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By | October 19, 2019

What’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing I do new
videos all the time on Etsy ecommerce and personal success in this video we
are continuing the shop critiques that I am doing currently if you would like a
shop critique go to the link in the description and purchase one I go over
three questions that you can ask to me and I go over other things in depth so
let’s get started with the first shop please continue watching as well because
you will be able to get a lot of insight on your shop even though it is not your
shop so let’s start with the fat Daisy the fat Daisy boutique by Tina let’s
start with her three questions which strategy is better the shipping included
in price or the shipping promoted by etsy probably two to three months ago or
both duplicating listings with both shipping including in the price and
listings without I started my shop in November and listed some notebooks I
noticed that they aren’t good idea and started with shirts I don’t know about
mock-ups I thought I should do everything I thought I should everything
need to be done before uploading the listings anyway now most of my listings
are with free shipping including included even in the pictures you’ll see
them but after Etsy started promoting free or 35 Plus is different watch what
I should do change my pictures on all those listings I don’t know which one is
better okay very good question so Etsy has specifically stated tina that first
priority is given to the shipping profiles that do free shipping 35 and
above those get first priority and it’s not it’s not and it doesn’t mean first
priority everybody listening it does this doesn’t mean that that if you have
the free shipping over 35 you’re just gonna outright I don’t rank everybody
just because you put that on your listing no no you do get a little bit of
a priority and you get a little more of a ranking factor and a little bit of a
boost but that doesn’t mean that just because you put free shipping on 35 and
above that you will automatically just rise to the top
not what that means so Etsy is specifically stated at least to me when
I called them multiple times because I call them and ask them really in-depth
questions and you should too because each person you get is gonna be a
different person some some of the Etsy support members are really running in
the dark with their pants down I swear but other ones have been around for a
while and they can answer some better questions for you so they have told me
specifically that the listings with 35 and above free shipping those get first
priority second priority goes to the free shipping across the board and then
everybody else is after that so to answer your question yes switch it to 35
and above now again I’ve said this before why does that see prioritize it
that way it because it’s because it it encourages up sales and it encourages
higher order values which is more money for you which is more money for Etsy so
it’s a beautiful thing and it’s it’s already a ecommerce tactic in the rest
of the world to you know on standalone websites free shipping over etc you know
that’s that’s a real tactic and it actually does boost order average order
value so the first question is yes you should switch to free shipping over 35
if you would like to participate in the free shipping you know strategy and in
terms of what you asked having the free shipping on your photos here I would say
you can keep it because the free shipping is eligible but honestly you
know you will it will make some people mad if they see free shipping and it’s
not free shipping so yes I would recommend to take those off or just you
know like you did here it looks like you you kept it on the ones that had the
photo but not on the ones that didn’t so I guess you could keep it like that if
you want to because it’s kind of like a split test in a way but then again like
I said it if your split testing them you know like you mentioned some listings
with some of those things without because each listing is so different
with a different shirt with a different SEO title and tags you know there’s no
real way to get an exact you know conclusion from a
split test like that specifically on Etsy there’s no real way to split test
things because there’s so many factors involved especially when it comes to two
different products you know so that’s the answer to the first question the
second one is are my price is high or low I don’t know well I would say
they’re pretty low and that’s that’s fine you know keep them at that if you
want I would recommend raising your prices by 10 to 20 percent and then
putting your shop on sale you know more often than not for 10 percent off and
then having your shop on sale you know two items or more 15% off etc etc etc
and have those different tiers of you know up sales that way people buy more
things in your shop right the next question so yeah your your your your
prices are fine you know you don’t need to lower them definitely don’t need to
lower them all the print on demand t-shirts that I sell I sell for around
26 to 29 dollars just for one t-shirt but then again you know it depends on
the niche it depends on the quality of the design and it also depends on you
know the experience that you’re giving them you know if you had some some
models wearing these t-shirts and it was it had you had less mock-ups like this
and you had more of a human feel then you would you would come off more as a
as a brand and more of like a different buying experience for the customer and
therefore that would justify a higher price but like designs like these were
it’s just black text and just like one like element or like a few you know
clipart style elements then then I wouldn’t shoot for anything higher than
that because the design isn’t very intricate which is fine I’m not saying
that it’s bad I’m saying that if you had a design let’s say you paid a designer
like 20 to 40 dollars for a really really cool design then yeah that would
justify a higher price point but these designs you know just with some text and
stuff like that those shirts will you know consist
lisanna and lower prices because it is not like a super intricate design okay
so your prices are fine all I recommend is you know raising them 10% and then
having them on sale you know whether it’s during an Etsy sale or whether it’s
during a seasonal sale or whether it’s all the time it’s up it’s up to you
there but having it on sale always adds that psychological trigger so the next
question is I know that Disney shirts are good to sell but does it work it
okay but is it worth it am I going to have problems with those
Disney shirts absolutely are going to have problems with those Disney shirts I
found some that you definitely should not be buying or selling take them down
immediately because Disney will copy strike you and it is and once you have
one once you get three copy strikes on Etsy your shop gets deactivated and that
is not fun Etsy will have zero mercy on your shop they will deactivate it they
don’t care what you have to say they just shut it down okay so do not sell
copyrighted designs using the word Disney in the title is is risking it
big-time but taking it a step further and putting Disney on the actual shirt
that is caught they will definitely come after you for that and then on top of
that having the little Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse you know shape along with
Disney in the title that is definitely you know copyright and grounds for
copyright infringement this one right here this is this is 100% copyright
infringement so take these listings down immediately because if you don’t let’s
see will and Disney well because Disney goes through Etsy and big Disney goes
through all the big market places and they copy strike people so you’re really
really really sticking your neck out there and you will definitely get copy
straight this is blatant copyright infringement
having their logo there their actual text logo and Minnie Mouse here and then
the Christmas Disney and then we would even that silhouette of the Disney
Castle that is that’s a very bad bad idea the Disney nature sells yeah yeah
and that type of tax that that and this here maybe they do sell I didn’t know
that people really went after Disney stuff but like this thing this this
shirt sorry this shirt right here this will not this will might not get
copyright copy stroke striked because you don’t have anything in there right
so this is probably what you’re referring to when people say like Oh
Disney shirts are good to sell right it’s when they don’t have a Disney
design on the shirt but they’re targeting you know like Disney Disney
outings and Disney vacations and also one one more thing about the title here
bridesmaid father I’m not sure what you’re targeting here in terms of like
bridesmaids and stuff perhaps I understand maybe where you’re
going from like with the with you know as maybe a honeymoon you know people go
to Disney as a honeymoon maybe I understand that but this title is
extremely short and it is um it’s not targeted towards the Disney family
vacation as much as it should be if people are if Disney is okay with using
their word their their trademarked word in their title which I don’t think they
will be because the word Disney is trademarked for like every type of use
if they are okay with it I’m not sure that they are pretty sure they’re not if
they are okay with it and you were if selling Disney vacation shirts that
don’t have Disney logos on the show is okay then this title is too short and
it is too scattered because bridesmaids father that’s a little bit too too far
away from Disney family vacation you want to focus your titles on one to two
targets targets meaning like Disney family vacation vacation family family
outing t-shirts group t-shirt for family or whatever that may be you know focus
on that phrase in that category but don’t take it in the other direction
because bridesmaid father and Disney family vacation probably aren’t very
related you know they’re very very different but I know what you’re going
for if you were going for that like in terms of like honeymoon and stuff like
that so I understand where you’re coming from but you but going back to the
Disney question yeah you you absolutely have to take those down because you’re
gonna get copy striked and you are going to get in trouble and that decreases
your ranking like if you get enough copy strikes if you get three you get taken
down that’s what I’ve been told that’s like the the like what everybody claims
right and that is still just a rumor I’m not even sure I’ve I haven’t been taken
down from copy strikes because I don’t anyway so but if you are copy striked
you will immediately get like a lower-ranking you know if you are
continuously being striked by other you know companies for stealing their
designs etc then you won’t rank as well and you will get less visibility on the
weekends right talk to a few other people and this is what they’ve
experienced from copy strikes so be extremely careful and take down all of
these Disney listings that is that is really really risky it’s not actually a
risk it’s it’s not legal so take those down immediately I’m glad that you asked
me that question don’t worry about it just take them down
continue selling your original designs okay as long as you design them and or a
member of your shop designs them you can’t buy the commercial packages the
commercial rights to like packages of shirts you can’t buy those where they
sell you like 50 you know types of designs all at once
that is against Etsy’s policies you have to design the list the the design
yourself okay so other than that go through you know your fa Q’s down
here and make sure you have FA Q’s and make sure you fill out your estimated
shipping times here for all the other areas and fill out the shop policies
section completely also in your About section here add more photos so they
have that little like slideshow and you can show more about yourself in your
shop and in terms of your shop profile here I recommend to fill out a few more
sentences and and just write a little bit more about yourself and that way and
prompt people to come to your shop etc okay
so good luck Tina definitely take those Disney shot did those Disney listings
down and other than that I keep going at it I would recommend to definitely you
know hat take some photos of your actual products order some of your products get
somebody to wear it and and take real photos this is good here what you did is
you made a you made a size chart that is branded for yourself that’s really
really good that’s good so a good job there just just take those Disney
designs down if anything please so moving on to the next critique we’re
gonna critique dreadlock or no lock acessories cool name let’s
here currently have $3 a day budget for promoted listings but they are not
performing I’m listing one to two items per day and they automatically go into
the plq I did have PL on my bestsellers also but didn’t find it was driving
sales what would you do next well I would raise your budget to the most that
you’re comfortable with $3 a day $3 a day doesn’t do anything um it won’t it
won’t do anything if you’re serious about your business everybody listening
if you’re serious about your business and you want to make sales you have to
spend money to make money three dollars a day five dollars a day ten dollars a
day even it’s not gonna give you enough clicks to convert to sales it’s not
gonna give you enough data it’s not going to give you enough impressions
it’s not going to give you enough anything to make mean a meaningful
difference okay so I get this question quite often about having a very low low
budget like $3 and stuff like that and and you’re you’re not going to create
the Etsy income that you are dreaming of with a $3 a day budget I’ll be I’ll be
brutally honest here three dollars a day is that is actually wasting your money
because you won’t get enough clicks to make meaningful conversions so my
suggestion is to max it out put it up to your max maybe your shop has a maximum
of 50 other shops have a maximum of 100 my shop right now has a maximum of 250
so I recommend to put your maximum on for a month okay just a month and yes
it’s gonna spend your money and yes it’ll bring you sales – so what I would
do next to answer your question is – is to raise
that budget as high as you are comfortable with then add $5 I always
say that to people choose a number the highest number
you’re comfortable with then I have $5 because you’re probably being too
comfortable with ten number okay so either max it out or do that
other thing that I mentioned what would you do to reach 10 a goal of 10 sales a
day in my niche okay that’s a great question what I would do to reach 10
sales a day in your niche is continue adding more listings and duplicate
listings in order to reach new audiences I would add 10% onto your prices and
keep your shop on 10% sale then I would add two items or more discount and I
would add a three items or more discount and then I would do the 35 and above
free shipping that way there’s multiple tiers to up sale people and when more
when people are buying higher items higher average order value Etsy sees
that as he gives you a boost and you’ll get more sales that way what else I
would do is I would take these photos I would take photos of this in people’s
hair so people get a really good you know feel of what its gonna look like
same with these and same with the the print on demand t-shirts and then this
right here the prime or probably already mail upgrade this does not need to be
this does not need to be in here if you want to add Priority Mail to people’s if
people want to add Priority Mail they will do so in the in the checkout but
but when I see sellers having listings like these this is just kind of clogging
up your your ranking capability because this listing
what is it ranking for I mean nobody is typing in Priority Mail upgrade and
upgrade shipping to Priority Mail with Express Handling time nobody’s typing
that in and and so since it’s not really gonna sell very often through the search
ranking is not it’s gonna drag your conversion rate and you’re gonna drag
your your ranking capability of your other listings down if somebody wants
Priority Mail put that in the shipping profile because I ship with USPS
first-class parcel people can absolutely pay for Priority Mail in the shipping
profile if you are selling increase in handling time that’s what
you know I see a lot of people doing that too
I need a fast provisional upgraded production time and your standard
shipping okay so so what you’re doing is giving priority mail and giving in and
just rushing the the processing of the order don’t sell the rush processing
through listings everybody that is just it’s just a listing that’s gonna drag
down your your ranking capability on all of your listings now you may see like
anomalies in in in like phenomenon of people doing this like mega mega shops
doing this and they have it in like their featured listings and that’s one
thing that is that that’s an anomaly okay that shop is so freaking big that
they can do that okay but when you’re starting off when you’re smaller this
listing is gonna drag down your conversion rate this listing is going to
drag down your your it’s gonna drag down all your other listings because if this
is not an actual product this is a shipping upgrade which should be in the
shipping profile what I recommend is when people do choose priority mail and
you see an order that somebody chose Priority Mail rush process that anyway
just rush process it because nine times out of the ten like let’s say you have
like a three to five day let’s say you have like a seven day processing time
but somebody purchases overnight priority mail right and you in and like
it it’s it’s it’s explained you know in the in the checkout process that hey the
max amount of time is seven days in seven days from now your item will ship
with overnight you know that that is explained you know but customers do not
think that way customers do not see it that way when they buy it today with
overnight Priority Mail they’re expecting it in like tomorrow or the
next day because they paid 20 bucks for two day shipping okay
for the priority mail today shipping they’re expecting it fast I’ve had this
happen to me where I I didn’t see the Priority Mail express today or three day
whatever no like one overnight right people get mad when you actually follow
your processing time then ship their overnight package five days later people
will get mad no matter what so if you see a Priority Mail upgrade just rush
process it and put this Priority Mail upgrade in your shipping profile okay that okay continuing with the question
of what what you would do to reach a goal of ten sales per day in your niche
I’m gonna keep going with that definitely take this listing down and
and put it in your shipping profile please so I would add some props to your
white backgrounds maybe like do you if you have some fake dreads or if you have
like like if you like again like I said that take it a photo of somebody in in
their hair or their dreads or whatever jewelry okay it’s all bun holder put it
put it you know put it in somebody’s bun and take a picture of it and take really
good pictures of it not with like a distracted background or anything and I
mean these photos are beautiful you can definitely tell that these are handmade
and these aren’t coming from like some warehouse across across the world but a
lot of the times with white backgrounds people really blend in with their with
their competitors that are are either dropshipping against that’s these
policies or they are or they are barely barely making it right so that’s what
happens with white backgrounds nowadays on Etsy is you can you really blend in
with the inauthentic sellers obviously this is handmade and this looks really
cool but I would recommend to definitely add some more props in there and give it
give it a get a few different templates for your photos you know templates as in
like your go to shop you know so moving on from there let’s
take a look at some of your SEO oceans blue hair jewelry bun holder natural
coconut shell one-of-a-kind hair slide okay what I would recommend is making
sure that one of-a-kind the acronym of one of a kind is widely searched because that is a very specific term and I don’t
believe that it’s very very widely searched I see a lot of sellers using
the tag yes and that may be why you chose to use that tag and title in the
title as well but what a lot of other sellers are doing does not mean a lot of
people are searching for it so I would recommend getting marma lead or using
Etsy rank and making sure that one of-a-kind oh okay is widely searched just to make sure so let’s see here hair
accessories hair jewelry gift for girlfriend okay so yeah long story short
in order to get to ten sales a day I would continue making more listings try
to get it to like 125 125 and try new keyword categories always be branching
out into different things and just keep moving forward and take take real photos
of your your t-shirts here and you know it like this for the culture shirt get
somebody you know with dreadlocks wearing the shirt with yours with some
of your stuff or whatever it may be and really create that culture scene okay
that that would that would make it sound much quicker than this mock-up right
here will so let’s move on to the next question I’ve done keyword research and
have a list of obvious ones how can I use marmalade or Etsy search to uncover
unexpected slash less obvious keywords so let’s just go to marm lead don’t tell anybody my password is dot
dot dot dot you guys okay anyway so how to find new keywords is you always want
to search it in here and you want to use the cloud below to start thinking of new
you know categories and then pulling them over here to comparison okay so
it’s it’s it’s semi searched but the good thing is there’s low low
competition for it let’s see here you can take all of these
keywords and research all of these keywords I mean if you have marmalade
you know about the the cloud so I know I’m not like blowing your mind or
anything right now but really really using this cloud is very very useful for
example right up here similar shopper searches I see wheat
accessories obviously you don’t like maybe you don’t want to accept like
associate dreadlocks with weed because I know I know that there’s plenty of
people out there that have dreadlocks that don’t use cannabis that’s before
that’s that’s an obvious one and like obviously that’s a huge generalization
for people for fur to assume that but you could make a few listings that is
for dreadlocks and then tag it for like Rastafarian and then Rasta and etc and
stuff like that so just using this cloud down here then coming up here and being
like ok weed accessories well maybe I don’t want to use the word weed you know
because I don’t want to be like a weed store on Etsy you know but maybe I can
take that same niche in that same audience and find a different word that
they are you know commonly searching so for for the dreadlock accessories and
stuff you could also be targeting Rasta and Rastafarian right or whatever and
there’s probably even more words you know outside of Rasta like let’s see
here let’s take a look at few of your items really quick yeah you have the Eye
of Horus – so like I know that I know the Rasta culture likes the Eye of Horus
and pretty sure pretty sure I don’t quote me ok at least all the reggae artists I listen
to I see that I have Horus and their music videos so ok so let me get a good
example for you I have Horus dreadlock jewelry and red beads braid jewelry hair
jewelry for braids lock jewelry set okay so this exact listing right here you
could create if you duplicates for and in and create it for
like Rasta gift and you know other things outside of that like what what
who I mean who who else would buy this obviously its dreadlock jewelry and
obviously it’s hair jewelry yes but who out there that would buy it that is
searching for something but not exactly looking for I of Horus dreadlock jewelry
you know maybe they’re looking for like Rasta gifts or like Rastafarian this or
that okay I see you have Rasta debt dread rap you have tribal style
dreadlock headband ethnic dreadlock accessories boho headband okay I
wouldn’t consider this a boho headband because I don’t know maybe you have seen
some like Rasta colors in the boho niche but I don’t think I have so using boho
would kind of pull your listings in other directions in terms of like search
and ranking capability so I wouldn’t really recommend using boho unless you
unless you really dialed that one in but I don’t think this counts as boho
festival you know festival accessories festival clothing music festival stuff
people really like that so you could create some listings that that like like
ravers would buy if you want and you don’t have to like change your entire
nature your entire theme but you could you know sell this right here as
festival clothing festival jewelry festival accessories etc because like
this could definitely fit into a you know like a EDM rave outfit you know
this would definitely be a cool bun holder for an EDM outfit or a rave
outfit whatever you know you want to call it and then moving on from there
let’s see yeah so how can you use Etsy search there’s a few ways I’ve gone over
this in another video and I want to show it to you now so let’s go let’s let’s
just first talk about like these suggestions right here these suggestions
right here are not always great in marma lead it’s just what’s common
researched with this word here with Rasta so we can here see here that Rasta
hat hoody bracelet shirt these might not be good in marmalade but you need to
check them in marmalade for sure but when you type things into here the
orange boxes that show up right here okay so sometimes the orange boxes don’t
show up sometimes they do when they do you need to immediately check them in
marmalade obviously and start combining them together start combining them
together so for example like Rostov Rastafari reggae Rasta hat right that
would be a super long tail keyword yeah Rasta and Rastafari is kind of the same
thing but as a separate word they’re different things so that’s how you would
like look in here and create long tail keywords from the orange boxes but
always make sure the orange boxes that they show you are good within marmalade
so obviously Bob Marley’s gonna be a big one but that that’s it that’s
trademarked you know so stay away from tags like that so you can use these
orange boxes as well as the cloud below to find new keywords and then going on
from there you know just just answering your question shortly like that going on
from there all of my marmalade videos they go over
so many marmalade tactics way way way in depth if I were to answer this with all
of my marmalade strategies this this video would be like two hours long so
with that short answer I want you to take that short answer that I just gave
you and then also go and watch all my marmalade videos because there is tons
of value in those videos and how to find new keywords right then on top of that
you can go into like Twitter or Instagram or even Pinterest and find new
words that are relative to your niche you know words you may have never even
thought about start typing it in as a hashtag start typing in dreadlock as a
hash Tagg then just run wild with all the
different hashtags look at them look at other people’s posts etc what kind of
words are they using and just get your brain moving that way so that’s it for
today everyone again if you would like a shop critique please go to the link
below and I hope you all have a beautiful day goodbye

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