Etsy SEO: How I use Marmalead as a successful Etsy seller.

By | August 25, 2019

What’s up Etsy sellers? Welcome back to
my channel. My name is Dave if you’re new to this channel please consider
subscribing I do new videos all the time on Etsy and business success in this
video I want to show you guys how I personally use marma lead I get a lot of
questions on how to use this feature how to use this feature and I want to show
you guys my favorite features how I go about finding new keywords how I go
about finding all new stuff and reference back to my old stuff that does
work so without further ado let’s jump into it if you guys want to try marma
lead if you don’t have it now please do so through my affiliate link in the
description I get a tiny little Commission it helps support the channel
and I’ve been reppin marmalade way before I was an affiliate for them so
let’s get started I start right here in search if there is if I’m starting brand
new right if I’m starting with a brand new niche or something to that degree
I’ll start here in the search so I’m just gonna go super broad so I can get
some great examples for you guys but this this technique applies to everybody
so type whatever you want in here and marma lead is gonna bring us back some
search results that shows us how often it’s searched how much it’s engaged with
and then how much competition there is so if you’re not fulfilled from familiar
with marmalade you can be it’s it’s pretty straightforward if you are
familiar with marmalade you know all of this so I skip all of this most of the
time there’s some there’s some very important metrics in here that you need
to know for further research but if I’m kind of going on the fly I stick to
these three metrics the most important ones and then I go down if it is good if
it’s green green and then whatever is at the end it’s okay if it’s high
competition I’ll address that in a second so then I scroll down all the way
to the bottom and I have a really large monitor so
Marly likes to go slow because I’m forcing them to give me such a large
picture anyway so I come down here to the cloud maybe you’ve seen me use the
cloud here in previous videos but it’s extremely powerful it’s all the related
stuff so you want to use like if I’m going with free yoga stuff I don’t want
to go yoga and then go way out of the left field with some other random niche
or random keyword I want to keep it in this bubble you know close to this
bubble relevant because it not like it’s very likely that if they’re searching
for something like this then the words the other words in this bubble here
they’re gonna come up as variations add-ons you know stuff like that oh I
want yoga pants oh okay I want spiritual yoga pants you know so
this blurb right here has some very powerful insight into the related
keywords after you find a good keyword in Marmalade you go down to the cloud
and you find some potentials down here what I do is I go over to comparison at
this point I remember a few of these guys over here and I go to comparison
then I type a bunch in so I’m gonna go yoga leggings and then I seen yoga shirt
I seen in there I seen yoga top pretty sure and I seen I’ve seen spiritual so
let’s let’s check spiritual you know we’re gonna branch out that’s this is
the whole point so these ones are good I already knew these ones are good I use
these keywords myself and I’m using these good ones for for examples for for
the act of making this video move along quickly I’m not gonna sit here and
troubleshoot in front of you so these are some good tags and I found them in
the blurb the first time around you know you’ll put them in here you’ll weed them
out okay the blurb this blurb word wasn’t good this blurb would word was
good and you find all these words and you know down here top tags on the
bottom right here this will also have the closest relevant ones too so this is
like a mini blurb down here that’s a little more powerful in
terms of like the one-two-three-four-five here are the
most relevant ones top tags that this tag here shares with these so in terms
of competition everyone knows that you want to see a lot of searches you want
to see a lot of engagement everyone always asks me about competition do you
is it okay if there’s a lot of competition if they’re all my gosh I
don’t know if I should do that listen I sell in jewelry I sell in clothing it’s
a very saturated niche high competition is a good thing if it shows that there’s
a demand there and then if there’s high searches and high engagement then that’s
your then that is a good sign it’s an even better sign when you see low
competition like these right here you know lower than 50 thousand that’s great
but if you are fearful I really just want to address the fear behind the the
competition here in this competition metric it is it’s a valuable metric but
I don’t want you to be discouraged by seeing all that competition first off a
lot a lot of this competition you see doesn’t use marma lead so right there
you have a leg up on them because you know which keywords are good which
keywords are not okay awesome that’s probably a large percentage of that
competition next in that competition there’s going to be sellers that are a
not as smart as you as an Etsy seller plain and simple and be not as big as
you as an Etsy seller unless you’re at zero sales on your first day there is
likely somebody below you and in this competition here in this little fifty
thousand there’s probably a lot of them so when you see that competition that
doesn’t mean that all fifty thousand shops have a billion reviews and a
billion sales and they’re gonna outrank you every single time that’s not the
case at all and even if you were a new shop Etsy gives you a little boost a
little chance you go to the first page and you see what you see vet veterans
shops and you see new shops so the cop tician thing here is is only going to
inhibit you as a business owner okay real estate it’s a huge huge market but
people make millions and millions and billions and trillions of dollars in it
maybe not trillions I don’t know probably so it’s it’s not about
competition it’s about searches and engagement so after this whole process
going through that blurb going back to search trying some new ones you’re going
to have a lot of good ones that you find so are you going to write them down sure
you could but now we don’t actually have to we have the history here so here’s
the history I’ll remove this this is these are all of the keywords I’ve
searched and I’m not afraid to show it to you guys because even if you use them
you can go and marmalade and find them yourself so I’m not afraid to show you
the keywords I actively use because either you won’t outrank me or you will
it doesn’t matter I don’t carry there’s enough pie to go around is what I’m
saying i as a business owner it’s it’s a
terrible thing to do to live in scarcity to live in a scarcity mindset to live in
a mindset that Etsy is your enemy that is the absolute worst vibration you can
live in so do not view Etsy as your enemy and do not be afraid of
competition so here’s a ton of really good keywords if you guys are in this
niche have at it have fun these are all great ones I used
marmalade to find them I love marmalade if you’re watching this video and you
don’t have marmalade I personally believe you are running in the dark so
you want to be having keyword research software whatever it may be
I recommend marmalade is at Z rank better than marmalade is normally better
than rank I’m not going to have that discussion I like marmalade and that’s
what I use right now I’m not gonna go learn another software so it’s totally
up to preference I prefer marmalade if you like what you’ve seen me do today
please get marm lead through my affiliate link it helps support the
channel and it helps me make more videos like this so if you enjoy this video
please subscribe check out the links in the description and have a beautiful day

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    Man, you look stressed out! Take vacation in Canada:) Thanks for the help!

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    Yes, mindset is super important and it means a lot. Thank you for your research examples Dave.

  5. Sneha Miriam Kuruvilla Post author

    Hi great video. Had a query. If its not a long tail, marmalead gives us low grade. So should we use keywords like the examples you showed here like yoga skirt which has good search and engagement but not long tail

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    Couldn't read anything on the screen – all way too small…

  7. Hannah Gardner Post author

    Hey dave love your channel! I have gone through your mini free course and trying out your 2 week promoted list strategy. I am selling jewelry . Its a crowded niche. I am pretty versed when it comes to Facebook ads, pinterest ads, etc from owning an agency but this is new territory for me. Is it normal to have 0 sales after day 5 with spending $12 a day with 26 product listings, Clear good pictures in comparison to competition, good descriptions in comparison to comp, tags are all there, monitoring for dead tags as you say. Some tags are getting me impressions but still 0 sales. Just looking to see if its normal and to continue collecting data or cut it off and try a different angle. Thank you ahead of time if you answer or not your videos rock!

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    but I just have a question: You said to turn on the promoted listing for 2 weeks for collection data, but some of my listings have just a few stocks at the moment, what if those have been sold out during these two weeks?how should I evaluate these kinds of listings? Thanks

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    Really great video, as usual! Love your inspirational words and helpful info. Thank you!


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