Exploring Google Drive

By | January 19, 2020

Your document list is now a part of Google
Drive. Just like before, you can access your files
all in one place, and easily share them with others. Google Drive comes with a desktop application
for Mac and PC that adds a Drive folder on your computer. Anything you drag into this folder syncs automatically, with Google Drive on the web, and across your devices. You can also still create new documents, presentations
and spreadsheets. And now, you can use other applications too. We’ve added a new grid view so you can see
files at a glance. And, the left hand navigation has been simplified. ‘My Drive’ includes all the files and folders
that you’ve created, uploaded or moved there. This folder syncs with Google Drive on your
desktop. If you want to sync files that others have
shared with you to your desktop, simply drag them from ‘Shared with me’ to ‘My Drive’. Click ‘More’ for other ways to view your files, Like ‘Activity’, which includes everything
that has recently been edited by you or others. This was called ‘Home’ before. To quickly find a file, search and filter
by file type or owner. You can even search text within scanned documents
and image files without any text at all. With Google Drive, all your stuff is together
in one place. Upgrade today by visiting drive.google.com.

100 thoughts on “Exploring Google Drive

  1. Gerson De Leon Post author

    go to Linux forums, there are a lot of info there !!!

  2. atia emad Post author

    شكراً Thanks , Merci Grazie , Danke Gracias Obrigado Teşekkürler Mulţumesc 谢谢 ありがとう धन्यवाद 감사합니다 ขอบคุณ Terima kasih …

    //////// Thank you for all languages ​​of the world \\\\

  3. nonosh Post author

    You use Turkish, but you leave out Armenian?

    All languages my ass!

  4. Hartdegen89 Post author

    Whyyyy the hell did they do this, lol? Oh well, I like it!… sort of.

  5. David Schroeder Post author

    Is there supposed to be sound?

  6. yateha Post author

    Linux support is planned and will be released as soon as possible!

  7. wiibart Post author

    If I create a html file and share it with a public url I don't get the html file, but the edit page for that file. Still using Dropbox for that reason…

  8. TeamBaldwin Summer2014 Post author

    Hi! I wondered that, myself. I've started with Google Docs and set a couple of html files as browsable, so I could use them as my own link repository, but I was wondering what would happen once I convert to Google Drive. Thanks for posting that!

  9. TeamBaldwin Summer2014 Post author

    Hi, again. I'm reading more about this feature that I don't want to give up. Here's a link I stumbled upon that discusses web access as a lightweight webpage that can be viewed so long as the URL is used. Hope that helps. I'm not sure what it says yet, though, because I'm still researching this.

  10. TeamBaldwin Summer2014 Post author

    Here's how I think it's meant to work: in visibility options, select 'Anyone with a link' instead of 'Public on the Web. ' I haven't tried that yet, because I haven't converted my 'docs' over to 'drive'. But, I see that Google is beginning to phase out 'docs' so I'll have to find out how it works, for me. Hope that helps.

  11. robbertvdd Post author

    "0.28GB (28%) of 5.00GB used" at 0:13. 😀

  12. mtesyds Post author

    google was too late for this. im in love dropbox too many time ago 🙂

  13. Chrisabunga Post author

    I love google! All they need to do now is let me connect my two google accounts 😀

  14. ikea monkey Post author

    shut the fuck up. Linux is a great OS, I don't use it but I know for my self.

  15. Charlie Crawford Post author

    I don't know how to respond only that it makes me feel as though each step forward Google makes me feel two steps back. Close the dame door. Beginner computer classes is worth my while.I don't want to be left behind. Go Google

  16. Pedro Post author

    "who uses linux"

    You: every time you connect to the Internet; every time you use android; every time you use google…

  17. Cornelia Dibs Post author

    still need the iphone app!!! hurry up google!

  18. Martin Godinez Post author

    For all dropbox users like i was..goole has google documents and more…so no more microsoft office ..in other words goole offers more then any other app…

  19. Stephen Vanderwarker Post author

    Coming soon to Google Drive. The ability to actually delete files without them reappearing in your drive! Stay tuned for the update. We push them out slowly…and our release dates are horrible even though were one of the largest tech companies in the world. Anyways… enjoy it.

  20. Jose Manuel Torres Murga Post author


  21. wonder8ight Post author

    nice job google this is really useful 🙂

  22. Astroranagun Post author

    same as: can i get troubles with law if i'll store stolen money in the bank?

  23. Karun Achintya Post author

    I have two accounts in Google drive one i use it for office purpose and other for personal use , now the problem for me is that i am not able to login to two accounts whereas i can do only with the one account PLEASE HELP !

  24. میكانیك و ئه‌لكترۆن و هه‌نده‌سه Post author

    الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر

  25. Mik5OO Post author

    Dear google. Why, oh why is google drive so bad? I wanted to upload 3 gb of information … after the computer was on THE WHOLE DAY it only managed to upload about 1,5. it's super slow, and my connection is pretty fast too (not to mention whenever I wanted to upload something wifi went down). So after a week or so it still couldn't get past 2 gb, so I deleted it (thinking my 2gb would remain in docks) and decided I'll just use google docks instead. Oh wait I can't any more and so lost 2gb

  26. lonelyneuron Post author

    Y.o.u A.R.E. the kind of V.I.C.T.I.M we, in our GF (global Firm), are looking for! We mean the kind of CLIENTS we hope to invite… I would say THE PROTOTYPE of GP (google's PREY). pOO LILLA BOY

  27. lonelyneuron Post author

    We, in Ropes&Co, have V solution to your issue. We provide revolutionary carbon-made and nanotechnology-based ROPES. We guaranty you'll never regret your purchase: success rate=100%, reclaims:0%, returns cause defections: 0. Hang high & happy!
    google drive is in its beta version I guess. Therefore only beta-victims are eligible. GREAT NEWS: you're among them! Congrats Joe!

  28. lonelyneuron Post author

    OK! rendez-vous near the WTC, right! so long…

  29. marz3335 Post author

    Is there any way you can backup only the files that you changed automatically when you shutdown your computer?

    I have one big folder called DATA (including subfolders) — when I drag it to Google drive, does it only copy any updated files?

  30. gobbisharon Post author

    Beware….do a search about google drive creating MULTIPLE copies of the same files…..

  31. dooseyboy Post author

    i dragged a PDF file into my application and it didn't sync at all.
    it may have someting to do with my university's internet but i don't know.

  32. Sarwar Alam Post author

    Oh ! nice.now it will give me more easy to use my file share with my client.
    thanks Google.

  33. Bella25 Post author

    Google is one of the BEST website in the whole world!!!!! I love Google! So easy, so useful, so organized and so on!!! THANK YOU!

  34. Pajama Sam Post author

    So I'm a long-time Google Docs user an fan…and I noticed that when switching to Drive, it said I get 5GB of storage free. Does this not include documents created in Google Drive (as like before) or is this a new limit?

  35. xanos3001 Post author

    Great, so clean so fast so easy, please stay on this road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Akshat Mehrotra Post author

    great job.. just give us option to increase inbox space for gapps business account as well..

  37. PrITH viE Post author

    no pincode protection option not safe to use in tabs 🙁 sadly

  38. Joe Brogan Post author

    Wait is it just me or does she really pronounce folder as "foader"???

  39. flyguy76 Post author

    the government of every great civilization has kept track of their citizens. Now we are finding out that Google's founders have former CIA backgrounds. We are being tracked and just need to be comfortable with it – or stay in the dark ages. I'm not happy about it, but you can either fight the system or go with the flow. Who are you going to fight with anyway? A network server? You cant sue the US government BTW. Don't worry, its its not google its credit card companies or Microsoft, etc etc

  40. Taggart Snyder Post author

    I noticed that, too. I decided to find it "cute".

  41. xxJETSETxx Post author

    Like the changes, hate the name change. How unintuitive to have to look for "drive" when I'm thinking about DOCUMENTS.

  42. Sern Post author

    It's under the discretion of a business in regard to what services they choose to provide or withhold, in most cases. I also disagree with Google's move to censor firearms and ammo related search results and/or links through their 'shopping' feature. It makes 0 sense to me. I am just glad that they did not do the same for their regular search engine results. But if they had, I'd just use another search engine. There are many times we disagree with a business tactic but continue to buy from them.

  43. Davide Fedele Post author

    why the fuck the language changes to humgarian when i go to google drive?

  44. quitomachado Post author


  45. Fairview Mobile Truck Wash Inc Post author

    I wish Google could come up with a navigation system that didn't take say, completely around the block to get to a place that is less than a block in front of you. Especially for those of us that are driving a big rig, it does at times cause major problems.

  46. Judith Jongewaard Post author

    I'm loving it, so since I'm new it helps me lots.

  47. Atharva Jawalkar Post author

    yeah ! its cool n very helpful to me.! lets go with google drive ..access yo file anywhere anytine with system independancy..keep everything,share anything !!!!!!!

  48. Ridwan Maulana Post author

    Please give linux google drive native apps

  49. Chuck Henderson Post author

    i think that a hole lot of good people are working to do so good so fast every thing is getting user friendly keep up the good work 


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