Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Song Seungheon, Lee Jungjae, Kim Huiae (2015.08.21)

By | November 24, 2019

Hello, everyone. This is Shin Hyunjoon on Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Lee Dahee. It’s the first day of autumn. The weather will start to get colder. But it’s still a heat wave and it’s very hot. Viewers, please take care of yourselves. – Stay healthy. / – Be careful. How do actresses take care of themselves in such hot weather? Are you curious about our skin care? Or the secret to my perfect skin? Goodness… – I have no interest in your skin. / – I see… If you’re out in the sun a lot in summer, your body and your face gets hot, right? It’s good to put something cold on your skin then. That’ll stop your skin from going red. – Something cold? / – Yes. Hyunjoon, you have red skin and liver spots. You should take care of your skin. Honey, please prepare something cold for me. I’ll be home early. Yun Jiyeon and Kim Saengmin have the first reports. Yes, let’s begin. It’s the news that shocked Korea and China. Song Seungheon and Liu Yifei are dating! I met with Song Seungheon in person. You must all be curious… He’s busy promoting his latest film. That interview in just a minute. I bring you the weekly entertainment news. It’s Entertainment Hot Click. We have lots of good news this week. First, Won Bin and Lee Nayoung are having a baby. Congratulations. And I was there in person today. Park Hyunbin had his wedding. He’s so… Yes, Park Hyunbin. Let’s check it out now. Viewers, I’m getting married! This was August 8. Park Hyunbin has finally gotten married! Let’s go meet him now. You look even younger now. Since it’s your wedding day. Yes, I put some effort into it. No matter how hard it gets, I get good sleep. But I couldn’t sleep last night. I’m not this nervous when I perform on stage. I was really nervous… And it’s different to work. It’s a first… Yes, of course it’s a first. Please tell us about your bride. She’s 4 years younger than me. She majored in Korean dance. Goodness… So she’s always on stage. Like me. Korean dance and Korean trot. You’re right. He got married after 5 years of dating. We met his bride before the wedding. She was so beautiful. And there were so many reporters. They’re overflowing with love. What’s the best thing about your husband? He has a great personality. Correct. It’s my personality. We’d like to know how the bride is feeling. – How do you feel? / – I’m just… – Nervous? / – Yes. She’s very nervous. I guess she doesn’t trust me yet. She’s nervous. Something that you’d like your husband to do. He’s perfect right now… What made you fall for your wife? If you have to think so hard… – Her smile is beautiful. / – Her smile? I like dancers. – And? / – We have lots of dancers today. I’m going to take a photo with them all. Just me and 40 dancers. You’re the best singer. Do you ever remember singing for just one person? Just us two? Not yet… What will you sing if you’re just with her? ‘Just trust me’ That’s all I have. – Yeah… / – Today… ‘I’ll hold you for the rest of our lives’ He’s funny, isn’t he? There were many celebrities to congratulate Park Hyunbin’s wedding. Lee Yoonji, his cousin, was there too. I hope they’re happy. We welcome the new member to our family. We don’t know how much was in there but Hyun Sook was there with the wedding gift money. I haven’t gotten married yet… I hope they have a beautiful life. Congratulations. He’s younger than me but he’s getting married before me so I’m jealous. When do you plan on getting married? You should. I hope it’s before I turn 40. What does Shinji add? I doubt that will happen. I hope they live happily. Congratulations. Make sure you have a good first night… And kill 2 birds with 1 stone and get a son and daughter. And raise them well. You can do it! Hong Kyungmin who got married last year… The legend of trot, Nam Jin… And the eldest guest, Song Hae… They all wished him well. I hope he has a peaceful married life and raises his family well. I hope you have a good life. Congratulations. Many people congratulated them on their wedding. They’re going to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Then they’ll settle in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do. We have to ask about your plans for children. We haven’t planned anything yet… But I’ve told her what I’d like. I’d like to keep at it until I have sons and daughters. I wanted daughters and sons. You must do a video letter for your wife. What do you normally call them after marriage? – Darling. / – Darling? What would you like for your background music? “Shabang Shabang.” Honey. I’m a little embarrassed. Let’s have a happy and good life. I love you. We hope you have a dazzling life. Be happy! Such a sweet couple. Congratulations. We have some unbelievable news. Top star couple Won Bin and Lee Nayoung will become parents! They had a fairytale wedding in Gangwon-do. On August 3, they announced that Lee Nayoung was pregnant. Lee Nayoung and Won Bin will be having a baby. They’ve been blessed by many and are thankful. They said that they wanted to have children quickly when they got married. Looks like their wish came true. Let’s, the three of us, hug. In just 3 months after the wedding, they’ve succeeded with the pregnancy. Won Bin was chosen as the no. 1 future fool for a daughter. What was the reason? It was because of the amazing way he looked when he was with Kim Saeron from “The Man from Nowhere.” He’s so well-mannered. And he has sweet eyes. He’ll definitely love his daughter. They were both born with good looks. Many people wonder what their child will look like. We took a look at how they might turn out. So beautiful and cute. It’s not time to think so simply about it. That’s right. You must work very hard now. We’re looking forward to their future work. We promise to show a more mature couple through future works. I’m really excited… Please take interest and cheer us on. Thank you. Congratulations on the pregnancy. And we hope you have a healthy birth. I’ll make sure to make it more fun next time. I’ll prepare lots of stories. And he did return with a big story. Surprise dating news! Still for me… Not just still but forever, love comes first. The girl that’s captivated Song Seungheon’s heart is Chinese actress Liu Yifei. The birth of an amazing couple. A Chinese media source was the first to break the news about the two dating. The report showed photos of the two getting in the same car and heading to Liu Yifei’s vacation house. Song Seungheon has even met her parents. That’s how serious they are. The news reached Korea right after and Song Seungheon’s agency admitted that the news was true in just 1 hour. They did add that they haven’t met the parents yet. Liu Yifei also admitted that it was true after the report got out. They have an 11-year age difference. What did Song Seungheon fall for? When I was younger, I liked sexier women. Now that I’m older, I prefer the innocent image. I guess it’d be good if they had both. Have you dated one of your movie partners in real life? To be honest, there was a girl that I had interest in. last year and developed feelings for each other. After they admitted to the news, photos that foreshadowed their relationship were to be found. 3 years ago in 2012… They met at an award ceremony in China and they looked really awkward. Then 2 years later, they became closer after being cast in the same movie. Song Seungheon used to keep his hands off her. But he doesn’t hold back in the kissing scenes. They even celebrated each other’s birthdays. On Song Seungheon’s birthday, Liu Yifei sang for him. Then at an award ceremony in June, they arrived looking like a couple. They look good together. I’d get married tomorrow if I found the right woman. We hope you have a great relationship. Just imagining it feels good. I won’t date in public. My wedding will be a surprise. I had an interview with Song Seungheon, a man in love! He has the sweetest eyes in the world. He the man you want to marry, Song Seungheon! How are you? – Hello. / – Nice to meet you. We hear you’ve had a secret wedding. That you’re Haneul’s dad. You shocked me. There must be a wedding photo of me. That was on the net. That turned into a report about my actual wedding. – Online… / – In China? Yes. So it wasn’t about your movie? It was an unrelated wedding photo? Yes, it was just a wedding photoshoot. Then rumors got out that I got married. Son, did you sleep well? Song Seungheon has returned as a father of two. In the movie “Wonderful Nightmare,” that is. He transforms into a man that only has eyes for his wife and that’s making headlines. Wait a minute… You’ve been in many melodramas… But it’s your first role as a father… I get a girl pregnant when I’m 20 and I have a daughter in junior high and a son in kindergarten. It’s my first time playing such a role. Seo Shinae keeps calling me dad and I have to treat them like my children. After she calls me dad and the scene ends, her face goes red. So I asked why. And she said it was awkward to call me dad. I found it strange too. You’ve experienced a pretend married life through this movie. Did it destroy your fantasy about married life in any way? Marrying someone you love… And being with them all day long would be so great. But it seems that’s not always the case. – If you hear from others? / – Being realistic… I still do have that fantasy about married life. You’re not going to announce some surprise news about a wedding, are you? My wedding will be a surprise. Really? But you won’t go public about your relationship? If I get caught, then I can’t help it. But I’m against dating in public. We’ll make sure to get the news somehow. But then on August 5. He got caught dating Chinese actress Liu Yifei. If I do get married, I’ll probably do it very quietly. Just like Won Bin? I actually thought that was a great idea. A time for just the two of them and their closest people. Going on a trip somewhere, or somewhere quiet. If you do get married, please tell us at least. – Are we thinking too far ahead. / – No, no. – He looks annoyed. / – Okay… We had a look at Song Seungheon’s private life through social media. First photo. In the bath tub. A long time ago… – Why are you stuttering? / – No, no. It was right after shooting a fighting scene on a rainy day. Some fans asked why I overdid it so much. So I had to wonder… Most men say that they look best straight after a shower. I guess so. That could be the case. This… I guess I get to see myself naked after a shower… You’re so lucky. What’s so lucky about seeing my own body? Do you ever get impressed at your own body? Never. Why would I? What do you mean? It’s because you have such a hot body. He has the hottest abs. Such a difference to Jo Chunghyeon. Some people say you go to China so often to visit the plastic surgeon. Why would I go to China for plastic surgery? Have you seen this? This Chinese guy has gone to countless plastic surgeons in Guangzhou to look like you. But he doesn’t look like you, right? Maybe it’s the photo but… But he looks handsome. After your last interview… Did you read the comments? Many guys wrote that you’re hot and you make their hearts throb. And that you don’t age. When it comes to taking care of myself… I go to the dermatologist 4 times a week. I use 3 to 4 facial masks. And get massages 5 times a week. That’s about it. I don’t take too much care of myself. I’m here to promote “Wonderful Nightmare.” Come and watch it for some good laughs and a moving story. Please check it out in cinemas in August. Please support “Wonderful Nightmare.” Thank you. We’ll look forward to Song Seungheon’s acting. See you at the movies. We look forward to Song Seungheon’s movie. We hope you have a great relationship with Liu Yifei. Won Bin and Lee Nayoung will be parents. I’m jealous. Congratulations. Congratulations. A lot of celebrities these days… Are dating other celebrities and getting married. There are a lot. What do you think will happen with you? – I’m really curious. / – Hyunjoon. Yes? I’ve been an MC here for a while now, right? You can’t fool me. I don’t have a boyfriend! Director, she didn’t fall for it. Sorry. – Jisook. / – Yes? Is Hyunjoon always so curious about other people’s love life? He’s always like that. I’m sorry. I think he’s getting worse. He seems strange. Yes… Stay away from him. I interviewed multi-talented Lim Changjung, and Choi Daniel, who has a sweet voice… And Im Eungyeong, who has returned with a movie after 11 years. They have a really refreshing movie for the summer. What could it be? Let’s check it out now. This isn’t coming from my mouth. My mouth isn’t moving. The expert at comical acting, Lim Changjung. This is coming from my mouth. The random but charming guy, Choi Daniel. I’m Im Eungyeong. Im Eungyeong returns after an 11-year hiatus. The best combination of actors is here… In a summer comedy hit! The interview was as funny as the movie. Check it out now. A refreshing movie like a digestive pill that clears up 10 years of indigestion. The leads of “Untouchable Lawmen” are here. Nice to meet you. Hello, nice to meet you. – Hello. / – Nice to meet you. You talk like you’ve seen the movie already. I have. – Very good. / – I watched it in my dreams. It’s your first movie in 11 years. What made you choose this movie? Being able to work with great actors Lim Changjung and Choi Daniel was enough to make me return to movies. Were they good to you? – Yes! / – You are the only girl. Yes, they were really good to me. I bought Eungyeong lots of good food. We met privately. I bought her a present for her birthday. I was trying to hit on her. But I failed. You’re amazing. “Untouchable Lawmen” is a movie that will relieve you of all your stresses this summer. The trailer has many people eager to see it. Intermittent explosive disorder. What did you say you had earlier? Hyper sexual disorder. What’s that? Whenever I see criminals, I can’t help but beat them. But whenever he sees women, he can’t but… What was that? A shocking revelation. Sorry for revealing Choi Daniel’s personal life… Our hands are touching for too long… Please add some music for when our hands were touching. Sure. What are you doing with two girls in front of you? You can see Choi Daniel naked. From the back? The front is blurred out. I mean it. It’s the first time I’ve had my privates exposed but covered for a drama or movie. It really suits you. I’m going to watch that scene repeatedly. What is a memorable scene? There’s a scene where I fight with Jang Gwang. But there was miscommunication with the director. When the camera shoots his foot, he has to stomp hard. But when it shoots his face, he doesn’t have to stomp on me. But when the camera was here, he did it softly. Then when they shot his face… “Die! Die!” This is the scene that Changjung was talking about. He really got stomped on. He kept kicking the same spot. He was too into it. – You only kick this part. / – He suffered so much. Jang Gwang suddenly goes… “Man, why does my ankle hurt so much?” We said enough about the film so let’s talk about fun stuff. In order to get a more honest interview… This is a great photo of Im Eungyeong. I can take this one home, right? Yes, use it as a fan. The person you’d want to introduce your younger sibling to. 3. Changjung got no votes. So nothing for you. No votes for me… What that means is… They don’t want me but don’t want anyone else to have me. Just telling me to live alone. Why did you choose yourselves? Just… She means there’s no need for words. You two aren’t upset, are you? Please smile, you two. (Why can’t you smile?) If you had to choose between these two… – These two right here? / – Yes. Who would you date? If you had to choose one. Normally they’d say, “You mean these two?” But Eungyeong goes, “You mean these humans?” Eungyeong’s going to cry at this rate. 1, 2, 3. Who did she choose? – Congratulations. / – Me? You’re smiling bitterly. You’re smiling bitterly. Changjung really holds a grudge. My face is really red, is it? Yes! In the end, she just goes for the handsome guy. Was it really because of looks? Yeah, guys need to be handsome. Okay, let’s end it there. Since you don’t have any panels. No, let’s do one more. Should we do one more? One more? Last one? It won’t be fun anymore. It’s ruined. There is no law against having your personal preference about what to laugh at. That’s not a crime. Laugh a lot. We look forward to these three actors in “Untouchable Lawmen.” I’ll make sure to watch it. We look forward to it. I think it’ll be good. I’m sorry, I have something important tomorrow… The original fairy that became a talented actor, Eugene. And the handsome Lee Sangwoo who will be her perfect partner. Yes! And veteran actors have come together to tell a story about mothers and children. The new KBS weekend drama “All About My Mom.” We were there on set. The first day of the studio shooting… They had a cake cutting instead of shaman offering. We had an interview with the two leads. Hello. – Hello. / – Nice to meet you. Please greet the Entertainment Weekly viewers. Hello, it’s been a long time. I’m Eugene. I’m greeting you through “All About My Mom.” I’m Lee Sangwoo. Nice to meet you. Did you like S.E.S or Fin.K.L? – For me… / – Let me listen. I like RAINBOW. I liked them both. But if I had to pick… I liked Park Jiyoon. What? An insult to the seven of them. I don’t think you get the question. S.E.S or Fin.K.L? I liked S.E.S more. This was the rehearsal. Eugene and Lee Sangwoo still looked nervous. But these two were so relaxed. Their rehearsal is like the real thing. You feel like my mom after hugging you. They really seemed like a couple. This is your third drama with Ko Dusim. We have a connection. My mother-in-law, mother, now mother-in-law. How about your lover next time? – A younger guy older girl couple. / – Yeah. Kim Misuk, who plays your mother thought that. How is Lee Sangwoo different to your real son? I feel more like his lover than mom. (Embarrassed) That’s what it feels like. – So… / – I see. I told him not to look at me like a lover. Let’s confirm. I’d get the wrong idea if you looked at me like that. She actually told me that a few times. She asked why I look at her like that. She does feel like a lover and a mom. – Even in the drama. / – Yeah. The topic of this drama is motherhood. Motherhood must mean a great deal to you now. She became a mother this year. Her husband, Ki Taeyeong, revealed photos of their daughter, Rohui. – She must’ve grown a lot. / – When she was born… People asked whether it was boy or girl. But now she looks like a girl. She’s grown a lot. She talks and sings. – Oh, really? / – Yes. Taeyeong said he’d like her to take after you. She looks just like her dad. – Really? / – Yes. He must be happy about it. He really likes it. She’ll be pretty no matter who she takes after. S.E.S was reborn this year and made headlines. But many people were upset because Eugene couldn’t take part. You were pregnant with Rohui at the time… It was a shame because that was my spot but I couldn’t be there. How was it? Seohyun did such a great job though. From far away, I was like, “What am I doing there?” Her hairstyle and everything was so alike. It was a shame but I enjoyed it. It was good. Sangwoo, you’re known for stealing women’s hearts. This hasn’t been paused. He’s thinking about why that’s the case. Is it my height? It’s a height that women like. I think I know why. You make women want to do things for you. You make women want your favor. I think that’s your charm. – You’ve stolen her heart. / – That doesn’t last long. It gets frustrating over time. After a short while. If you had to express “All About My Mom” in one sentence… It’s something that many mothers and daughters can laugh and cry about as they watch. It’s a healthy drama. – Healthy drama? / – Yes. Why? He makes you give him your attention somehow. It has a healthy feeling. You’ll see. He does get frustrating. How can you make me so anxious already? Please cheer on our mothers. I know that Entertainment Weekly always does a great job of promoting our dramas. (Please watch it) I love you. A new drama to warm your hearts. “All About My Mom” will air next week. There’s a man that always changes overnight. Man, woman, child, elderly… And even a foreigner. Every time Ujin wakes up, he’s a different person. There’s a woman that he loves… And Isu is the girl that Ujin loves. Isu… Can you not talk down to me? It’s a fantasy, romance, melodrama. The four leads of “The Beauty Inside.” “The Beauty Inside” is like me. Why? It has a fresh feel unseen till now. (Laughing) Does your body change in the morning? How does it change? My face was this small yesterday. But after the company dinner, my face is this swollen. Maybe it’s because I live at Isu Station but I really like Isu. – Must he do that? / – Please say something. Such a forced connection. His face is red. – Your face has gone red. / – It’s changing now. Please play the role of Ujin next time. Shall I? Oh, she touched my body! I’ll get excited if you do that. 123 actors were cast for the role of Ujin. And you’re the 3 representatives? Rather than representatives… It’s just hard to interview all 123 people. So whoever could make it… – So they had time in their schedules? / – Yes. You have Japanese actress, Juri Ueno, in it too. If there’s a line on an A4 piece of paper… She’s covered the entire paper with notes. Look at my notes. Kind of like me, right? Much more than this. You have so much hair here. I can see it from back here. I keep looking at it now. She’s fallen for my charm. Geez. Woohee likes it. Woohee’s fallen for your charm. – Am I okay? / – I’m okay. Why is she so happy? I gave her a wink. I think she needs tissues. – Why do that? / – Please stop drawing me in. You shot kissing scenes with 21 people playing Ujin. I met them for the first time and… “Hello, nice to meet you.” “Okay, let’s kiss.” “The Beauty Inside” has a really unique kiss scene. Hyojoo kissed 21 actors. Incredible, right? There was a waiting room for all the Ujin characters. We were waiting for our turn. It was really awkward, getting makeup done… “Oh, are you done?” “Is it my turn next?” The most satisfied person was Kim Daemyung! I’m very thankful for being an actor. There was a story with Sangho. It’s kissing as he approaches. Walking towards me… He kept walking towards me… But I kept clenching my fists. You’re supposed to kiss the lips. But he kissed his hair. – It was soft. / – Soft… It was a new experience for me. If you had to pick the best Ujin? Yoo Yeonseok, Chun Woohee, Park Seojun. That’s correct. It’s good that I came today. I had nothing else to do. Are you that free? – Want to have lunch with me? / – No, no. – No, no. / – Oh, you’re not that free. Okay then… Moving on. – Let’s change this awkwardness… / – So sudden. We’ll do a yes or no interview. You’ve wished that you would change after you woke up. To who? Rather than a specific person… Could it be me? Let’s try that again. – I feel sorry for Chunghyeon. / – I’m sorry. I’m older than you but I’m sorry. – No, no. / – I’m sorry. You’re good but your beard grows too fast. – Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind. / – Okay, got it. I wouldn’t mind being a man. I think that could be fun. A real macho guy. With lots of hair. No, not that. Have you ever talked to someone of the opposite sex that you’ve met for the first time? 1, 2, 3. Maybe twice. I like being honest. Saying like, “I’ll regret it if I don’t talk to you.” “Can I get your number?” – Be honest. / – He’s honest. Amazing. Hyojoo, you had no makeup and just sunglasses on. Then a guy… I thought he was hot. So what did you do? Do you always go around without makeup now? Yes, every day. I stand at the crossing for no reason. There must be a spot. Is it the intersection at Isu Station? Tell us one thing each about “The Beauty Inside” that makes it a truly unique movie. There are many great and handsome actors. I was going to say that. I think we’re all similar. Pass. Good, you can pass. – Pass. / – Pass! Pass. There are very many… (He talked too much so we fast forwarded it) It’s a beautiful melodrama. I think everything will get edited out except, “it’s a beautiful melodrama.” So finally… “The Beauty Inside.” Please come and watch it. We hope it’s a big hit! We hope it’s a big hit. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The viewers have waited for this so long. Wondering whether he’ll keep this promise. I knew he’d keep his promise. He’s a great guy. It’s the representative actor of Korea. Who could it be? Let’s meet him through the screen. On August 8, the movie with a star-studded cast, “Assassination” reached 8.15 million accumulated viewers in just 17 days after premiering. The lead, Lee Jungjae, made a promise with us. Do you remember it? What promise can you make just for Entertainment Weekly if your movie does well? What did he say? I’ll visit you on set. (Amazing) We’ll keep you to your word. I’ll visit the set and promote “Assassination” again. We’ll give you around $200 for travel expenses. Okay! The actor we love has kept his promise! He’s here right now! We invite Lee Jungjae who kept his promise. Lee Jungjae! Lee Jungjae! Lee Jungjae! Hello. He kept his promise. In the 6 years I’ve been on this show, this is the loudest welcome I’ve ever seen. You’re really handsome. You’re always so cool. I’ve only seen you in movies or private settings… How does it feel seeing me at work? How is my workplace? I’ve only ever seen this on TV… I always thought you did a good job as MC… But now that I’m here, you almost seem like family. – Right? / – Yes. I hope you stay here for a long time. – Right? / – We want it! Lee Jungjae said that if over 8.15 million people watch his movie, he’d visit us on set. And he actually kept his promise. I’d like to know if you regret making that promise. This is live on a Saturday. Do you hate Kim Taejin for it? Being on a live show in the studio… – It’s been a long time, right? / – It’s been so long… It’s been such a long time so I’m nervous. I’m thankful that 8.15 million have watched the film. I wanted to thank them for that. I think it’s great. And you always visit me for interviews so it’s great to see you here. – For us… / – Give me a pat on the head. How lucky! – Me too. / – Me too! Pat me too! He’s a true representative actor of Korea and he’s kept his promise. So we have to keep our promise too. You’ll get 30 seconds for those that haven’t seen “Assassination” yet. You can promote it for 30 seconds. What kind of movie is it? How do you do? – Korea… / – He’s in character. Hello to all the people that love Korean films. I’m Lee Jungjae, the lead of “Assassination.” The movie is set between 1920 and 1940… Your 30 seconds are up. 30 seconds are up? Okay. All of your movies are box office hits. I’m curious about something. What’s the most important thing when you decide to do a movie? The script? Director? Or pay? They’re all important. You’re honest. I do think about the pay as well. How about with “Assassination?” This time the fact that I worked on “The Thieves” with Director Choi Donghun played a big factor since I’ve worked with him for a long time. And the script itself was really good. When it comes to movies, not every scene makes the cut. There were some deleted scenes but even they were so great. There were so many great scenes. So I guess the script, the director and the pay… He’s honest. Movies always put a lot of demand on our bodies. What was the toughest thing with shooting “Assassination?” The toughest thing was playing my character from his 20s to his 60s. I had to become 20 years younger for the 20s then become 20 years older for the 60s role. I had to act but act like I’m not acting. So that was a little difficult. We’ve seen you in many movies but it’s been a long time since you’ve been in a drama. There are viewers who want to see you in dramas. So do you have any plans to be in one? Well, I was in a drama with you… You remember. She was really curious. About whether you’d remember her. She was really curious. You were on that cable channel where you played a movie director recently. So meticulous. Thank you, senior. I saw it. So do you have any plans to be in dramas? Well, I still get requests to do dramas and I read scripts and talk to producers. It’s your day off today but you came to keep your promise. What were you doing before this? I’m shooting a Chinese film these days. Oh, you’re shooting another film? We’re shooting in Korea at the moment. I came out in the middle of shooting that. – A Chinese film? / – Yes. We’re really looking forward to that too. Lee Jungjae, how much did you weigh in “Sandglass?” I think I was around 72kg. And now? I’m around 70kg now. What’s the secret to keeping a good figure for so long? Tell us honestly. When I was younger, all I had to do was exercise. Now I have to diet as well. If I don’t, I gain weight. So I control what I eat a lot. When actors get together dieting is something that we always discuss and worry about. That’s right. There are so many things to eat… There’s so much to eat compared to the past. Everything seems to taste good. You’re in a commercial for food too these days. I got fat eating that. It’s your fault. You guys ate it too, right? I ate it too. I like it too. It’s delicious. We’ve seen Lee Jungjae often at work. But what about on your days off? – Do you have any hobbies? / – Yeah. What do you do ? I usually enjoy going to eateries on my days off. And I wonder about which eatery to go to next. I watch TV often for that too. You’re just like us. Just like us. And many people are curious about this. Your official boyfriend Jung Woosung… – You shocked me. / – Yeah. “City of the Rising Sun,” was it? Will we ever see you in a movie together again? Many people want it. I’ve been planning to work with Jung Woosung for many years now. But it’s not easy. Hopefully we’ll get to work on a movie together before we get any older. It’s something that we both want… – To make memories? / – Yes, right… – Can we expect it? / – Yes. I’d like to be a part of those memories too. Of course. Okay then. Any time. What is a good film in your eyes? Personally, these days… I think overall it’s a movie with box office success. The viewers have a sharp eye for the movies now. The movies that movie-goers watch and love end up being good movies. With “Assassination,” so many people are watching it. You wanted to ask Lee Jungjae this, right? – What was it? / – The most important question. What does Entertainment Weekly mean to you? That’s a sharp question. Very sharp question. Well, it’s hard to give a short answer. Because I’m always thankful. You always visit me with Guerilla Date… Do you know this guy’s name? Who? As if I wouldn’t know Kim Saengmin. We’re close. It’s always a welcome sight when I see him. He does such a great job with the interview. I’m always comfortable. And I ended up being on Guerilla Date a lot. I’m sorry but I interviewed you for that. Oh, yeah. Recently it’s been you. This could be something that the viewers want from you. – That’s right. / – So I’ll ask. It could be a tough one. I definitely think you’ll pass 10 million. Make another promise for us. Something like bringing the entire cast to the set. That’s a good idea. However, since I’ve kept my promise this time… If we reach 10 million… – How about the two MCs… / – Us two? Visit us on set and buy us coffee. Sounds good! Shin Hyunjoon! Shin Hyunjoon! I’ll make sure to save a lot of money from now. I’ve made this clear. It can’t just be you, Hyunjoon. It has to be both. Let’s pay half each. Thank you. Please say some closing remarks to your fans. I’m always thankful… Thank you for loving my movies. Thank you for loving “Assassination.” And thank you for loving Korean movies. Thank you so so much. I’m so happy to be able to greet you like this. The director wants me to end it here but I’m really curious about one more thing. Your question, Dahee. – What? / – Go on? – Me? / – Yes. – Well… / – You really wanted to ask him this. I can’t really remember. I’m so nervous… Are you two dating or something? It’s not that. It’s something she can’t ask on live TV. Can you tell us very briefly about the Chinese film you’re shooting now? People are so curious about it. The movie is called “The Day Of Reversal.” – “The Day Of Reversal.” / – Yes. And the entire film is shot in Korea. It’s 100% in Korea. – And so… / – Are all the other actors Chinese? Yes. So it’s a little more meaningful. So you’ll get to see some cinematography of Korea and Seoul. Some great city shots. And we’ll promote and premier that in China. Hopefully that will help relationships between China and Korea with movie and culture. I hope that works out well. You’re a great guy. We hope you experience lots of success. We’ll look forward to your future movies. Thank you for being here and please stay till the end. Please do! He said we’re like family. Lee Jungjae! This is Entertainment Weekly with new family. Who has the next report? Please deliver the next report. I’ve got the next report. I’ve prepared a report about the way stars deal with internet trolls. It’s a special report. Stars had no answer for trolling in the past. But now they’re fighting back. We’ll find out in a minute, just what kind of changes are occurring. When you think about Korean stars that always stay youthful… Shin Hyunjoon… Doesn’t come to mind but Lee Jungjae does. – With actresses… / – He’s still sitting here. He’s still here. Kim Huiae is an actress that comes to mind. I met her at her photoshoot. Let’s check it out. You’ll stay till the end, right? Don’t go. (She’s always beautiful) Time doesn’t seem to affect her. Her beauty doesn’t fade. Check out my interview with Kim Huiae. You have golf clubs and you look really sporty. – What are you doing? / – Shooting an ad. An ad… What’s the highlight of your outfit. The highlight? Now that I’m older… I like to wear red. I feel like I’m the perfect fit for today. Our outfit colors seem to match. We look like the Korean flag. It’s great. The most elegant and innocent actress, Kim Huiae. I find that introduction intimidating. That doesn’t suit me at all. Okay! I’ll add that you’re cute too! You’re in a drama these days. You’re the chief of a violent crimes unit? I should be chief at my age. After doing action scenes… Do they suit you? Rather than getting injured… I’m worried that it’ll look comical. But you’ve been in action scenes in the past. This was 30 years ago. The fresh college girl showed us action in a movie. Why did she sneak through that gap? It was for comical purposes. Why did she have to jump over him? You’ve met our MC through this drama. Seeing Lee Dahee in person… She’s really something. I even have a line about that. That she’s tall and has nice hips… – Really? / – Yes. She tapped me on the butt. A glamorous female detective. We had a survey on the top 50 Korean actresses. Dahee didn’t make the cut. By the time she’s 50, she’ll be in the top 5. – Thank you, senior! / – If you last to the end… You must endure it. There’s a person that’s waited for your new drama. Who is it? None other than Kim Youngchul. He’s the best at impersonating Kim Huiae. Don’t mess around. This is me punishing you. This is me punishing you. He’s going to impersonate you again. That brat… If he does impersonate you… What will you do? What can I do? Try it if you can. Give him a special scolding at least. Why would I scold him? He’s doing well. You must like the impersonations now? – Why would I like them? / – What am I to do? I just think he’s a good guy. The CEO of the company you’re promoting is Jeong Junho. Yes, CEO Jeong. He said he’d like to work with you for a long time. I’ll do my best whenever he calls. Jeong Junho’s best friend is our MC, Hyunjoon. – I’m not his best friend. / – That’s right. He asked if he was sober when you signed up. Do you really think it’ll last? – So I… / – He’s worried for you. He’s doing really well now. – Is he? / – Yes. So it’s a relief. I’ve prepared a hot photo of you circulating the net. What is it now? It’s something weird, right? I’d better reveal it. She must be embarrassed. Why are you covering it up? I like it. Kids are watching this. You can’t do this on KBS. You were fine with it earlier… Fine, look! She’s so cool about everything. Don’t be too shocked about this. – Just think of it as art. / – It’s cool. If you ever get to act with Yu Ain again. What role would you like to play? He has to go to the army. We can’t work together for the time being. Not for the time being… When I saw this photo… Let’s keep going. Same dress, different look. Whenever I shoot these things for magazines… I just think I’m not myself. “I’m a goddess in this moment.” She is a goddess. So cool. There are worse ones. Some embarrassing photos. – Wow, you’re so cute. / – We could be friends. Can you say the, “I had a scary dream.” She knows what it is. I can tell. Can’t you say it once for us? I had a dream. I had a scary dream. I had a dream. I had a scary dream. Oh, really, Huiae? Were you scared? You’re so cute. – Is that it? / – Yes. I wondered what language that was. Thank you for always visiting me. It’ll be airing soon… I’m in that great detective drama with Dahee. Make sure you watch it. You never get sick of seeing her. An exciting meeting with Kim Huiae… Attacking celebrities through the power of anonymity. I became a woman that has lived a life that I could never imagine. When it comes to my children… You get really upset. I get so upset… They used to just let it go but now they’re on the attack. They won’t let malicious rumors go unpunished. What is the story behind it all? We prepared a special report. Celebrities are always under scrutiny. Unconfirmed rumors and malicious attacks on a celebrity’s character have always been around. In the past it was just a part of being a celebrity. Since I’m and actor and a celebrity… I just felt that I had to deal with those things. I just considered it part of my job. They used to think that bad news was better than no news. It was a form of noise marketing too. But these days, the rumors are so bad that they can ruin someone’s life. They even destroy people’s families. That’s how malicious they are. Suzy sued an internet troll last year. She told Suzy to “die in a car accident.” The police charged a woman in her 30s for those malicious remarks. She wrote those comments because she was jealous that her husband loved Suzy. Choi Yeojin was also harassed by unconfirmed rumors for a year. I reported it to the cyber police. It was a woman in her 40s. She said she did it because on TV I always wore pretty clothes and played the rich girl and it seemed like I never suffered. Stars had to be scarred for no apparent reason. There’s a more detailed reason as to why they’re not holding back anymore. First, due to the advances of the online environment, rumors and malicious news spread much faster than they did in the past. The internet, social media… These platforms spread rumors way too fast. Then people can start to believe in those rumors. So they’ve established that such wrongful actions must be stopped. The rumors just mount up and become truth. It’s considered the worst type of cyber violence. Stars have had to watch their fellow stars die over such matters and so they can no longer stand by and watch. Choi Jinsil’s suicide rocked the nation in 2008. It didn’t just end with her death… The pain is still being felt by her family. There was a note in my locker. It was a note cursing me for being an orphan. My mom ended up that way because of such comments. How much harder must it be for me? Trolls don’t just attack stars, they attack their families and friends as well. Recently, Taeyeon took legal action against trolls. There were countless hateful comments about a photo with her mother. After consulting her agency, she’s preparing legal action. She stated that she has collected over 2,000 emails and took a very pro-active stance. Some trolls even made apologies too late. Then there was this troll who stated that her cat had posted the comment while she was in the toilet. They just don’t know when to stop. Kim Sumi recently suffered from mental shock. In all my years of being a celebrity, I’ve never seen such terrible words about me. They actually made me do this… I took out my scissors and cut my own hair like this. It was because of rumors about her partner change. Many people said I stole Dongmin’s spot. They wrote, “Did you cast Park Myungsoo because you both live in Gunsan?” I feel so wronged. I’m still a woman at heart. I didn’t sleep a single hour. The cast of “A Look at Myself” fought the trolls on their actual show. They turned a bad situation into a good one but suffered many difficulties. Kim Sumi dropped out of the show and received psychological treatment. One troll has caused so much trouble. Jin Seyeon is another star suffering from rumors. Just because her name has a “J” in it, she got caught up in groundless rumors. Kim Hyunjoong’s ex-girlfriend mentioned an actress with “J” in her name. Then there were articles with that in the title and she had to deny the rumor personally. Do you know why we used “J?” The first girl was “A,” the second girl was “B” and so on. I want to confirm that it’s not Jin Seyeon. Such “incidents” can be fatal for a female celebrity. And so her agency has taken legal action. Lee Siyoung couldn’t do anything about her supposed sex tape. The rumors spread through secret tabloids. They stated that she tried to kill herself after her supposed sex tape got out. She even had to prove that it wasn’t her through evidence. The police have confirmed that it’s not her. On their hunt to catch the trolls… They’ve reached the National Assembly and reporters and this is causing further alarm. Stars agree that trolls must be stopped. They’re even revealing troll IDs now. The legal punishment for internet trolls has become much harsher now as well. Trolls are generally given a monetary fine. But something you need to know… Even if you’re just fined, you’re left with a criminal record. You must not forget that being fined as a troll means that you are a criminal under the law. Stars are taking a strong stance. We’ll have to see what precedent this will reach. Stars are actual human beings. We need trolls to think about this before they act. That’s right. Kim Huiae complimented you once. You’re in a drama with her, right? Yes, I’m very happy on set these days. Following on from Kim Huiae, I will make sure to be in the top 50. I love you, Huiae! What’s wrong? I don’t think you’ll make it. That’s all the news we have for today. I want to thank Lee Jungjae for visiting once again. Thank you. That’s all the news we have for today. See you next time. Viewers, be happy! (“SHADOW” by The Legend)

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