ENGLISH SPEECH | SUNDAR PICHAI & SRK: Indian Personalities Talks at Google (English Subtitles)

By | February 18, 2020

SUNDAR PICHAI: Never gotten such an applause
before. I’ve done a lot of things, but this is the
first time I feel like I’ve done something worthwhile. First of all, thank you all for being here. Shah Rukh and I were walking when a bunch
of Googlers just did a flash dance, and Shah Rukh joined in the back as well. So thank you all for coming here today. We are also live-streaming this, so it’s being
watched live in YouTube. YouTube India is live-streaming it, as well
as Google+ Hangouts On Air. Shah Rukh needs no introduction, but he’s
one of the most popular and acclaimed actors in India. He has done a lot of things. He’s not just an actor. He’s a producer. He’s a philanthropist. He has been given the Padma Shri award by
the government. He has starred in over 50 films. Started his career in 1992 with “Deewana.” Most of you probably know this better than
me. And he has also won the UNESCO award for all
his philanthropic work as well. They had a great show last night. A bunch of my friends were there. And Shah Rukh just told me it was their last
show and so they partied hard late last night. So he’s probably a bit tired, but I’m very,
very glad he’s here. So let’s welcome Shah Rukh onto the stage. SHAH RUKH KHAN: This is overwhelming, first
of all. Thank you. I love you, too. So yeah. That’s it. When I come to America, it’s the love and
the number of ladies willing to marry me. And what is surprising is this time, I’m not
saying no. Especially everyone here at Google. SUNDAR PICHAI: I’m worried, because my wife
went to your show last night. SHAH RUKH KHAN: Is she back? SUNDAR PICHAI: She’s back. SHAH RUKH KHAN: Well, thank you very much
for having me over here and all of you. I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but we were
kind of partying until very late because this was our last show last night, and we’ve done
six shows all across America. And now, we head back and go to London, do
a show and then back to the promotions of our film, “Happy New Year.” But it’s been wonderful, and thank you for
having me over here. SUNDAR PICHAI: Well, thank you for coming. I think a lot of people are curious about
what drew you to acting, and how did the journey start? And for me particularly, one of the things
that struck me is how much you have a connection with the common person in India. The common man, common woman in India and
the connection you have all over the country. So can you talk a little bit about it? SHAH RUKH KHAN: I never wanted to be an actor,
actually. I was wanting to be either a software engineer,
or– No, really. At that time, it was very new. It wasn’t as easily spoken as now, and so
I did give my entrance exam in the IT. It seems like a joke, but I did. I look stupid. I’m not. I’m really intelligent, you know? And just to let you know, I did electronics. I got 98, which is the highest in India ever. Those were the days of diodes and triodes. It wasn’t with the chips and things. SUNDAR PICHAI: Anytime you want to switch
careers, let me know. SHAH RUKH KHAN: I’d love to. Yeah. And then, I wanted to be in sports. I didn’t want to act, in film especially. I kind of– not looked down upon it, but never
thought I’m cut out for Indian cinema. I did a bit of English theatre with Mr. Barry
John in Delhi. I’m from Dehli. And then, I hurt myself– my lower back. And one thing led to the other. There was a play being done and I know the
people, all the girls from Delhi Lady Shri Ram College. So there’s a girls’ college, and they needed
seven boys to act with 85 girls. And I got a job as a principal dancer, not
as an actor. I had one line– Annie Get Your Gun, it’s
a famous play– and I got a line in it, which I said, “Annie, I have a letter for you.” And it started like that. And I continued with theatre. Television became big in India. And then, something sad happened. My parents expired. And I said, OK. I want to stay in Delhi. I was feeling sad. So I went over to Mumbai for a year. I told my friends, I’m back in one year. I’m going to do five films, get over the sadness. And it’s been 25 years. I’m still not going back today. I’m still here. So my growth has been of someone who has not
really thought out that I would be an actor. It just happened. One thing led to the other. And I don’t know if I’m a good actor or not. If I act well, if I do well or not. But I don’t ever describe the process too
seriously. I think it’s very boring for people to hear
how the art works. I truly believe the art is much more important
than the artist. And I’m very humble about the fact there are
so many people like me, and I’m very, very grateful. So what I do is I take things from life and
just continue acting, have fun, smile a lot, and share a lot. I think acting is about giving. I think somehow that’s made people like me
a little more than the talent I have. SUNDAR PICHAI: It explains why so many people
identify with you, even in such a diverse range of films. What’s the most challenging role you’ve done? Why? Can you talk a little bit about that? SHAH RUKH KHAN: It’s always the next one. Yeah. It’s never the one that I’ve done. Because if I’ve done it, then it’s over and
done with. However badly I may have done it, but it’s
no longer a challenge. But I find the one thing that I want to do
in cinema for the last 25 years now, because I’ve been working and I don’t know how to
extend and give back to cinema– Indian cinema, specifically. So I want to make it technologically a little
more advanced than it is. So what I like to do is try and do films with
a lot of visual effects in them. I have a small department of visual effects,
and I want to enhance filmmaking in India so that, technically, we can be at par with
international cinema– especially Hollywood. And of course, we need to make them shorter
and have less songs in them for people to watch them. OK. So we’ll keep them as long and no songs in
them. More songs and longer films now. But for me, the toughest have been films which
I’ve produced, actually. Because people didn’t think these are the
firms that will work. A film like “Ashoka.” They all flopped miserably. So let me tell you, they were films nobody
wanted to buy. There was a film called “Ra.One,” which I
made– which I really wanted to make so that I could advance the technological part of
it and a difficult film to make. And now this one. As an actor, I don’t know. No role is difficult, because I don’t have
a method that I follow. I just take instances from life, meet people. And I meet so many people. I love people. I love the hugs. I love to kiss them. I love to talk to them. Yeah. We’re doing the kisses afterwards. So I just get to know people. And then somewhere down the line, whenever
a role is given to me, I kind of take from life and use it. And sometimes, it’s over the top. Sometimes, people think it’s too simplistic. But I think it reaches out to everyone, touches
everybody’s hearts, and people identify with it. So films like “Chakde” were nice. Swades. I like Don. I find him very sexy. SUNDAR PICHAI: Let’s talk a little bit about
the work you do outside of movies, too. There is Shah Rukh Inc, which announced the
whole KKR and how we’ve done there, and you’ve been very successful with Red Chillies as
well. So talk a little bit about the KKR journey. How did the IPL journey all come about? I know I’ve always seen you in the video,
always there supporting the team and they’ve done very well. SHAH RUKH KHAN: And desperately supporting
the team. Now, like I said, I wanted to be a sportsman. And this whole thing started about leagues. The three things I really like– I like entertainment,
I like children, and I like sports. These are three things that really turn me
on. Nothing else, actually. I’m not much of a sightseer. I’m not much for travel. I’m very boring. I’m very, very boring. The three things that I like, is like watching
films or video games or watching sports or children. I love children. So whenever there is a thing that I can involve
myself now, because I’ve kind of done well for myself and I have a little extra money. So whenever there’s something I get an opportunity
to invest in, any of these things, I always do without thinking of the business aspect
of it. So business-wise, I don’t know if they’re
doing well or not. My team is here. They’ll tell you. I have to keep working hard and bringing the
money in. But VFX was part of entertainment. IPL was, because I like sports and I really
wanted to play. I wanted to be a football player or a hockey
player. And it sounds very pompous. When I couldn’t become a player, I thought–
let me just go ahead and buy a team instead. But I did it for my kids. SUNDAR PICHAI: That’s the way I think as well. SHAH RUKH KHAN: Yeah. Let’s go buy a team. My kids liked it. We were sitting one day and they said, we
should have a league team because of the English Premiership League and all. And I just went and bought it. And I remember we were to bid for it the next
morning at 11 o’clock, and the bidding was very high. Much more than I could afford or still can
afford. All the big carpets were doing it. I was awake, and I was hoping somehow my bid
was not accepted, because I didn’t have the money. So I just went ahead, and after I bought it
also, we lost so many hours and so pathetically that it became very sad. Business was bad, and the game wasn’t being
won. And it’s been a roller coaster ride, but I
stuck around with it for three years now– five years. And some other things I’ve done, because I
truly believe– and some of you are younger here and you should know this– I don’t want
to sound philosophical and as if I’m giving you a lecture. But just when you think things are going to
go wrong, if you hold onto them, they kind of turn around. Just that last brink is always the most important
one. SUNDAR PICHAI: You mentioned education as
well, and I know you’ve done work there. What do you think about where education is
in India? There’s so many young students coming through. How do you think technology can help? This is what a lot of us work on, so. SHAH RUKH KHAN: You know, I don’t think there’s
anything more important than education. And I’m very keen that my kids are very educated. And now, with technology and this accessibility. And you know, education has become– there
used to be a time. And still is, I’m sure, to specifically specialize
in XYZ. You have to be a scientist, you have to be
a doctor, you have to be an engineer, and those things are important. But I think the overall development happens
when you can educate yourself in a more round way. And I think technology can help there. Just the fact– I’ll be very honest, and I’m
sure everybody comes in and says that. I’m not saying it because I’m here. But feel I don’t need a teacher or books since
Google has been there. I find myself so much more educated in the
last few years because of Google. I’ve got a yearning for learning. I really do. And some of it, there’s a church next to my
house which says– whatever answers Google doesn’t have, God has. And it says that. Every day, I pass it. And I think it’s one of the nicest things,
and if you guys can extend just beyond the search engine, which my friend there is head
of. But just being able to give people more access
to more subjects and topics– and make it fun, which you guys are. But I think technology and Google, specifically
today, can really help education go far and wide to areas. Especially in India, because the internet
is still not gone out. There are areas where schools can’t be constructed. And I think for India, especially, it’s very
important that the youngsters are educated if you want to change the country. Because we have everything going for us. If we are just educated a little more, or
have access to education. So I would request everyone who is working
at Google, figure out something specific. Because you have the intelligent ones, the
smart ones, and the fun ones. Figure out some specific things for Indian
education so that it reaches deep inside the heartland of India, because we need kids like
you coming here and ruling the world. SUNDAR PICHAI: We know you have a new movie
coming out. It’s not just Shah Rukh today. We have two other superstars to join us. SUNDAR PICHAI: So they’re here. They’re also doing show-promoting the new
movie. It’s called, “Happy New Year.” It’s premiering for Diwali. So maybe you guys can talk a little bit about
the movie, what the movie is about, why you’re excited to be part of it? SHAH RUKH KHAN: The film is a heist film mixed
with a dance competition. And easier to describe it, though the stories
are not copied, though people will say that. But it’s “Ocean’s Eleven” meets “Full Monty,”
if that combination can ever, ever happen. But Farah Khan thought of the film where,
like a regular heist film, you have one guy– a mastermind, so to say– who collects people
with different specialities. Someone is a lock breaker. Somebody’s– obviously, there’s one– is it
OK to say “nerd” here? SUNDAR PICHAI: Yeah. I’m not one, but they all are. SHAH RUKH KHAN: Or I’ll be pelted. You have one highly-sophisticated, intelligent
computer hacker. And so on and so forth. Abhishek has a speciality which really, really
cannot be described, because it’s gross. But you’ll get to see it when you see it in
the film. It’s gross, the ability that he has in the
film. ABHISHEK BACHCHAN: Special power. SHAH RUKH KHAN: The special powers that he
has. And I’ll now defer– I’ll request Deepika
and Abhishek to tell you a little more about what they do. Deepika, as you will hear now, normally also
sounds like this. DEEPIKA PADUKONE: I didn’t think I had that
effect on people. ABHISHEK BACHCHAN: It’s OK. It was an Apple. DEEPIKA PADUKONE: I’m really sorry. I can’t say much today because I’ve lost my
voice. SUNDAR PICHAI: I think people are just happy
looking at you. SHAH RUKH KHAN: We’ll do it in dumb charades. We’ll do it like– three words. Say, “How are you?” How– second word? You. You. How are you? OK. SUNDAR PICHAI: Abhishek, do you want to say
a few words about the movie? ABHISHEK BACHCHAN: Know that it’s an absolute
pleasure to be here. Contrary to what everybody thinks, we actually
haven’t slept all night because we’ve all been so excited to come here. Yeah. But very honestly, just to see all the Desis
out there is way cool. I mean, I don’t mean to sound too much of
a nationalist, but it’s just fantastic to see that you guys are literally running the
world, man. SUNDAR PICHAI: So we do take questions, which
people have all submitted both internally and externally. And the most popular question was throughout
your career, who has been your inspiration for each of you, and why? So if you could talk about that. ABHISHEK BACHCHAN: Me? ABHISHEK BACHCHAN: Yeah. My eternal inspiration has been– so, yes. For me, it’s always been my father in whatever
I do. Anything– Yeah. I love him, too. And he’s actually very jealous that I’m here
today. He’s more of a computer geek than even me,
so. Actually, he must be blogging right now as
we speak. So yes. It’s always been my father. I think for not just his professionalism,
but just the kind of human being that he is. His sense of morals and values. Things that I’ve always admired, and I aspire
to be like him. And whatever I do in life is always for my
parents. And so I think my parents have been my inspiration
always. DEEPIKA PADUKONE: Pass. SUNDAR PICHAI: Pass. SHAH RUKH KHAN: I get inspired by– I’ve always
said this, and it may sound a little strange, but I get inspired not by special people. I get inspired by ordinary people. I find it’s not special to be a special. It’s very special to be ordinary. And I see people who achieve so much with
such little facilities at hand. I get very inspired by that. In terms of big people– of course, my parents
died early, but they were very good teachers. So some of the people I’ve liked may sound
a little odd, but Muhammad Ali. I like the boxer. I really get inspired by his story. I get inspired by the story of Mother Theresa. And I’ve never had the opportunity to meet
either of them, but whatever little I’ve read. And I make it a point to read about them,
and that’s why maybe sometimes, I come across a little arrogant. Because of Muhammad Ali, not Mother Theresa. But I like the way he has led his life. But more than that, I think I just get inspired. I find when I meet people, I ask them– how
do you come here for the shoot? And they say, we wake up at 5:00 AM. We take a local train. We’ve cooked food. We’ve brought the kids to school. And now, we made it here at 8 o’clock and
when we pack up at 8:00, chances are we don’t make it back home until 4:00 AM again, sometimes. And I get really inspired by ordinary people. And that inspiration, I take that. I’ve gotten unfortunate now, and I’m no longer
ordinary. And I should retain that ordinariness around
me to be able to achieve a little more. SUNDAR PICHAI: Another question which people
ask is about YouTube. So how does the Bollywood industry look at
YouTube? It’s very popular in India. What do you think about YouTube? And there are many people who work on YouTube
here, so. ABHISHEK BACHCHAN: Deepika will speak. DEEPIKA PADUKONE: I’m feeling so useless. So sorry. SHAH RUKH KHAN: I think it’s very, very cool. I think it’s really fantastic. I get a little frazzled when I have to put
that over-18 thing. That is a little confusing. They have their little– that word that you
have to type what you can see. With my eyesight, it’s really, really difficult. It takes me five times to tell them I’m 18
years old. Please, next time if you find me putting in
those numbers. No, I’m more than 18. Allow me to watch everything on YouTube, please. I’m a busy actor. I don’t get to pick out the films I really
want to watch, so I have to watch them on YouTube. But I think it’s really, really nice. I spend my most fun nights, actually, when
my kids are back home. They’re both grown up now. They’re 16 and 14. My daughter and the little one is still 16-17
months. But our biggest source of entertainment is
actually YouTube. Because they find such amazing stuff on there. Such amazing– more than movies, and what
are they called? The youngsters call them epic fails and the
strange things, the comic stuff. Some people trying to sing, dance. As a matter of fact, a lot of it– a lot of
the dancing in the film when we were doing “Happy New Year” is about dancing from the
heart, not being a good dancer. Celebrating the fact that you don’t know how
to dance, but you just go ahead and dance, which 99% of people are. We don’t know how to dance. We just are happy dancers. And when Farah started making the film, the
first thing I did is collected all the weird dancing from YouTube for inspiration. Actually, we wanted to start the film with
that. So it’s really the most entertaining part
of the day when my son and daughter, they sit down. And my son and his friends have some strange,
strange things that they find on it, which I didn’t know. Like some poker games and poker champs, the
lifestyles. It’s really amazing. I think the most entertaining time I have
is on YouTube. So thank you, YouTube, for entertaining us. SUNDAR PICHAI: While this is a lot of fun,
we are holding about 2,000 people from lunch. This is where Google has lunch today. So unfortunately, we have to end this. I’m the most unpopular guy right now at Google. But we thank all of them for coming. Thank you for everyone on the live stream. See you all later.

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