English Tutorial – Matthew/Matěj #160 KCD|Kingdom Come

By | March 11, 2020

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You see, I’m in a village that’s burned. It’s very ugly here. My job is to question the prisoner. And find out what happened to Matthew. I will visit the cottages. This one doesn’t talk to me. This gentleman nothing. Here was the plague epidemic. It’s too bad here. So we eat. I’ll choose something to eat. These apples go,
although they go half rotten. So. I have to find Melichar. I don’t remember where the house he is. They won’t talk to me
until I find Melichar. I’ll get to the cottages. Not in a horse farm. Other buildings. Someone went here. That’s the watchman
who goes here, and it’s not Melichar. Yes, that’s the watchman. I’ll talk to him again. So the watchman will tell you the most. He needs to be stopped and questioned. I’m going back to the main road. First … I’ll go to the stud farm. I’ll find the hidden Matthew. Here he is. This is the interrogation of Matthew. We have two cottages. Left Melichar, right Slama, hopefully I can do it. This is the main gate. Left Melichar. Right Slama, all right. Hopefully. It works. Sleeping women won’t tell me anything. I’ll go ask for a village. It will be in the next episode. Thank you for watching
and have a good night.

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