Etsy SEO 2019. Etsy Listing Descriptions

By | September 11, 2019

Etsy SEO in 2019 what is the point
of descriptions hey I’m Pam Duthie and this is a series on Etsy SEO in 2019
don’t forget to stay to the end to find the cards to take you to the other
videos in this playlist but today let’s ever think about what is the point of
that description Etsy have actually told us that they don’t use the
description in their SEO in how to decide to rank for us so is the
description pointless well actually first of all other search engines like
Google do read the descriptions may specifically the first few lines and
then in the description so it’s important to have your superstar
keywords somewhere in there but don’t spam it do not fill your description
with just keywords have it in conversational English because Google’s
pretty good and noticed some people who trying to game the system so if you’re
just keyword stuffy then Google won’t bother ranking you at all though ditch
your item and Google is the biggest search engine on the world so it’s
pretty good to be aiming to get seen by them as well if we can and as we’ve
already done all this keyword research to find what good keywords are likely to
be things that work on Etsy are likely to be searched for on Google as well so
it doesn’t take any extra work to add this descriptive phrase into your
description as well and think about it if an item starts driving views from
Google then Etsy can’t see this as a bad thing this has to send a good
indication to Etsy that this is a good item it’s bringing people in from
off the platform that’s exactly what they want so this has to help us boost
our shop so in a roundabout indirect way it does kind of help you with your SEO
but on etsy your descriptions are also super important they can answer the
questions that your buyers have buyers are lazy they’re less likely to message
you to ask things they don’t understand they’ll click away and go to someone
else so if you look at all the frequently asked questions that a
customer asks you the few that do message you make
include them in your descriptions or you can even add them to your FAQ’s that
people about to see if they’re relevant across the board for all your items
think about the size they use the materials care instructions anything you
might want to know if you were buying something and this increases the time on
your shop search engines are aware how long someone spends looking on your shop
if they just click and bounce if they just click and go somewhere else
then that’s not so good that as if someone searches for something sees your
item clicks on your item spends ages reading the description being properly
into it and then move on to another item in your shop and another item that’s a
really good signal and it also tells a story makes your item more personal if
you can include a little of how your item was created or what inspires it
then this can help people fall in love with your item a little bit more I
remember many years ago I was looking for a wedding gift for a friend of mine
and the story of their relationship was the Frog friends don’t ask but I found a
wonderful seller that they had a necklace that was a heart with a frog on it with
the crown on it it was beautiful and perfect but also in his description he
explained how he had made this item it was through the lost-wax method so he
explained how he had carved out the heart and the frog and everything from
Wax created a mold and then poured the silver into it and he had such a good
way with words I found that this description lovely so I printed it out
and put it in with her gift and when they were opening all their wedding
presents they actually sat down and read that description out to everyone in the
room and I’m betting you that that so I’ve got quite a few extra orders
because he had to put that personal touch
it wasn’t like going into a jewelers and seeing some kind of mass-produced thing
you knew what care he had taken into that item another thing you can do with
your description is to send people on to other things you can use links to other
areas in your shop now pro tip if you’re linking an item in your shop copy in the
URL we copy as far as the numbers don’t copy
the extra bit and this means when people click on it it doesn’t also show other
unrelated items from other sellers but again like answering the questions you
can say you like this in a different size here we go I have it in this size
you like it in a different color this is the listing you want to check out and
again this increases the time on shop if people are going to click and have a
look at other items so when constructing a description the order you want to be
thinking about is the top the first area is your SEO which is descriptive of what
the item is so describing the item the bits the customer wants to know
immediately what is this what am I gonna do with it and then some less specific
questions and including your links to different things and then finally
include your story that’s for your superfans who are really interested so I
hope that helped don’t forget click on the card to see the other videos in this
series click on movie face to subscribe and come back often thank you so much

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