Etsy SEO 2019, 2020 and beyond

By | October 17, 2019

Etsy SEO and how to get ready for
the future hey I’m Pam Duthie and I have been an
Etsy seller for 11 years almost now so I’m here with the tips and tricks that
helped me grow my channel and right now we’re in the middle of a series on SEO
on etsy so if that’s something you’re interested in don’t forget to stay to
the end and check out the other videos in this playlist but today we want to
talk about how to prepare for the future the only thing that is constant is
change things change they always do and they
always will and we can either sit around and cry about it or we can expect it’s
get ready for it stay on top of it ride the wave and do better and better and
this is a little secret tip just between you and me over the 11 years I’ve been
on Etsy there has been several changes I won’t deny it
sometimes I have sat back and cried about it a bit complained about it but
whenever I’ve knuckled down learnt about the changes worked with them every
single time my shop has grown out the other end so change is not a bad thing
in fact is awesome that Etsy are constantly trying to keep up with things
constantly testing to see what’s working and train to improve things themselves
it’s what we should all be doing and we should be happy that Etsy is always
trained to do better okay it’s a bit of a pain when things change and you’ve got
to learn them but that’s life so one of the most important ways to
keep current with Etsy is to keep an eye on their articles
it’s the unlike many other platforms in the past few years have been really
great keeping as updated with things like their ultimate guide to SEO they
tell us what they’re looking for they have experts from their teams come in
and create articles explaining what they’re looking for so if they’re giving
us this information so it seems rather daft if we don’t try try and pay
attention to this information and not only that but we have the chance to
message Etsy if you want to you can contact Etsy now they can’t give you
exact answers to certain questions what can I do to rank they can’t tell you
what can I do that might possibly help me
rank is a better question but the more specific a question you ask them ask
just one narrow topic they might be able to help you out they may give slightly
vague answers you might have to read between the lines but the people there
are there to help you so if you’re stuck on something don’t be afraid to ask
directly from the horse’s mouth another great place you can stay on top of
things and get inspired and get ideas is groups now I’m not gonna lie
the Etsy forums are not too great just now they redesigned them and yeah not
many people like them but Facebook groups are pretty awesome I’m gonna
completely recommend a ranked group if you’re not on it I’ll put links below
and of course Pam Duthies crafty friends my little
group if you want to join any of those there’s good discussions and lots of
help there one thing to be really careful of is there’s lots of groups out
there but you want to make sure that you join groups that are giving good advice
that are giving advice based on best practices from Etsy and they’re not just
an echo chamber of negativity I get it when things change then you’re having a
bad day you want to sit and complain about it but it doesn’t do anyone any
good to be sitting just saying this has changed this is terrible
everyone let’s hold hands and complain to the gods of Etsy what you want to
do is be able to say something’s happened what has changed what can I do
about it so look for the more positive groups and the more evidence-driven
groups rather than just people making up ideas of what they think it can also
really help to keep up to date with technology what’s going on in the world
now Etsy has moved on to a Google based sort of search engine a couple of years
ago they purchased a Google type search engine so if you keep an eye at where
Google’s going it sees likely to follow certain technologies like Google can now
identify what pictures are to an extent they’re not perfect so this is something
that we might expect in the future from Etsy
so it’s a really important thing to make sure that your photographs are clearly
what they say they are and we can actually check on this this can be kind
of amusing if on your listing you right-click on your picture from a PC if
you right click and go to search Google for image this can actually give you a
fun idea of what Google thinks your image is sometimes it’s really
frightening ly spot-on sometimes it’s miles away so if your
picture isn’t quite so clear about what your item is then that might be
something to think of for in the future now at the moment I don’t think Etsy is
looking at our pictures like that but it’s something that could happen in the
future and also it helps if it’s super clear what the image is then that helps
for buyers any way they want to see what your item is not so much beautifully
artistic fluff that you can’t even tell what it is that the item is that you’re
supposed to be looking for and also look into things like as eetzi increases the
resolution the size you’re allowed pictures to be if they make your change
like this think about getting in in front and making sure that your listings
are the size they tell it tell them you to be check that your banners and
thumbnail pictures are actually the size they tell you because as they up
technology as they up the quality of things you can put up there who knows
they might actually prefer the items that follow their rules over the small
greeny pictures so importantly keep a look out and your stats this is the
biggest thing that you’ve got if things die off
however we look and see what’s happening our terms that used to be super searched
for not being searched for so much anymore do you need to tweak things
because buyers are changing our trends changing keep an eye out on
announcements for the year’s colors the year’s trends what’s selling well what
craftspeople are in to see what’s coming up and see don’t just jump on all the
trends willy-nilly but see if your shop can fit into that tree into that trend
and check out that competition see where you’re ranking and regularly check
that you’re ranking where you think you were ranking the if you’ve gone up or
going down you can track things like this on-ear
ank again so pop over to e ranked comm set yourself up with a free account
there and you can use the rank checker to find out where you to find out
roughly where you’re ranking on eetzi and if you’re starting to drop down in
the rankings maybe it’s time to work a little bit on improving that SEO
improving the pictures see how your prices and everything compared to all
the other listings on that page and make sure I not have all of your eat see
items focused all in on the one thing okay it’s good you find keywords that
are working for you you found a way to make listings that are working for you
but don’t have them all exactly the same one thing is to think of what might be
coming up for example if your keyword stuffy titles are working just now don’t
change those ones leave them alone but we know that eetzi is mentioning a lot
about having short titles so how about some of the newer listings that you’re
making focusing in on the shorter titles focusing in on a different way of doing
SEO then if things suddenly change if your best items suddenly fall off the
map you’ve got some completely different ones that might have been bubbling away
not doing too great that might step in and take over I found this to happen
several times when some of my top listings get hit with a neat C flip when
eat C changes things up to give other items a chance thankfully I had some
other guys waiting in the wings so when the one item went off the front
page there was another one with kind of different SEO that hit the front page so
I’ve not got hurt so badly with an easy flip because my items are not all eggs
in one basket and finally super super important is set up ways to contact your
superfans your followers off of Etsy I’m not talking about some kind of spamming
campaign but if you can create for example a Facebook group or a page a
mailing list Instagram page any of these things where you
followers are going to be able to find you then if the worst happens and you
fall off the map on eat see or even worse let’s face it it could happen that
your shops shut down due to a mistake well then at least you have a way to get
in touch with some of your followers so not having all the eggs in one basket
make sure you don’t have all your followers just in one place work on
branching out a little bit don’t spend way too much effort on
building up obviously your focus is on making your shop awesome but this is a
little something different as well okay so if you want to see the rest of
the videos in this playlist have a click on the card there and don’t forget
subscribe and come back often for more videos thank you so much

8 thoughts on “Etsy SEO 2019, 2020 and beyond

  1. Lina Koh Post author

    Hej lovely Pam! So happy to get a notification from you thank you for always taking the trouble to share your experience and advice… its the weekend well sort of.. till than x

  2. Pam Duthie Post author

    eRank group on facebook is here. Check it out and tell them I sent you

  3. lilya lilya Post author

    Hello pretty Pam thanks for advising but why I didn't have sellers yet on my shop can you give me a solution please

  4. Tatty Treasure Post author

    Agree its good that there always changing that's life nothing stays the same. Great video pam im a bit out the loop having the second shop and still working part time im exhausted but sales are great ☺

  5. Ruth Andrews - Crafting While the Baby Naps Post author

    Always full of good advice Pam!

  6. Ashley Bowles Post author

    I'm looking for your Facebook group.

  7. ArtistRebeccaLS ___________________________ Post author

    Totally 😱 after hearing the first paragraph

    I use Erank and it says I’m A which is. Good but if I don’t use all 13 tags it rates me as like a G grade……

    I want to work with Etsy but I don’t find the SEO easy at all and I know no one does but going into month 3 and no sales is frustrating for me as a new Etsy seller.

    I have read the Etsy handbook for sellers and it’s very hard to understand for me regarding SEO

    I don’t use Facebook – I’m on Instagram – twitter , Youtube 😊

    Ummmmmm it’s confusing (God’s of Etsy 🤣)

    Ummm what I mean is that youtube has sellers/SEO help videos which say the opposite of the Etsy community……

    The tags are very difficult for someone like me as I’m a traditional artist – original art, pumpkin recipes as in illustrated recipes – but in 30 days 1 search for pumpkin recipes…….

    But some days the 30 days stats say I’ve had 1,000 views and 600 visits…….

    Ummmm I’ve been told to have long tags with no commas……. and it’s better to repeat words…….

    Thank you for creating your helpful videos of which I’m going to try to implement 😊👍


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