[Eng Sub] 20151217 Seo In Guk wishes to work with Ji Chang Wook

By | August 31, 2019

Online viewers of Huo Yu Le (Fire Entertainment), hello everyone, I am Seo In Guk. In 2012, Seo In Guk shot to fame with his innocent lead role in “Reply 1997”. Subsequently in “Master’s Sun”, his calm and matured bodyguard character made many fans in China fall for him. With his remarkable acting skills, Seo In Guk won the Best Newcomer award in the 2013 SBS Drama Awards and the Best Male Newcomer award in the 2014 KBS Drama Awards. Having starred in 10 drama serials in 3 years, Seo In Guk is steadily moving from a rookie actor to a senior actor. Q: “Reply 1997” was highly popular, and “Reply 1988” is currently being filmed. Any good advice for the new actors? Director Shin Won Ho has a natural ability to lead, and because I was a rookie back then, so rather than telling how the new actors should follow me, I remember myself being very lost back then There are many actors who are much better than me, rather than advising them, I think they are doing very well. So, I’m also envious of them, They are doing very well. Q: Are there any junior actors whom you prefer? There are many. Someone more junior than me? Actually I’m also a rookie It has only been 2 to 3 years….3 years?…since I started acting in Korea. So…junior…. So, instead of juniors… There’s a close friend I have these days He’s Ji Chang Wook-sshi, who is also very active in China recently I think it would be interesting for the two of us to work together at least once. We also talk about this sometimes. “Hey, it would be fun if we work together…” It would be good if this really comes true. Q: Any plans to work in a China production? If such a good opportunity is given to me, I will be very honoured. I do wish to do so. Q: Any favourite Chinese director or actor? Firstly, this person is very famous in Korea. Tang Wei I hope to work on an interesting show with her. Q: Which aspect of Tang Wei is attractive to you? Firstly, she is able to take on different kinds of roles, which is awesome. Although many people are familiar with Seo In Guk as an actor, many are not aware that he is actually the first winner of the music audition programme Superstar K. He also went on to release numerous albums and also sang the OST of many dramas. Q: Do you prefer being an actor or singer? Which of the two is more challenging? Actually, I’ve been asked this question many times. I did think about which is better and which is more challenging Actually I do not really sense any difference. Most important is the fact that I love doing both. Whether I’m acting in a role or working on music, I will treat both of them as a challenge. I am very happy doing both jobs and they present many challenges. Whether it’s the singer Seo In Guk who stands on stage, or the actor Seo In Guk in dramas, they are all highly attractive. In real life, Seo In Guk has the interests as the guy next door. Q: What do you like to do at home usually? I usually like to play games. Because I’ve been playing games too much, I’ve been climbing and exercising recently. Q: When you face stress at work, how do you de-stress? Stress? Eat. I eat a lot. Chi (“eat” in Chinese} Q: Then how do you maintain such a good figure? I exercise a lot. I’ve been obsessed with climbing lately My make-up artist scolded me not too long ago. There are so many calluses on my hand She asked why does an actor’s hand have so many calluses. That’s how much I’m into climbing these days. Q: 2015 is almost over. Summarise it in a few keywords! Meaningful things this year? There are many. I did a drama, and it was a year where I could act more in depth. I also made many new friends, and made many beautiful memories with my fans. It’s hard to choose one actually. Q: What wishes do you have for 2016? In 2016, firstly… I hope to show good acting and good image as an actor and also show a good image as a singer through good music. These are my biggest goals for now. We also hope that Seo In Guk will enjoy his dual life as a singer and actor in the new year and bring better music and shows for everyone. Wait… Chinese practice time Please please please… Huo (fire) huo (fire) wang you men (netizens) Netizens of Fire Entertainment How? Hello everyone I am Seo In Guk

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    This man is awesome whether in acting or singing, I can't miss out any of his projects .

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    omggggggg I fall in love with this guy again and again, especially when I saw how he treats animals he's so cute and kind

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    I love Seo In Guk! he wants to do another bromance with Park Bo Gum and now he would love to work with JCW! can't this guy get anymore awesome 👍👍👍

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    This namja is really cute … we love and support you from the Philippines, we hope you can also visit us here..

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    Omg my two most fav ppl in the world together??? please do!!!

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    Oh my GOD… my two favorite k-actor… yes please T_T

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    My favorite actor wants to work with my favorite other actor what a bless

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    commenting after finding out in his interview that they are close friends who sometimes go to karaoke xD

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    and both of them work with nam jihyun so is this a rivalry hahahha btw i love both of them


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