[ENG sub] schoolrapper 3 [2회] 더콰이엇?스윙스?→다음은 나 서민규 @팀대표선발전 180301 EP.2

By | August 14, 2019

The real me that I want to show the world is Seo Min Kyu who has small but clear dreams The dreams I had were Getting 100 followers on my social media account Going to a live performance Upgrading my equipment etc. And going onwas one of them That’s why I’m standing here today That’s impressive You are trying to fulfill all your dreams Do you have any big dreams? I have a big dream In the center of the Korean hip hop scene There’s The Quiett Swings I believe that someone has to replace their role in the future The Quiett (35)
Living legend of the K-hip hop scene
But will soon be replaced Very ambitious My goal is to take on that role in the future He has a way with words But… You don’t seem timid at all You say everything you wanna say “I’m gonna take down Swings” “And The Quiett” “I’m gonna take their place” “Push them out” I look bad ass but I’m actually timid, and I’m also a super fan This confidence is exactly what you need to show us during the performance Let’s get started Representing Ilsan wassup The things I dreamt of
Are slowly turning to reality Small live stage and
My name in the line up and track uh Earning 1000 in 6 months
I did all that Finish I accomplished my plans but
I don’t want a break So I’m in the basement
I promise myself again Gotta go higher
Transition even Professor Moon’s seat Desperation above ambition and
I talk about my dreams Ma 16 verse is classic Dream and a love
I’ll kill my love to get it done Selfishness burn in
I carry it all The disregard in your eyes I change it up The path I walk
I hope I have no regrets after a few years The drawings I painted
I’m not sure if I’ll still have em in my hand I used to gesture with my hand
But now I’m on my feet nah I spit it again today
In this basement I’m A sensitive artist
Not like other rapper wannabes I guarantee without benefit
In front of the camera drop it Fame
Look up now The focus is on my feet
Yeah I’ll be a rap star Applause He’s cool That was good

47 thoughts on “[ENG sub] schoolrapper 3 [2회] 더콰이엇?스윙스?→다음은 나 서민규 @팀대표선발전 180301 EP.2

  1. 윤주호 Post author

    왜 이렇게 고등래퍼2에 나오는 윤진영형이랑 닮았지

  2. Bowon Chung Post author

    윤진영이랑 영비 합쳐진거같음
    그래도 잘은 하는듯

  3. Dani B Post author

    he’s so good but yeah his flow reminds me of ash island

  4. P - Diane Meyer Post author

    That's the kind of style i like. But people shouldn't say he's a copy of clloud / ash island / Yoon jinyoung because their rap and use of rythm are really different

  5. Colin Cha Post author

    says random english word everyone gets hyped lmaooo

  6. 꺄꺄 Post author

    오빠ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 잘생겼어ㅠㅠ 멋져ㅠㅠ 랩잘해ㅠㅠ 흐어유어유유ㅠ

  7. Bored Post author

    회차를 거듭할수록 다른 스타일을 보여주면서 카피캣 논란에서 벗어날듯 하네요

  8. wanderstvr Post author

    omg what are yall loud for ffs, its not like yall faves invent the flow lol dont act superior chill tf down and stop shitting on him.

  9. márton kyw Post author

    th발음은 고쳐야한다 거슬려죽겠네

  10. Gilang Pradia Post author

    In the first important is your face, and the second your passion

  11. JAEHYUN PARK Post author

    칠린호미가 떠오르네요 강약조절이 넘 좋다

  12. Song Lee Post author

    어 그래 넌 오늘도 spit하네 마이크 불쌍하다 뭔 죄야

  13. squirrelhan Post author

    Y'all need to stop saying who copying who esp when they cleary didn't invited the flow. Lmao grow up

  14. StePrA TM Post author

    If it's good, who cares. I love this dark style ugh.

  15. Marouane Thebest Post author

    Yes thats kind of music i could add to my playlist . Keep going !

  16. 윤태현 Post author

    근데 댓글들 뭐 누구 카피네 병신이네 이지랄들 해도 들을필요 없는게 윤진영 지원영상이랑 개 초반만 해도 스타일 영비 따라했네 ㅇㅈㄹ하면서 존나 갈구다가 고랩에서 뜨니까 다 입 싹닫음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  17. wonu Post author

    omg didn’t have a lot of expectations but he’s pretty good. anyone know his insta

  18. allison nuñez Post author

    someone knows the name of the beat?? is for a work hhh plzz

  19. 도연 Post author

    민규 내 원픽이야ㅠㅠㅠ
    존잘에 랩도 잘해애ㅠ
    못하는게 뭐야💧

  20. vladlena parkk Post author

    what the fuck😂😂😂people keep saying "he is copying ash island/young b
    but this means that ash island copying young b lmao

  21. minhyuk issa ball of fluff uwu Post author



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