English Tutorial – Prison/Vězení #136 KCD|Kingdom Come

By | February 17, 2020

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You can see that I am at the inn in Sázava. My legs are bruised because
I was looking for chamfron. It’s armor for my horse. This is not a very simple task. I also have the task of stealing a book. It’s in the monastery. I’ll look at the tasks. There it was. It will be hard.
Get a book. The Apothecary of Rataje sent me to Sázava. To the Sazava monastery. And here I have to get a book.
It’s not quite funny. I already know how to get there. It’s this way. When they see me, they will scold me. It is difficult.
Let’s go there. Perhaps I can get there
in this illegal way. I’ll check the food, eat something. How it looks?
Carrot. Cheese. Beet. Pretzel, yes. I’ll change. I look nice, but I won’t provoke
them that way. I’ll take a monk robe. Where it is?
Here. I’ll look like them. I don’t think it will help me. And we go there. It’s a short walk from the inn. Horse dung on the road is best. I’ll talk to them here. You can also get to the monastery that you will enter and
want to become a monk. The question is, if this
gentleman will help me. So here it goes. I will not find out anything
about this either. I have to get to the task
that unlocks this possibility. To go to the monastery
and find out some things there. I’ll try it here. Not this way. He’ll let me be. Here’s the view. I don’t care now. Now I’m in the monastery
and getting a book won’t be fun. I’ll have to come back at night. Look, I’m in the scritory. Jesus, there they are, God in heaven. I dream of the marigold decoction. I’ll come here at night. Otherwise it will not work. Here it should be. Weird. It’s in some closet. Locked closet. But where? They still have the same thing here. These are a lot of training. It is bad. That’s too bad. This is difficult. What will they do to me now? I’m in Sazava in some cellar. Now they won’t talk to me. They left me the books.
YEAH! Or not? They left them for me.
They’re stupid. Well. I’ll feed the dog. I’ll try the bath. It’s night or evening. Nobody talks to me again. I have to help myself. Yes, it’s evening. This is a great combination.
I’m poisoned, I was jailed and
I want to sleep. I’m stumbling into the inn. And I’ll sleep.
It is not possible otherwise. Rest and it’s done. I can’t find my way.
This way. I eat from the cauldron. Here’s my bed somewhere. Here. We are going to sleep. I’m completely done. Let’s try it differently. I’ll sleep and figure it out. Thank you for watching. It was about getting to jail. And that you won’t speak the guards
because you don’t have the knowledge. I look forward to seeing you
in the next tutorial.

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