ETSY SHOP HELP 2019 FAQ (Etsy SEO, ONE OF A KIND, Writing DESCRIPTIONS, Promoted Listings)

By | September 3, 2019

What’s up Etsy sellers? Welcome back to
my channel. My name is Dave if you’re new to this channel please consider
subscribing I do new videos on Etsy all the time today we’re going to be
reviewing a few comments and questions you guys have been asking in the
comments on the on the channel here we’re gonna be reviewing some algorithm
related questions some promoted listings related questions as well as writing
proper descriptions related questions so Before we jump into it if any of you
guys need direct coaching from me I have just links in the description where we
can go hands on your shop I can create an action plan for you we can Scott talk
through phone as well as direct emailing so all the links are in the description
below if any of you guys need to reach out to me for some extra help otherwise
I’ll be making these videos pretty consistently so let’s jump right into it
so the first question I want to go over is let’s see let’s go over this question
first from am I’m not sure how to pronounce your name I’m sorry
okay so Etsy is giving me a ton of impressions and click search terms that
do not relate to my listing what would you suggest to do in this case okay so I
actually went over this in a two or three videos ago but it’s a common it’s
a common occurrence so we’re gonna go over it again because it’s it’s
important to know what is happening so if you’re getting a ton of impressions
and clicks but you’re not making any sales it means that your item is
interesting too to whatever niche or whatever set of keywords you’re putting
your product in front of whatever audience you’re putting your product in
front of they like it and they like to window-shop and they look at it and they
like it but they’re not converting into sales so it could be something it can be
I want to focus on two things right now it can either be your keywords or it can
either be something with your listing not related to SEO so if it is your
listing that is not related to SEO it could be the price of it it could be
like variations being kind of confusing it could be like for example if your
variations are really confusing and you have like it within one listing there’s
a few like package just package deals and the pricing and what you get in each
package is kind of unclear and maybe you should have split all these packages
into a few different listings rather than one like like bulk super
complicated one there’s a ton of different conversion related issues that
can happen on Etsy when it comes to complicating your variations and stuff
it all could also like I said could be a price the price could be too high you
could simply try putting it on like a ten fifteen twenty percent off sale to
see if that like encourages some conversions um and if that works that
that’s great that’s only one thing you had to change but nine I would say most
of the time when you get a ton of clicks and you get the search terms for the
clicks and you’re not making sales on your promoted listings nine times out of
the ten in my experience at least I’m only exposed speaking from my experience
always nine times out of ten it’s it’s the wrong keywords a few videos back I
talked about how I had a listing that had a tag on it was it was only sweater
the tag was just sweater and that brought a ton of traffic and clicks $80
$80 worth of clicks no sales and I forgot about the listing this was a
while back I forgot about it and it just racked up $80 worth of clicks nobody
bought it because everyone was clicking on it because it showed up in their
search results for sweater and maybe the the photo interested them or something
like that it looked cool sure they clicked on it it’s just a click to them
but for us it’s our bid and it’s our bid click and if it racks up then yeah a lot
of money can fly out of your pocket so in my experience nine times out of 10 it
is keyword related so find the keywords that are sucking away your juice and
sucking away your your power and and replace them and change them and or if
it’s something like sweater like I mentioned I would what I would do is
make sure there’s a word in front of that sweater you know like whatever you
know like hippie sweater or something you know make sure there’s another
word in there that way you know Etsy doesn’t run wild with that one word
sweater because there’s a lot of different types of sweaters out there
and you definitely don’t want to pay to show up in every single search result
that includes a word sweater anyway so it’s either SEO tags sucking away your
juice or it is something with your listing it could be a bad photo it could
be a bad price it could be a bad review right under it you know sometimes we
don’t pay attention to this but you may have a listing that you’re wondering why
is in doing so hot but maybe there’s there’s like two or three bad reviews
specifically on that listing and they’ll they’ll show right there on that
specific listing so you might have some bad reviews under it and and it might be
a bad enough review to where somebody reads it and they and they just it’s a
showstopper right there there and then in there you know so if that’s the case
just delete that listing and that way it won’t show up under that listing anymore
make it copy of it a new one in that way the bad reviews from that specific
listing won’t automatically show up for that listing every time because as you
guys know if you if you have a list if you go to one of your listings and
there’s no reviews on that specific product then reviews from your shop will
show up not reviews from that specific listing so by deleting that listing you
will not have the that show up right there anymore it’ll show up in your
reviews for your shop yes but it won’t be directly there affecting your
conversions so so directly you know so SEO or your listing something to do with
your listing okay so I hope that answered your question
and if any of you are watching this right now and you don’t have the
promoted listings ebook or the promoted listings free cheat sheet that’s in the
description below as well you can get a free cheat sheet that’ll help you set up
your listings and where you can get the full ebook whatever you choose they have
helped a lot of people so that’s in the description below the link for that the
next question is from Noel and it is a promoted listings question again we’ll
get into the other stuff next so Noel says if I don’t promote certain
things does this mean the ones I do promote get promoted more so this is a
question that I’ve asked Etsy multiple times and this question is a really
interesting this answer will be really interesting because I have a lot to say
regarding this so the answer for me that right off the bat is yes and no because
it’s possible that let’s see we’ll start showing your other now that you turned
off promoted listings for for this set of listings now these listings over here
have access to your full daily budget so in theory yes you you will see those
other listings be promoted a little more perhaps but if they’re not like really
high demanding keywords and stuff like that and they’re not like getting really
blasted by Etsy you may not see an increase you may just just see like
nothing you may just see a decrease in daily budget spend so it goes both ways
you in order for your daily budget to give more juice to these other listings
since you turned other ones off those are these listings that are still on
need to have good keywords and need to have high competition keywords in order
for them to really automatically get that new juice so always be turning off
losing listings you know review them after two weeks after a month and if
they’re spending more than they’re earning you know shut them off and redo
the listing with a new photo with new keywords etc I have lots of videos on
how to analyze your promoted listings and improve them so it definitely showed
off your old ones but it’s not an automatic yes to get to get those new
those other promoted listings seen more just because you shut off the bad ones
it’s not an automatic thing and the reason I have so much interest in this
question and topic in general is because I’m not sure I’ve talked with other
sellers that have experienced this that when you turn down your daily budget you
it actually gets spent more it’s like okay it’s we it’s a weird thing where
you turn down your daily budget it’s happened both ways as well so I’m
gonna explain both ways that have happened to me and I’ve heard it
happened to other sellers too so you turn down your budget then it starts to
get spent more more of your daily budget gets spent so like I used to have yeah
so more of your daily budget gets spent when you turn it down and some most the
time for me at least when I turn it down and it spends more of it it’s more
effective for some reason as well like I get more return on how much I spend it’s
I don’t I don’t know why that is and I’ve asked them numerous times and they
they give me like a really general answer that doesn’t really answer it
you know like I know there’s a bigger answer out there and it might honestly
be one of those answers that will only ever come from like some kind of
software programming algorithm tuning guy in the background will never ever
meet and will never will never be a public face for Etsy you know it we may
never know honestly but so so when I turn down my daily budget I’ve seen more
of it gets spent and spent in a more effective way where I’m making more
money and then I’ve had it go the other way to where I turn my daily budget all
the way up to the max and then and it does good as well – so like Etsy’s brain
says okay cool you would think that Etsy’s brain goes
okay cool he wants to spend as much as he can he wants to go as hard as
possible let’s let’s you know boost this guy up and see how much money of his we
can take obviously obviously if you have your ducks in a row you make money too
so anyway and then you would think that by turning it down
you would you wouldn’t do as well so it’s really weird if you guys could
comment below what you’ve experienced with this if you have dove that deep
into the analyzing of your promoted listings because I’ve tried I’ve tried
every configuration of a promoted high budget low bid high bid low budget etc
like stuff like that so comment below you guys is experience and I hope that
answered for you know well wasn’t too long and complicated but it really is it
has to be a long and complicated answer for this one like it’s a yes and a no
really yes I’m gonna say yes but sometimes no so I hope that helped
okay thank you next question is by Carol so how do I overcome new algorithmic
changes that give priority to repeat selling items I am a one-of-a-kind
artist okay so super common question super super super common question and I
I uh this is what I recommend for one-of-a-kind sellers you have one
listing you have a few just I’m gonna give a one listing example here so this
listing I have let’s say I’m a one-of-a-kind seller okay cool and I
sell like one one-off something’s whatever it is pencils whatever one-off
pencils I paint these really cool pencils and every single design is
different but the keywords are could still remain the same so what I do is I
create a listing i I keep the key words in the title
everything the same and and you and you attempt to rank with this listing then
when it sells you take the photos off it goes there’s only one quantity so it
goes to sold out then before you relist it you put new photos of your new item
on that listing then relist it so the tightness of the title and the tags and
everything still applied to this new one-of-a-kind product but it just has
new product it has new photos so it’s a so they know what they’re getting and
you have a chance to gain that that rank and that reputation through that listing
and other listings if you do it that way so instead of saying cool yellow pencil
with painted flowers on it you know you say cool yellow pencil writer’s gift you
know you don’t get too specific about the exact design you just go really
broad and rank a listing over and over and over and just replace the photos
don’t quote me I don’t know if that’s actually allowed I have no idea if
that’s allowed if that’s in the Etsy seller handbook and they say not to do
that then somebody tell me right now but I’m not
sure and that’s the only solution I could think of for one-of-a-kind sellers
because this isn’t the first time I’ve been asked and I know that one-of-a-kind
sellers have to over I have to try to figure this out so it is a tough thing
is like you don’t have as much access to the whole snowball effect that you can
get going with ranking and stuff like that when you have repeat items like
some handmade sellers do or like print on a man or something like that it’s
it’s it’s different so I know that it’s tough
I would actually instead of focus more on ranking I would focus more on like
social media and bringing my own traffic in to Etsy and then obviously if you
don’t if you can’t make it work when it comes to like ranking with your
one-of-a-kind items on Etsy then I would say that’s he’s not for you I would say
move to Shopify WooCommerce any standalone website where you the fees
are lower you can do a whole lot more with with everything you can do every
you there’s no rules and you do whatever you want and you you would just have to
mat not rely on Etsy’s free traffic you would have to you know have good social
media traffic I hope that answers your question Carol I know I know it’s tough
for one-of-a-kind sellers so so thank you for your question it’s a good one
next question vintage NR 5 so thank you great info question could you please
make a video about item description section according to new Etsy list info
lookbook maybe how important is it to have long slot short description or to
add additional information about social media in description okay cool
great question so I’m gonna I’m gonna say that descriptions don’t matter right
now I’m gonna go ahead and say it doesn’t even matter and but it does it
but if somebody looks at it and it it’s a type of customer that reads your
description then it definitely matters like let’s just let’s just take a ride
right here on the web interweb oops can’t spell so so I want to show you something on
Amazon because it’s important to know when it comes to descriptions like
Amazon obviously has like conversion you know customer behavior everything like
down to the T you know they I’m sure they’ve tested thousands of different
combinations in here and how to convert customers the best so there’s no
description right here it’s it’s like down here you know you
really have to dig for it usually they’re like down here you know like
right here product description really small usually it’s like with these
tables and stuff you you learn everything you have to know about the
product in order to buy it through either the photos like a bullet point
really quick stuff like that so most buyers actually don’t even read the
description they get the information they need from the price the photo and
then like the the usage of the product does this fulfill the need I need and
stuff like that they only go to the description if there’s some really
specific stuff but if they do go to the description you know you want to make
sure that your description is on point makes them feel good about the purchase
makes them want to purchase it tells them that it’s special tells them that
it’s a great price whatever it may be you want to make sure the description is
on point so do you need to worry about
descriptions yes but do you need to lose sleep over descriptions know you could
have terrible descriptions and be killing it I promise you that but if
you’re killing it and have bad descriptions then go back and do good
descriptions because it’ll help your conversions even more so like it’s it’s
that simple like with my shop I I’ll show you how I do the descriptions on my
shop it’s it’s simple like I do I do a title and they they actually just
recently moved it over to the side here on the right so that goes to show you
like they’re not prioritizing the description as much as they used to it
used to be right down here like it’s a good main event but it’s no longer it’s
you have to click this to to expand it and I’m
pretty sure on mobile it’s it’s hidden it’s a drop-down thing you have to click
it because all the information is right here size and the variation you know in
the photos that’s that’s all they really need for a bracelet you know but if they
want to know about the stones then yeah they they come to the description and
they read about it so what I do for my descriptions is I put the title like
like a human title that has like my main keywords up here of a human title
obviously you don’t want to take your title and put it there as the top here
that’s super spammy so just I like a cool title cool human title like a few
sentences maybe a paragraph of like a really cool feel good description and
then a bullet point list right here and then the properties of the stones and
then links to our Etsy store not anywhere else because I’ll get on I’ll
go to the next part of this question to social media in description do not put
your social media links in your descriptions of your products if I’m a
customer and I land on this and I like it I’m pretty close to buying it and
then I see a link over here that takes me to Facebook or Instagram even if it’s
not clickable I I’m you know I copy and paste it because I’m interested about
your shop which is great that’s cool awesome but you need to ask yourself do
you want to like on your Facebook page or a follow on your Instagram or do you
want to sale because once you send them a package you they have your card in
there then they can look you up focus on the sale when we’re on the page here
we’re thinking about the sale we’re driving for the sale we’re not we’re not
putting our social media in these descriptions put it put it in your shop
announcement and in the front and stuff do not put it in the description of each
product because social media like today we all have like five-second attention
spans you know if you if you’re at the point if you’re watching this video
right now you have a better attention span than the majority of my viewers on
the channel most YouTube videos are on averaged I would like a
YouTube only watched for a few minutes you know so if you’re watching this
right now and you’re in the middle of this video you actually care you’re
watching the video and you have a bigger attention span but if you were on social
media you know you your your mind may go into 20 different places and you may
forget that you had this in your in your in your on your page and you were ready
to buy it and then best case scenario is that you have a thank you ban and cart
email set up and then and then you sell it maybe for a percentage on when you
could have sold it right there and then for this this price you know so long
story short do not distract your customers with your social media in a
product description that is like shooting yourself in the foot with like
a laser gun that is made out of like Jedi Knight lightsaber and you’re never
ever gonna get your foot back you just chopped it off it’s gone like that is
the equivalent of putting your social media in your description seriously
please don’t do it I hope that answers your question so don’t put it in your
description just make sure your description though okay so long story
short descriptions are great they’re really good but they’re not essential
but if someone looks then yeah they’re essential so title feel good paragraphs
bullet point list lately I’ve been putting the bullet point list that’s the
super important stuff above above the feel-good paragraph because this bullet
point list is the most important thing you know these things right here these
are the things that I want people to know and that have people have asked me
before so like this bullet point list may be able to help you reduce questions
as well you know like it for example this says handmade for this this says
water-resistant right here people used to always always message us and ask if
they can shower with our bracelets on and I was always kind of weirded out by
that question night I mean I don’t know like I take jewelry off when I shower
I’m not some people don’t I don’t know it’s a really common question
used to get this question in person when we would sell in person as well all the
time can I shower with this and I yeah you can shower with it just don’t like
go scuba diving and like live underwater you know I mean it’s wood and stone like
you’re good you’re gonna be good you know but I put it here and people
stopped asking seriously so just a quick little bullet point like that can take
away a few questions you know so that bullet point is the most important as
well as the properties anything that they need to know so put that right
below your title so I hope this like little description right here helps you
with the way you should set up your descriptions and if you don’t make sure
it’s over 500 characters Etsy will even tell you if it’s a short description and
they’re like hey you know buyers usually buy when it’s over 500 characters or
whatever I have a few listings that are under 500 characters and they tell me
this so I hope that answered your question about descriptions they’re
they’re super important and then sometimes they’re not so so keep it keep
it on keep it good but don’t don’t obsess over it it’s not like the the
missing piece of your puzzle for Etsy success but it can definitely make sure
your keywords are in there as well because you want to be if you want to be
picked up by Google then you want to make sure that your keywords are in your
title your description and your tags just very clearly and matching you know
that’s how you get picked up by Google and you don’t want to like keyword stuff
and be super spammy Google don’t like that either but we’re talking about Etsy
so we can we can do whatever we want here on Etsy if anyway so this is what I
love the most honestly right here if you if you do a free shipping free shipping
sale and in that thing that says sale details that’s right here you do a
little bullet point with the emojis aw man everyone sees this and these are all
encouraging people to buy I’ve done videos on doing this before but I’m just
I’m just showing it again for anybody that has not seen it it works
beautifully do the free shit free shipping discount it can be on two
or more items for this to show up below your listings it doesn’t have to be free
shipping across the board and then you put a little announcement here and that
has converted way more than having the
description there I’m sure that’s why Etsy changed it like that because they
did split testing with with consumers having the description below it or on
the side and lo and behold they moved to the description to the side and I and I
guarantee it’s because they tested that on their website and they have thousands
of thousands of clicks worth of data to compare this to and they’re like you
know what guys were moving the description over because people don’t
read it as much you know and they want to see the reviews the reviews are more
the most powerful honestly when you come to your at see product page
you know seeing this Oh 10% off oh cool if I buy two I get free oh my gosh this
free oh my gosh you know and then oh my gosh people they love their bracelets
and their clothes oh my gosh you know that’s what converts the most not not
like some really really specific stuff like this stuff is for people that
probably are already gonna buy and they just want to make sure that for example
okay I just want to make sure this this product has no animal products in it oh
cool it’s right here I’m glad I went through the description okay I’m gonna
buy anyway you guys thank you for watching today if you have any questions
or need any help I have three different coaching packages they’re all in the
description below feel free to click on them check them out see what you can get
we can do one our phone calls once a week twice a week or just once and be
done we can email we can do a lot of things and the best way to become
successful in Otzi is to get help from somebody who is already winning that is
how I got successful so quickly as I got mentorship from somebody and I just went
from there so if you want me to help you the links are in the description and if
not no worries please leave me a like a comment and subscribe if you haven’t
already have a beautiful day everyone

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