Etsy SEO mistakes every Etsy seller makes

By | August 10, 2019

What’s up Etsy sellers? Welcome back to
my channel, my name is Dave. IF you’re new to this channel please consider
subscribing, I do new videos on Etsy success all the time. In this video I
would like to go over three super simple SEO mistakes that both veterans and new
Etsy sellers make super simple we’re just going to go through them really
quickly it’s nothing to get you to the top page and it’s nothing that isn’t
gonna do anything either it’s just those types of things that we all forget about
or we just never literally never considered so it’s always fun to learn
these you know things that you never considered or never thought about or
never knew because they can hide on you even if you’re a veteran seller
so the first SEO mistake people make on Etsy is putting free shipping or sale or
free shipping or on sale in their titles and tags this takes up valuable real
estate in your titles and tags you could be using that space for actual targeted
keywords people do not start their shipping or people do not start their
shopping journey I would say 99% of the time by typing free shipping into a
search engine or Etsy or Amazon they search for what they would like and then
they can filter out from there and that is what Etsy does for you when you type
in free shipping you can see all these people that that put free shipping in
there to see right here this is on their title and it’s in their tags too if if
it’s showing up in search it’s not showing your tanks free
shipping right there see and I know I wasn’t looking for a frog shirt I was
looking I don’t know for free shipping I guess either way don’t put free shipping
in your tags and titles you customers can search for free shipping right here
right here and they can search for on sale right here
nobody starts their shopping journey with those two terms just keep that in
mind and then these ads right here if I click these ads if I clicked your ad
pretty robes shop I would be wasting your money just because I clicked it you
know so don’t put sale or free shipping in your tags and titles you’re wasting
your time and your money and you can be getting shown to much more valuable
customers the next tip for Etsy SEO mistakes is is misspellings in your tags
and titles how often do you list your stuff very quickly and you might
misspell something so a misspelling would obviously result in you know a few
problems at seize search algorithm is smart every search algorithm is smart
enough to detect misspellings and match them up with the word that you meant but
that still takes you away just one letter or two letters away from that
direct result match so make sure you don’t have any misspellings I mean
that’s an obvious one but actually you may have misspellings right now so you
can go to your dashboard click on listings go down here to tags and you
click right here I’m not going to click right here because it categorizes all of
your tags that you use most often shows you a number of how many times you’ve
used that tag next to it and then ranks them from highest to lowest on how much
you use them this list will show you all the way at the bottom you might have a
tag that it’ll say that you only used it once or twice and it’ll be a misspelling
so just click on this drop down menu you’ll see a list of all of the tags
that you use then you can find then you click on that misspelling if you find it
and then it shows you the listings with that tag on it correct the misspelling
obviously so that very simple one I mean veterans can misspell stuff and
so can newbies and it will affect your SEO so at the end of the day we can all
make some of these small mistakes like they say like at the end of the day a
rich person still is boy is still buried in a coffin the same as a poor person or
at this end of the day a poor person still drinks the same coca-cola as a
rich person so there’s a lot of those commonalities throughout life especially
on Etsy for veterans and newbies I don’t know why I had to throw that life
analogy in there but it’s I just thought of it so the next one is just your old
listings just those those old shitty listings I said it yeah that was the
first swear word on my channel the your old shitty listings can affect your rank
so what I want you to do is go to listings right here again click on stats
right here and it’s going to show you the stats for your listings for the last
30 days it’s gonna drop down right here below it I’m not gonna show you mine
it’s a little personal but it’s gonna drop down right here below it you’ll be
able to see the last 30 days stats for each listing in your listings view this
is a beautiful way to keep track of old listings good listings bad listings new
listings if you have a large inventory so it’s impossible to keep track of all
the cobwebs all the digital cobwebs that are in your shop but a good way to
monitor it is with this little toggle button that’s over here when I found out
about that toggle button it changed my life it’s so insightful and it helped
you so turn it on and just keep track of your listings you may have super old
listings like that haven’t been revised in over a month or listings that haven’t
been renewed in two to three weeks you just don’t want those old things in your
list in your shop you want new recency you want new testing you want to be
testing stuff so go look for those old listings and create new ones kill the
bat the kill the bad ones create new ones etc but that’s the third Etsy SEO
stick mistake that we all make it’s with the old shit
listings hanging up and just clogging up your potential with Etsy and also it’s
just you know it’s a listing so make sure that it’s doing your bats doing its
best for you each one of these listings are 24/7 working for you on NC calm
you don’t want an employee that is just old and in not doing anything for you in
terms of like skills and recency and stuff you’re not gonna hire an employee
that doesn’t do anything for you and doesn’t know anything you’re gonna have
hire employees that go get you money so apply that idea to your listing each one
of your listings are your employees make sure they’re in check okay so go don’t
have a meeting with all your listings right now with the stats button and
you’ll be able to see everything so that was the three Etsy SEO mistakes for
today you guys I hope you enjoyed it make sure to grab an e-book or a cheat
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11 thoughts on “Etsy SEO mistakes every Etsy seller makes

  1. AddToCart Post author

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching. Grab any of my eBooks or Courses here:

  2. Emily Josling Post author

    Hi Dave! I wonder which mistake I make 🤔 Watching… 😮👁

  3. Lind Mar Post author

    What is actually considered a “bad” listing? I have some that I have only sold one or two times but I was told I should never kill a listing that has been sold. Is there an amount that should be sold? If the sales are low should we just deactivate it?

  4. G Morgan Post author

    What if FREE SHIPPING is at the very end of the title? I have a hard time with SEO in my niche market.
    Misspellings in my shop are only because ERank and Marmalead misspell what I make all the time (I think it is because it is a "foreign" word and neither recognize it). AND my clients use those misspellings… As far as 'shitty' listings, my original items are not what I make now, but they are still looked at & faved often.

  5. sophienocturne Post author

    Hi Dave, you mention that an old listing could be one that hasn't been renewed in 2-3 weeks – I usually list my items and let Etsy automatically renew them, do you recommend manually renewing them more frequently? Thanks 🙂

  6. Zhivko Kanazirski Post author

    I have some listings that are bad . By saying "kill them " do you mean fix renew or delete ? Also if I delete big amount of bad listings let say 20% of all the listings I have is it going to hurt me in some way ? Thanks

  7. IT’s Tee Low Post author

    I have watched all your videos and have taken all your suggestions and still not getting any sales. Can you critique my shop for me please? I am working so hard on it with no success. Pleaseeeeeees

  8. Dossiers Post author

    By any chance could I send you my shop and tell me why I don't get any sales? (1 week of working)

  9. Adam Biernat Post author

    Hi Dave! Thank you for these videos and all your great work! I bought your 'Etsy Promoted Listings
    Pro Secrets eBook', and implemented all the strategies. Unfortunately, with no results. I'm a photographer and I'm selling my photography prints – landscape, animal portraits and food (the common theme is Iceland; I have lived there for 3 years). I get lots of impressions on one listing, and a few search terms have a high click rate, but still after one month no sales from promoted listings. I have a brand new shop – only 7 weeks, just 3 sales and 1 review. I get quite a lot of clicks from general terms like 'photography print'. Do you think I should try to remove these keywords? How could I do that? I show up for these terms even if I don't have an exact phrase, f.ex. Iceland Print, Nature Photography. Do you think that the fact that I sell from Poland might be a problem too (long waiting time for a shipment in the U.S.)? Thank you!

  10. Rebecca Inkrote Post author

    Good reminders Dave. Misspelling used to be a "strategy" in SEO (at least general website SEO) hoping to rank for a less competitive term that still gets traffic due to clumsy fingers. But alas you're right that now search engines autocorrect the searcher's query! Cheers

  11. Chhavi Sharma Post author

    I have my own tapestry shop on etsy but together with it i also sale wooden boxes in same shop but i don't understand that why i haven't got any sale and like even views on my wooden boxes. I get sale only on tapestry not one wooden boxes,why?
    Can you please help me out because i am seriously in a big disappointment. Please help me


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