English Fighting Tutorial – Nest of Vipers/Doupě zmijí #149 KCD|Kingdom Come

By | February 28, 2020

Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I’m in Talmberk and in the main line
to get to the camp on the scouts.
I will take a look. Where it is? And it’s … here. To Přibyslavice,
if I’m not mistaken. I start here at the lumberjack camp. Then I’ll continue. Up here. Then it becomes hard enough. The story then continues
and it continues. Let’s try it. I’ll check the food,
eat something. I got some stolen stuff. I’ll take my horse and … get oriented. Yes. So I’ll go from the castle. To forest. Ok lets go. This is a lumberjack camp. I didn’t have to go that way. I invited that too soon. I found the camp,
it was simple. Yes. So, and I’ll change here. Because … if I sneak somewhere … so this dress doesn’t fit it. I don’t want these. This is my light armor. We continue on in
the direction of Přibyslavice. I see there is a man there. I’d rather save the game. The man there, the guard … is very stiff. So … I’ll try to defuse him. It’s going to be hard. Better would be, if I had some annoying arrows. That would be the best.
I’ll try to make them. I’ll have Padfoot Potion myself. I’ll look at the arrows. Five, let’s try. Five is better than nothing. So run. It was good. So, uf. The gentleman is trained
and I’m half dead. I gotta get a drink. Still a marigold decoction,
let it heal better. What about you barking dog? I’ll try to find the one killed,
I’m going downhill. The guy’s done. He stayed here somewhere. I don’t know where,
I have to find a way. Here is. And I’ll go … on the scouts. I’ll save it again,
that’s important. It swings a bit with me. And what if I get dressed … like them? Let’s try it. I have a Kuman disguise now. It’s not entirely about getting there and you will talk to them there. They will know that
you are not a kuman. Because you don’t speak Hungarian. So these gentlemen … it’s a nice idea, but … It doesn’t work completely. Can I try … I’ll get some more arrows. Here it is. I have 50 poisoned arrows. It could be. Great. It was good. I’ll save it again. I’ll go look. I can’t kill them all. But the arrows work perfectly. What is this black thing? No, not a chance. Anyone else shooting me?
No. Damn it. So. I’ll save it again. We continue. I’ll check the arrows. It’s important. Good. I’ll go from below. More dead. I’ll save it again. The advantage is
that when it’s dark, they shine, so you know where they are. Such a small advantage. There’s two and there’s one. At least at the moment. This is also the way to escape. Yes. This was what? I can’t see it anymore. I’ll make it lighter.
[Adjusting my monitor] The one with the scythe is dangerous. But he got it nicely. Oh well! This is wrong. No. There’s really a lot. I’ll try to work around it if possible. They’re still here. Perhaps they are
still being generated here. What is it? I ran away from them, I don’t know how. Hm. Where is the Kuman? Can’t you save it? No, I’m in a fight. Now it should go. I’ll look at the arrow engagement. One way to get enough rabbit meat, is to kill a sufficient number of Kumans. I’m up now. There is no way to defend it. I know they have a prospect. It makes no sense,
they kill me every time. I get down and get out of here. I won’t go up, it doesn’t make sense. I will go away.
This is enough. I’ll leave. Enough. It was a massacre big enough. OK then. I poisoned their food.
[Not wine] We are going home. It’s not through the bushes. I’ll check where I am. Hope here. I’m still straight and somewhere. I don’t want to fight with you,
It was enough. I don’t have a sword? I am confused.
Not possible. I have a sword.
Why can’t I choose? What is this bullshit? I do not understand that. I’m here, so let’s go. I’ll change. Kuman clothing is not appropriate. This is Talmberk. I didn’t choose a good way. The horse on this path can not ride alone. It’s a way like any other,
but he can’t. Oh yes. This time I sleep in the castle. My meat rots. I’ll use the kitchen.
Everyone is asleep. I’m going to sleep. So, it was a task to explore camp of the Kumans in Přibyslavice. Search and kill. I have to go to Mr. Racek and inform him of what happened. Thanks for watching and
see you at the next episode.

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