[ENG sub] schoolrapper2 [풀버전] 2학년 배연서 @학년별싸이퍼 full ver. 180223 EP.1

By | August 26, 2019

Cypher Full Length Video – Sophomore Yeon Seo BAE It’s the B bastard from Gangwon-do, Korea came back check the unpretty face keep the rhythm lay back My gun is AK but instead rap shoot bang bang Please point the gun to my enemies babe from KIFF CLAN I told you this is gamble Between me and fellas have a big difference All those boom bapers bleeding all over y’all the fools who can’t get over the fear Don’t do the rap making my ear bleeds You sound like a boar can’t stand you gasping underground rapping skill is how we’re devided into section Wonder how it ain’t got improved that’s my question If none of them are in you can’t call it a rap High school rapper I will show & prove New episode every Friday 11PM KST

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