Exactly how to create an SEO agency in 2018

By | August 12, 2019

(lively electronic music) – Yo, yo, yo, it is I, your boy Dan Ray. And, today I’m gonna show you how to build an SEO empire. This was one of my most
popular Dan’s Corners but it was a written post. But, some of you
complained that you like to listen to me when you’re
in your car or whatever. So, here is the audio/video version. The 28 points, and I
can’t remember them all, so prepare for some
really ugly cut scenes. Step one, choose a type of SEO. So, there’s loads and
loads of different things that you can do with an SEO. You all know that I preach
just doing a single service, so a link-building. Hopefully if you’re in
my group and seeing this you’re gonna be of the White Hat variety. But, you can do Black Hat
SEO or whatever the fuck type of SEOs you want. And, just pick one. Step two, choose a single person to follow at least for a little bit. You don’t want a whole lot
of people giving advice that contradict each other
and just follow one person. Generally I’m gonna hope
that it’s me ’cause you know I’m the tits so ever, but
yeah, choose one person and stick with whatever they teach. Don’t take information from
three or four different sources. You’ll end up cluster
fucking your own head. Step three, make sure they
have some free content that will give you a bagillion nuggets of usable information. I’m talking step-by-step shit, right. So, you want do this, do this, do this. I have a lot of this stuff. If you wanna follow my
stuff, go check it all out. But, seriously you wanna have stuff where it’s very, very actionable. No theoretical bullocks. Step four, build a web site,
get a domain, get some hosting, instal WordPress on
it, choose a free theme that you like the look
of and then add a page that explains in excruciating
detail exactly what you do. Once somebody gives you
money, what do you do then? That’s exactly what you wanna do first. One page, exactly what you do, everything. So, I’m talking absolutely minute details, tell them everything. At the bottom, a tiny little contact form and say if you can’t be
asked doing this yourself, I’ll do it for you and here’s my cost or general price list. You’re then gonna wanna
build links to your site. If there was only some sort of free guide on how to do that (fingers snapping). So, implement this guide
sort of fail, fail again, succeed, fail again,
learn and learn and learn. The more times you do
something, learn from it, right. Calibrate, watch my calibration
video (fingers snapping) and you’ll get better and
better at these things. The more experience you have with it, the more confidence you’ll have within being able to do it for clients. Figure out what’s working for
you, why people are coming to your web site, what
you’re doing to make people come to your site, and, you
know just keep doing that, over and over and over again. Step six, this is an optional step. But, set up a web site in an issue that you find interesting,
something that you find interesting, you’ve got a
passion for it, whatever, you know, whatever weird shit you’re into. Set up a site all about
that and just write about everything you know on it. Then implement the same system
that I showed you earlier (fingers snapping) and
you’ll start to learn how to grow in confidence and deliver these sort of packages to clients. Step seven, seven (chuckles),
repeat the process over and over and over again. You just wanna, until you feel confident that you can build links to
a variety of different sites, keep doing it. Work out what’s happening
for you, what you can do, what you can’t do. And, then you need to have
confidence in these things before you can start
charging people for them. That’s my theory anyway. Step eight, I’ve got the
right fingers this time. Check, write a list of 50 businesses that you know personally. So, it might be your dad’s business. You might have friends
who have businesses, friends whose families have businesses. And, you try to get a list of 50. What you want to do is look at things that you use personally. So, your dentist, if you
go to a chiropractor, massage therapist, whoever,
whatever businesses you have daily or regular
interactions with, just add them all to a list. Find their contact info and
hold that for the next step. Step nine, What you’re
gonna do is contact them and tell ’em that you’ll do
some work for them for free in exchange for a video testimonial. The video testimonial
is absolutely essential. I have people who sometimes
don’t quite adhere to this step and what
they do is they end up doing the free work and then
don’t get a testimonial for it. What you wanna do is make
sure they’ll go and video even if you have to go
round and shove your iPhone in their face. Just make sure that they
make a video for you. And, all you want this video to say is, Hi, Dan worked for me and
he did exactly what he said he could do. Step 10, this is where you’re
gonna divert a little bit from my link-building philosophy ’cause I’m gonna show
you how to run a sort of general, generalised SEO company. So, what you want to do here is get access to Google Analytics, Webmasters Tools, sorry, Search Console as
it’s called these days. And, check their current traffic levels. Take a screen shot of
all this or, you know, just write it down somewhere. Step 11. You can’t see number 11 (chuckles). With my free trial on this
site (fingers snapping) right there, it should be
if I remember to put it in. Do this once a week for one month. Step 12, this should be
about 10 links a week if you do it properly. It can take a little bit
longer if it’s your first time. But, if you can get 10
a week or 10 a month, whatever it is, it’s links coming in. And, that’s all you’re trying to do. Provide links for them so they can say yes, Dan, replace that with
your name, can build links. Each week record the
improvement in traffic. So, if you wanna see people
coming in from direct clicks on that traffic, on the
links that you have placed, or organic traffic from the
links that you’ve got in, just record every week the
improvements in traffic. Step 14, at the end of the
month, you want to send ’em a report that shows the
screen shots that you’ve taken and four things, the general
improvement in organic clicks, the general improvement
in organic impressions. You can get those things
from Search Console. The amount of improvements
on referral traffic from direct clicks on the
links that you’ve placed and just a little list of
the links that you’ve placed. Step 15, have them send you their video testimonials. We’re gonna use these later on. Step 16, each of the
testimonials that you had, add that to a separate page on your site. You want about five, 10
of these at the most. You don’t need more than that. Add these all to a
separate page along with a tiny little case study. Say, you’re talking about
what you did for a client and the results of doing so. Step 17, by this time you
should be having people filling in that inquiry
form that we made earlier. Send all of these people,
I use AWeber for this, send all of these people
one of the case studies, one each week and with a little, you know, if you want
me to do this for you, (fingers snapping) I’m your boy. Step 18, by this time
you should be getting just a little bit of traffic to your site. It’s not huge amounts, but
sort of 15, 20 people a day is brilliant at this stage. Step 19, let people send you inquiries. This can be done by sort
of having a contact form or something like that on your site. You’re not gonna get a
huge amount, but just a few each month get ’em trickling in and you’re off to a good start. Step 20, and your boy’s
just run out of fingers now. What you wanna do is
have a sort of win-win money-back guarantee type thing. So, whatever you can think of. I like to do a, if you don’t
see traffic improvements from the work I’m doing
in the first month, you can just have your
money back if you want to. A lot of people don’t take this, but then again it’s very, very, if you’re doing the work
right, it’s very, very unlikely that you’ll not get
traffic improvement at all. Step 21, you need to
make sure you’re charging a good price for this. I see a lot of people
do sort of 300 pounds, 350 pounds and it’s just
not scalable at all. If you’re working this
hard for that much money, you’re doing it wrong. I recommend 500 pound
at an absolute minimum and if you have my full
course which you can see either there or there, you should be charging at least a minimum of 1000 pounds a month, at least. Step 22, you wanna start
getting clients now. So, all of those inquiries
that are coming in, if you’re not getting enough,
just wait longer, right. Keep doing the stuff that you’re doing to get people coming in
and make sure you get paid upfront each month. Step 23, if you started
making some cheddar by now, you want to reinvest,
(chuckles) hmm cheddar, you wanna start reinvesting
that into either trainings or coachings or reinvest
back into the person who trained you. So, whichever person we
picked in step, was it step 2? They’re bound to have some
sort of training programme. You’re gonna wanna buy it at this point. Step 24, perform the
system for their site. It’s as simple as
recreating what you’ve done for your own site and the
hobby site we started earlier and just doing it for the
client and getting paid for it. You wanna get them a
bagillion links each month. Make sure you exceed their expectations. And, if you’re struggling,
check out some of my content coming out in my Facebook group. Basically, whatever your
problem is just identify it and then either solve it or
ask others to solve it for you. It’s that simple. Step 25, if you’re using any of my things, the people will see your
reports in real time so you don’t have to send
a weekly or monthly report. They can just see
exactly what’s happening, exactly what you’re doing,
what the results are in real time and that’s
invaluable if you ask me. Step 26, and this is one
of my favourite ones, tell them you’re only
available on Wednesdays between 12 and 4pm. The harder it is for them
to get in touch with you, the higher they will value your time. So, you’re not getting bullshit
questions, stupid ones. This is hit and miss. Some clients will try and contact you just whenever it’s good
for them even at weekends. You need to make sure you crack down on those people straightaway. Client expectations are everything. Make sure you set things up
so that it’s chill for you. You do not, do not want to
start bending to clients’ wills. If you do it for something
silly like having a phone call outside of your allotted
times, it just starts a snowball effect where
you start to lose control and you eventually end
up hating that person. At the end of each month,
along with your invoice, you wanna send them just a
tiny little written report. Don’t spend too much time
on it, just a screenshot from Search Console to show
the stuff we mentioned earlier in the reporting. And, make sure they get that
just so they have something to read before they pay your bills ’cause that really helps things along. The 28th and final step,
get fucking rich (chuckles). No, you’re gonna make money this way. If you follow all of these steps, you’re gonna make money by doing things that are really non-spammy
way that’s sort of immune from SEO Google algorithm bullocks that people talk about all the time. When you hear people complaining,
“Oh I’ve lost my site” and all that, that won’t happen to you if you do things this way. Now, go forth young children
and make your monies. (lively electronic music)

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  1. Rene Kernegger Post author

    This video is the bomb! I love it! Thank you for it Dan! Where can I find the written version or is the one in the youtube description basically it? Are you referencing http://danray.me/start-an-agency-1/ or is there some newer version for 2017 that goes along with the video?

  2. Thomas Wilson Post author

    Hi Dan, how many hours per week should I be spending on the sites in exchange for the testimonials in order to get them reasonable results?

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    Hi Dan, great advice, thanks. Subscriber 700

  4. Max Khairy Post author

    Hi Dan, great advice, thanks. Subscriber 700

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