Etsy SEO 2019. Do SEO games work?

By | August 12, 2019

Etsy SEO in 2019 what is SEO hey I’m Pam
Duthis and today marks the start of a series of videos deep-diving
SEO on etsy to really help you boost your sales so if that’s something you’re
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videos so what is SEO it stands for search engine optimization now your
search engine is what people type into the search bar on etsy they type in
their query they type in what they’re looking for and the search engine goes
and finds the listings to show them so Etsy has to go and find all of the
listings that it thinks might even slightly be relevant to what the
customer is searching for and then show them to the customer and the order it
ranks these in it depends on so many factors and SEO search engine
optimization is just simply us trying to tell Etsy what we think our item is
so it gets an idea of where to place us when people are searching so they best
know where and who to show our items to and there’s commonly talked about two
different types of search engine optimization there’s white hat and
there’s black hatwhite hat search engine optimization simply means
following the best practices which we’re lucky because Etsy actually lays them
out for us if you look at it see articles such as the ultimate guide to
SEO or your search questions answered people from the Etsy search engine
team give us an idea of the things that they’re looking for so following these
best practices to try and tell Etsy exactly what it is that we have so that
they can understand so much better is the best practice in the long term and
black hat SEO is you trying to game the system
it’s trained to figure out loopholes that’ll work in your favor and I know I
did this myself many many years ago when I was trained to rank a website on
Google Google search engine optimization is super difficult but way back then I
learnt a little bit and then I thought is the most genius person in the world
so I learnt that tags your metadata these words that you’re telling in that
case Google are super important so I figured out on my website if I put in
the background if I put a layer of all these keywords that I wanted to rank for
hundreds and hundreds of keywords and repeated them all the things but did it
in the exact same color as the background there would be there for the
search engine to read but not for the person and what happened there was I was
lucky that Google didn’t catch on to me when Google find loopholes that people
are exploiting they can penalize your website but what they also do obviously
is change the algorithm they they’re trained to keep one step ahead of us to
prevent us being able to game the system because quite simply I could have made
my website rank really highly but when customers search for it when people
looking for my website searched for it it wouldn’t be what they were looking
for so they wouldn’t enjoy their experience and searched on Google and
the same is the same with Etsy search engine optimization way back pre 2010
recency used to be the most important thing whatever you put in your tags and
your title the newest item that was created the newest item that was listed
would show up first in the search so people learnt very simply to keep
relisting their item that would keep you at the front to search it also used to
cost a lot of money to keep doing that and Etsy realized that didn’t give the
best experience for a shop post they were only seeing the listings that
people have detained to sit and renew and renew and renew so they changed the
search algorithm to prevent this and what they wanted to look into is things
like how often people viewed and hearted an item and the black hat SEO people
tried to stay ahead of the system there as well and what popped up was games
games and teams where people would join in and every day would promote one of
their listings and then go and view everybody else in the team games
thing so you could join in the game and your listing would get hundreds of views
or hundreds of lakes and for a while again this worked in boosting items up
the search for certain search terms however again Etsy realized that the
item that the person has got the most conned the most people from their
teams come in having a look at isn’t necessarily the item that a person is
searching for wants to purchase so they again had to tweak to stay ahead of the
competition to stay ahead of the black Hatter’s and what happened in this case
was they put much less weight on searches on views coming from people
within teams so harps and views from your teams are less important because
they’re not buyers they’re gamers so that’s the reason why black hat SEO is
just not such a good idea because the platform’s always trying to keep one
step ahead of you so it’ll always be shutting down these
games that you’re trying to do these cons that you’re trying to trick the
search engine into ranking you better for now the best-case scenario when this
happens is that your shops gonna die your items aren’t going to be seen
anymore when the practices that you were using to try and rank your items when
they stopped working then your shops just gonna die the worst case is they
might realize that you’ve been gaming the system and penalize you for it you
could get a shop or a website closed down because you’re cheating basically
so what you want to be thinking of doing is you’re in your search engine
optimization you just simply want to be finding the way to tell the search
engine this is what my item is and you want to be trained to make your item the
best item there that customers are going to want so you just try and make your
stuff more appealing in decent manner and the more people organically find
your items they find it through search they find it because friends have shared
it they find it organically and interact with it organically the better you’ll do
so search engine optimization is not anymore trained to trick the system it
should just be about trying to tell the system what Euratom is and the best
items will do well so I hope that helps our next video in this series is going
to be why the search engine why Etsy search is not for you so don’t forget
hit subscribe and come back for the next video thank you so much

4 thoughts on “Etsy SEO 2019. Do SEO games work?

  1. Magdalena Koh Post author

    Hi lovely Pam! Thank you always for taking your time to share your insights.. ps so sorry I missed your LIVE was away from home … till than I am going to carry on listening to you!

  2. DPS Dead People's Stuff - Vintage Ephemera, Jewelry Findings and Curiosities Post author

    Hi Pam, I love your videos.. I have learned so much and applied the lessons to my etsy shops. Thank You. If I can request a video. Can you do another video about using promoted listings – auto 1 cents. its been 6 weeks with great results.. can I or should I increase the auto cpc to a higher cpc or do I just focus on improving my seo on erank. (which I am doing but I have over 700 listings…so its taking a while.) If I increased my auto cpc to 2 cents or 3 cents would I get more impressions/clicks or is it based more so on SEO only and therefore I should just leave my promoted listings on auto at 1 cents? (I do have a few custom promoted listings set at a higher cpc at 6 cents) thanks in advance. take care Katie

  3. Pam Duthie Post author

    For an in depth look at my best Etsy SEO secrets try this video


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