Exactly How Many Links Can I Build Per Day for Natural SEO Ranking?

By | August 14, 2019

hey everyone it’s neil patel here for another Q&A Thursday’s this is when you ask a question and I answer it I’m here with Adam from viewership hey Evan and today’s question is this is from vish vendre and this is hey Neil can tell me is there any limit of building links in a day and if there is then how many links should be built in a day to avoid looking at spammy I wish I could tell you how many links you should build per day but it’s different from each website what I will do is teach all of you guys how to figure out how many links per day you should be building for your website the simplest way to think about it is if you have no links and you all of a sudden have an influx of links is that natural of course not Google will be like hmm these guys may be buying links they could be doing something to manipulate if it’s all natural that’s okay but in general slow and steady wins the race with SEO it’s not about how fast you can build your links because you’re not gonna get rankings tomorrow you get them over time here’s what I recommend that you do you go to HR XCOM you put in your URL it’ll show you how many backlinks you have you put in your competitors URLs who ranked above you it’ll show you how many links they have now you’ll get a good understanding of how many links at the maximum and you really need a build because you know even your competitors have a thousand links you don’t always have to build a thousand links to beat them you could just build one hundred higher quality links what you want to do is when you’re starting off start slow building one link a day you’re a brand new website trying to build one link a day is good enough after you do that for a month I’m trying to ramp up to two links every single day and you probably won’t hit these numbers right away and it probably won’t be consistent where it’s like one link each day it may end up being like oh this week I built five oh I build zero the next week oh I built seven or eight the next thing but overall in a period of a month shoot for 30 in your first month then try to double up to 60 and you don’t need to keep doubling from there you can try to go to 90 and once you get a few hundred links that’s indexed by a trust you can build links in decent quality one month you can end up saying hey I want to build a hundred links the next month you can say everyone build any then after a few months ago I want to build 300 leeks and that’s okay as long as they’re natural you can build as many links you just got to start up the ramp very slow if you already have hundreds and hundreds of links or thousands of the links you can build as many as you want now building a thousand links in one month isn’t gonna skyrocket your rankings what we’ve noticed is with Google whatever the links you built it takes roughly a year for them to fully kick in sometimes even longer like a year and a half to two years once you build those links and then they kick in boom your traffic picks up and you just start crushing it but it takes a long period of time before they get really picked up and you know they’re to their maximum strength Google sometimes can pick up a link within a day sometimes it takes them a week or a month depending on what website and what page is linking to you from but the point I’m trying to make is start off slow and steady after you’ve been doing this for roughly six months you can have fun and do it at whatever pace you want or if you’re already a popular website go out whatever speed you want and when you’re trying to build links it’s not about quantity if you built one link from a highly relevant site that has a high domain Authority you’re better off than building 10 garbage links so go for the most relevant links go from links that are in content not from resource pages or sidebars or footers it needs to be within text needs to be contextual not just that article yes the article is more important if it’s contextual but ideally if you can get a relevant site to link to you that’s even better so the dream would be a high domain authority site a page that’s very relevant an in-text link and a site that’s also super relevant now you won’t always get all of those factors for example a link from Forbes is amazing but Forbes writes about a lot of stuff about business marketing entrepreneurship and it’s not just about one specific topic sometimes they write about icos and bitcoin and whatever may be the latest trending topic if you do that and you do it consistently like you build links over a period of the year you may not see great results in the first 12 months because you have to remember the day you started isn’t when you got all of the links you built up those links over a period of six months a year or whatever it may be but if you fast forward a year and a half for when you started that’s when you’ll start seeing a really good search engine rankings alright yeah I remember the first time I started my first web site eight years ago I would think I went to like fiber comm and bought like a thousand links worst decision of my life don’t ever don’t violate that’s a good point don’t buy links don’t go to fiber don’t look for the quick solutions oh you will get you banned or penalized I’ll call that website’s gone for sure yeah anyone who’s trying to sell you links if they’re buying them don’t buy if someone tells you oh we’re gonna give you this many links in this domain Authority why links in this other domain authority and here’s when you get you and buy there probably buying them even if they tell you they’re not so avoid those people as well one other quick question when it comes to link building I remember another SEO person who’s trying to sell me SEO services years ago said get like dot edu or org links are those bet words others better org of links others better than other Thanks I’ve tested edu gov dot military and I found that whether you have those kind of links or normal kind of links either way your rankings are gonna go up a lot of people started doing resource pages on edu sites or paying college students to link to them still not as effective as getting a good link from a solid site that’s within your industry a page that’s relevant in text link and high domain authority combine those factors the link does better it doesn’t matter if it’s a dot IO dot gov dot edu or whatever it may be so basically Google’s not dumb don’t try to trick it and don’t try trick the Google God you know and everyone used to do hey let’s do free scholarship giveaways yeah yeah and Weez a new scholarship giveaways so we can get more applicants for jobs right but what we found is a lot of people are doing at the same time to manipulate Google rankings and we would tell people when they link to our scholarship no follow up so that way doesn’t pass Google juice and funny enough we stopped doing that because it’s like too many people are manipulating it and we didn’t want to cause a risk of getting banned even though our links were no followed and just didn’t want to be the guy who got made an example of all right ok that’s it for this week’s Q&A there’s a video thank you guys for watching if you have a comment or a question that you answer leave a comment below maybe we’ll pick it for next week’s video and of course subscribe to the channel like share anything you can do to help promote I really will appreciate it I’m really looking to help any of you guys out and of course I’m not looking for leads from this money as you can see when I create these videos I’m not trying to monetize them in any ways I really just am looking to help other people out with their marketing so thank you for watching

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