure
Ninja, they tell me exactly what they do, it makes sense, I can see what’s happening,
they communicate well, I know what I’m getting for my money. It’s been very good. From the beginning they
told me what they were planning to do and what
they’re doing as they do it, and if I had any issues in particular, they’ve been very responsive. They’ve altered the way they do things. They’ve come back to me
if I wasn’t very happy with some of the work, they’ve redone it, and on the whole they’re
very, very professional, very keen to please, very good to help. And most importantly,
it seems to be working. The most important thing is, I’ve been getting inquiries, ultimately that’s the only measure of success. With a huge board of
products that we’re offering, and therefore many, many
keywords that we’re targeting, and we’ve seen may six
or seven them already at the top 10, some in
the top two or three, and just minutes before you came, I’ve actually had an inquiry
on on of my products. And, I’m starting to see the results, it’s slow, but I can see them. As my positions are going
up, I can the number of inquiries going up, and
that’s the proof of the pudding. Working with Exposure Ninja,
is a question of really working with a marketing company. It’s not just a question of optimizing your web site, necessarily. It’s rather working with people who know what their doing, in terms of how to market your business,
and it takes the load of that responsibility for
me, the business owner, the business manager, and I communicate well with them. I explain what they want,
and they understand it. They get on with it. They do it, and they come back to me with positive ideas as well, so it’s not just an SEO company, it’s
actually a marketing company.

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