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In this video I’m going over the closest things you can consider a hack for Etsy SEO. what’s up Etsy sellers my name is Dave thanks for coming back if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing I do new videos all the time on Etsy success with that being said shout out to everybody grabbing the ebooks in the description below with that being said let’s jump right into it I have four powerful SEO hacks that you can use yourself that will get you more views and ultimately more sales first let me say that there are no hacks and there you’re never going to like completely bypass the Etsy algorithm and become an all-star over time there’s no such thing as a hack but these things here are the closest things that you could consider a hack so the first one is using a sale so you can always put your items on a 10% off sale like all the time this will put your items in a filtered search on the left side of search you can you can click on sale that will get your items into this it drastically decreases the competition of items you are ranking against and people are always looking for a deal so you can get into that search and get more views and hack it if you will by always having your shop on a 10% off sale this is completely up to you however if you don’t feel comfortable having your spear shop on sale for 10% off all the time you can compensate for the price add the 10% off then put the sale on almost every single retailer in the business in a whether it be ecommerce or in-person retail uses this tactic for example like the big box stores Kohl’s Macy’s Yonkers all those places that say that their shirts are 50% off 60% off and now it’s $10 and it used to be $80 let me just tell you right now it was never $80 no one ever paid $80 for that shirt and it was always a few percent off so extremely common tactic and in-person retail tactic so you can put your set your shop on 10% off at all times and you will show up in the on sale search filter the next hack is always offering free shipping if you can discount so again on the left side there is a search filter option to click free shipping great even if you don’t have free shipping on all of your items if you have a deal where and I talked about this in a lot of other videos if you have a deal where you can buy two items and get free shipping three items free shipping whatever it may be then you will show up in that free shipping filter as well it will say eligible for free shipping so that is another hack that will give you into that search result as well the next one it’ll also get you more up sales to people will buy more things from you which ISM is another awesome thing I have a video on that I’ll put that in the description if you want to check that out video on making bigger up sales and getting bigger orders the next hack is your attributes believe it or not here atributes help you rank pretty well on your attribute for example like the color or something like that if you dig into your stats enough most people can find a search term that brought them traffic that included a color or it didn’t just included an attribute that was in your attributes but not in your title or your tags so other people have mentioned this before as well that your attributes are almost like a ghost tag or a secret tag so make sure you have all of your attributes filled out and as these adding new attributes a lot throughout all of the the categories so always be on top of that make sure that all of your attributes are filled out that alone can bring you one or two extra searches per day you know per month whatever it may be for you so that’s the third hack the fourth hack is increasing your click-through rate rate the more that the more that you get clicks on your items when they are seen your click-through rate is the amount of clicks your item got in comparison to the amount of impressions that it received now obviously we’re never going to see well maybe we will the future but right now there is no way to see impressions right just impressions is the amount of times it showed up on a computer screen within the search results not the amount of time it was viewed or clicked on but the amount of times it just showed up on a computer screen that means impressions right so by upping your click-through rate you will ultimately up your sales on that item and you will rank higher so to begin at the beginning of that rabbit hole you want to up your click-through rate and how will you do that obviously you want to show up in the search results you know using good titles and tags but once you do show up there you want to make sure your photo is the best that it can be so if you have old photos that are no good retake them if you have photos that could be improved retake them this is why I talked about having a professional DSLR camera versus a cell phone camera you want to have high quality eye catching photographs that get people to click so one thing that I do occasionally not with all of my listings or anything like that but with a lot of my listings I will do the the product in my hand because for some odd reason people love to see it being held people love to see items being worn right that’s why if you do model photos it can up your click-through rate as well if you do it right though if you do a model photo of like a necklace and it’s like 10 feet away from the person they can it’s like mostly just a photo of a person and they can barely see the necklace that’s not what I’m talking about talking about you know a good model photo that captures the beauty of the necklace but it’s quite obviously being worn on a person so when it’s clicked through and when it’s clicked on more often Etsy sees that and they say hey when this item shows up for this search term or search term or any search term it’s clipped up a lot the click-through rate is high and that will result in sales of course – granted if all the other things are in place and ultimately get you a higher ranking right because when you list something again it sees algorithm gives you a quick little chance right you’ll be on the first page second page four you know sometimes it’s a few minutes sometimes it’s an hour or two but I’ve seen it go other ways sometimes it doesn’t show up but it gives you an initial chance and then it’s ranking is based off of other factors and as well as the click-through rate and if anybody purchased it within that trial period etc there’s a million different factors I’m not going to jump into that in this video but the fourth and final hack that I’m talking about right now is upping your click-through rate by using a good photograph and it’s just simple as that you can get a better ranking by using a better photograph because more people click on it the more views the more sales the better rank so I hope you guys found these tips useful please sign up for my email list in the description below I’m writing a playbook an SEO playbook for NC’s algorithm for now on to the future the tactics in this ebook will be future proof and that it’ll be tactics that I use myself and continue to use so please subscribe if you haven’t already and comment below any SEO questions you may have and I’ll attempt to return or I’ll attempt to reply to them please give me a like on this video as well have a nice day guys pizza you

41 thoughts on “ETSY SEO TIPS TRICKS HACKS AND SECRETS (get more sales on Etsy)

  1. AddToCart Post author

    Thanks for watching everyone! Wishing you all success. – Dave

  2. Richard B Post author

    Thanks for clarifying the designations and their meanings Dave.

  3. Claudia de ZonaShirt Post author

    Thanks for your tips! I'm going to implement them!
    I can not wait for you to talk about the new SEO suggestions that Etsy presented yesterday !! When it will be? regards!

  4. Kerith Stull - Christmas Tree Gifts Post author

    Putting things on sale… I think it might actually be better to put things on sale from time to time instead of all of the time. Did you know I got an email just a few days ago from Etsy that one of YOUR items I favorited over a month ago went on sale? That's a nice prompt for someone to purchase! So having things on sale ALL of the time might not be best.

  5. Beverly Brumbaugh Post author

    Hi Dave What camera would you recommend? DSLR ? I would like to have a mid range camera that would help me with better photos. I am using my iphone 8 plus camera. It does pretty good, but I think they definetly could be better. I am retaking picture for my shop since I am a etsy beginner I have alot to learn. Many thanks.

  6. Craig Anthony Post author

    Cheers for this info – I will try some of these methods out for sure.
    If you are ever looking for a store to critique or feature, i'd be honored for you to use mine. Cheers for your video once again – subscribed 🙂

  7. Stu Wright Post author

    you cant possibly know if your advice will be future proof, silly beggar

  8. Roxy Originals Post author

    giveaway entry – Thanks for your great videos Dave!

  9. John&Sandy S Post author

    giveaway entry – 😄 Great video, Dave😊 – very informative. Thank you..

  10. Tentacle Studio Post author

    +AddToCart great tips, thanks! By the way, talking of getting more clicks, you really should add a link to your own Etsy shop in the info below the video! You're missing an opportunity if you don't 😉 By the way, my Etsy shop is Best wishes from Amsterdam!

  11. The Southern Camellia Post author

    Hi! Do you plan on doing a new video on etsy seo since all the "changes" were announced? Would love to see one.

  12. Lee Richards Post author

    Hello Dave…I really appreciate your vids and your delivery of the info. You talked about using Attributes here. I make sell bridal jewelry. So I am not sure if I am helping myself or hurting my self if I click the main color attribute SILVER (that is what the metal color of the clasp and extender​ is on a full strand of pearls ) but there are 5 pearl color options. HELP!

  13. debra miller Post author

    How do I put my shop on sale to show up in filter you mentioned? Iv'e used Etsy on Sale. I see the "Sale " to left of search but can't connect the dots for what you were talking about.

  14. Weaver Family Farms Post author

    How many listings do you have??? Is there that good magic number to get to? I have seen some day you need to have X amount really to get very far on etsy. For sure more is best to help you get found more, same with my youtube videos, but anyway…

  15. Miss Susanne Post author

    Hello fellow Etsy seller! I have been on Etsy over a decade now, this year I am retaking photos and it is helping my click through rate. Running 10 percent off and free shipping = mesa mesa but I do catch a few sales. Etsy is easy to use but watch the "conveniences" Etsy promotes. Etsy will double dip on shipping labels charging you twice: percentage of the shipping at the time of sale and a percentage (commission) of the label if purchase via Etsy. Your profit will decrease substantially therefore plan ahead and do these little extras yourself if you want to earn more money.

  16. April Behnke Post author

    I'm planning to open a shop in April and am struggling to find a way to offer free shipping without the item prices getting too high to compensate. I think your idea of – buy x # of items, get free shipping – may be the solution…

  17. steveos111 Post author

    In the UK an item has to have been on sale for a certain amount of time at full price before it can be advertised as reduced in this way. So if a shirt says "was $80 now $10" then it was. It's designed to prevent that tactic and what is after all a lie. Shops still just put the shirts out at full price and reduce them as soon as possible though so. I have no idea about online sales though .

  18. Angeliki Gkolfinopoulou Post author

    Hello there! Thank you for your video, really helpful! I'm new at Etsy selling and when I create the listings I can't see the "attributes section" anywhere! Maybe its the "materials"? Could you enlighten me? 🙂

  19. Donkey & Digger Post author

    Hi Dave, just stumbled across your channel and subscribed as you are explaining things in a great way so very much appreciated. I am new to this and live in the UK and looking into Print on Demand apparel and other merch. I assume all your tips apply to that business model as well? Many thanks, John👍

  20. EyeAmA Post author

    Hi Dave! Thanks for producing such awesome Etsy videos…we’ve spoken a few times a while ago in the Marmalead FB page, I’ve got your promoted listing cheat sheet. Buying your ebook after I move house next week and implementing the strategy for July onwards. I’m working my way back through these videos of yours, but I’ve not come across any mention of “search analytics” the beta version. This obviously gives some much needed free info! Would you be doing a video on this soon? On best practices etc? Thanks in advance !!! Anna

  21. Nora Gad Post author

    Thank u so much ..this video inspired me , also i suggest if you cut your hair u will be so handsome in short hair 🌹🌹

  22. Khbsrt Post author

    I learned a lot from your video, great job! Here's a tip… the word is pronounced "AT- tributes" with the focus on the 1st 2 letters AT.


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