By | January 24, 2020

If you want to export your Gdevelop 5
game as an Html 5 game first click on project manager and then click
on game settings click on properties and what you are going to do is you have to
set your package name if you haven’t done that it’s not going to work you’re
going to have an error so do that and then click on apply after getting that
done click on file click on export and then click on local folder right here you
have choose folder so you can click on choose folder and then pick a folder and click on select
folder once you are done with that click on export as a html 5 game it’s only going to
take a few minutes or seconds yeah seconds and that’s it you are done you
have your folder created so you can click on open the exported game folder and
you have your exported html 5 game so that’s it
you can either publish your game on gamejolt or any of these websites if you
are interested

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