Erank and Marmalead: are they worth it?

By | August 27, 2019

Erank and Marmalead are the two tools
you’ll hear about a lot as you develop your SEO strategy on Etsy, but they actually can help you do
much more than that. With that said, the free versions of both of these tools
are limited and upgrading to the full version does cost money – money that you
might not be swimming in as you’re just getting started. So, is it
worth it? Let’s dive in. Hi, I’m Deb and I’m the
founder of, a membership community
for handmade shop owners. Today we’re taking a look at whether
tools like Marmalead and Erank are really worth your money. But we can’t mention these tools without
mentioning Etsy SEO or search engine optimization as that’s what
they are designed to help
you with – although that’s not all they can do –
more on that in a minute. So if you’re not 100% clear on exactly
what Etsy SEO is or if you need help with it, I have a free Etsy SEO 101 guide and
checklist that I will list just below this video and that I recommend you download
just so you’re sure to have a solid understanding of how the Etsy
algorithm actually works. To keep it short, here’s what an
SEO strategy process looks like: to optimize your listings
for the Etsy search engine, you have to first decide on a strategy
which is going to include brainstorming ideas for potential keywords that you
could use and then picking the right keywords from that
brainstorming list. Second, you’re going to have
to actually implement, meaning making changes to
your listings. Finally, you’re going to need to wait to
see which keywords are working, not working and which ones are
showing up in your Etsy stats. This is so that you can repeat
the process all over again, tweaking and improving it with
better or new keywords along the way, making sure that you are
meticulously tracking your results. Are you exhausted just thinking about
this? Because I sure am. To say the least, optimizing your listing can be quite a
tedious task and most of the time you really just take a bet on which
keywords you think are going to work. Yes, you might hit the
jackpot the first time, but it could also take you months to
figure out what the best combination of keywords and tags is going to be for you. That’s when Marmalead and/or
Erank come into the picture. They might not be necessary to get
your products in front of shoppers successfully, but they can make the task a lot faster
and a lot easier by giving you access to the data and the insights that you need
to build an effective strategy for your listing from the get go. Here are a
few things that they can help you do. They can help you in your brainstorming
activities and help you find keywords and tags you might not have otherwise
thought of with the list of related tags, related searches, synonyms, and other
keyword tools. I’m sure you’ve been there: you’re trying to brainstorm keywords for
your shop and you keep thinking about the same ones and can’t
seem to find new ones. This is when those brainstorming
tools are super, super useful. They can also help you find keywords
that people are actually searching for on Etsy, based on real Etsy
visitors’ data and shoppers’ data; and they can compare their
search volume and engagement. This is going to save you a lot of trial
and error by answering the question: is this a good keyword to target –
with a low volume of competition, high engagement – or
should I find another one? They can also help you audit your current
listings and give you SEO scores so that you’re not missing on an opportunity
to optimize your listings further. This is based on Etsy guidelines and
they’re going to give you a quick overview of what you’ve done well so far and what
you can improve to make sure that your listings show up in front of
as many people as possible. They can also help you understand your
market and competition better with price range and shipping fee analysis
for a specific keyword; so what’s the average listing price, how many listings are offering
free shipping for that keyword, what is the average shipping
cost for that keyword… They also allow you to strategically
time product launches and promotions. How do they do that? They do that by helping you understand
what keywords are performing best depending on the month of the year,
depending on the season we’re in, so you can time your launches when they
are likely to make you the most sales because you know that this is when
people are actively looking for those keywords. Finally, they can also help you with your product
development research and validating your ideas when you’re thinking about
new products or new future collections that you want to create. This is helpful because they help you
figure out ahead of time if a new product idea has good potential, so good
search volume, little competition, good engagement; or if it might not really be
worth creating that product
because not many people are actually looking for that keyword. These are what I would consider to
be the most valuable features of both Marmalead and Erank. Of course you might want to test those
two different platforms and see which one you like most and compare
their specific features. But they really offer much more than
just SEO data and they can truly help you step up your game by allowing you to
build an SEO strategy that’s solid and to make decisions that are based
on data rather than guesses. So in the end, I really do
believe these tools are helpful; and this isn’t one of those videos
where I’m like, “by the way, my affiliate link is
just below this video”. I do not make money if you go and purchase
something from Erank or Marmalead. This is my honest opinion,
this is what I think, because I think that yes, there
is a cost to those services, but it can easily be covered by the
sales that it’s going to help you make. You should really be considering this
as an investment for your handmade business because the data is going
to help you make better decisions. And maybe more importantly, it’s going to help you make the
right decision much quicker, and saving time is what we’re all about
out here. Now, before I’ll let you go, one last very important tip. I truly believe that Marmalead
and Erank are incredible tools, but you shouldn’t lose your common
sense when you are using them. I’d like to recommend you watch a super
short video I’ve recorded about the number one mistake I see makers
who use these tools make, and that’s costing them a lot
of traffic and a lot of sales. I don’t want this to happen to
you, so make sure you take a look. I’ll put a link below
this video to that one. And also don’t forget to download your
free Etsy SEO guide as well – the link is below the video. If you like this video, make sure to like and
subscribe to my channel. I release a new video every Tuesday, always with the goal to help you start
and grow a successful shop. Bye guys.

4 thoughts on “Erank and Marmalead: are they worth it?

  1. Julie Wodock Post author

    Hi! I have dabbled with the free version of eRank just a little so far, and I found it useful right away. It flagged a few misspellings in my listings as well as any that were missing tags. 🙂

  2. annette Y Post author

    I've used both with the free version. You can still get a lot out of erank with the free version. Marmalead gives you a free trial period when you sign up and I used that to it's full potential. LoL Both are great sources and help me out constantly.

  3. Tranquil Planner Post author

    I'm not seeing the link to the video you recommended. Do you have it?


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