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By | September 23, 2019

Hi W followers! I am Seo Kang Jun Exciting to meet you – Seo Kang Jun –
Jjal-terview #Todays #Jjalterview #Preview
I took almost 40 or 50 photos that day
This was the only one turned out good out of all those pictures #Todays #Jjalterview #Preview
I guess that’s why I was laughing here after I saw it This was…. Beep! (Panic) Why was this even here?? Hahaha #OkieDokieKikie #Savedtheworld_intheirpastlives #Jealous #Kangjun I wanted to take a photo with my cats So I was trying to attract them with the toy hedgehog I took almost 40 or 50 photos that day This was the only one turned out good out of all those pictures -Introducing his cats-
This is Okie, the oldest -Introducing his cats-
This is Dokie, the second Kikie is the youngest, just joined 6 month ago Q. Send some messages through this video to Okie, Dokie, and Kikie? Messages to them? (Embarrassment) To Okie, Dokie, Kikie
Hey guys Having fun? Don’t make troubles Don’t break anything I will be done this and back home soon Then treat you some snacks once I get home… #Putyourhands_Knees_feet_together #So #Wellbehaving #Heard #Itsyourhabit This was when I went to Thailand to greet my fans there There was a very famous show host on Thai TV I was supposed to be on one of his shows I was writing down some of his lines on my palm So that I could manage to take a sneak peek Q. I heard that you are often to put your hands or feet together… This is what I am doing when I feel uncomfortable When I am not with my people And I am sitting like that right now Staffs: Sorry for making you uncomfortable What a joke~ #A_man_wholoves_sunset #SunsetJun #Sunsetspot This was Mapo Bridge I like walking around alongside Han River I usually go out by myself This was when I walked around Han River Grabbed some coffee, spent some time in a café #A_man_wholoves_nightview #NightviewJun #Iguess #Heis #Sceneryaddicted #Thisis #Nightviewspot There was a place where I usually went to enjoy night view This was when I was on V app there Q. Where was it? This was Maebong Mountain Park I said to my fans that “This is my favorite place for night view.” “Isn’t it so amazing?” and lived this place
Then some said that “Just show us your face, not night view.” So I laughed hard I guess that’s why I was laughing here after I saw it lol (Next) #Worst_lie_ever #A_homeless…? #Definitionof #Homelessis #Sowong #Sofar No, that’s not a lie This was when I was on the showI think I wasn’t able to take shower for like 3 days You can’t really see that on TV though But there were sands and dirt on my face I felt myself so dirty back then (He is explaining way too hard why he felt himself as a homeless)
I went in to the sea and didn’t take shower afterwards… My body was way too sticky #Shootingcommercial #Showingoff #Hisownbeauty #Scream This was on a set for B brand’s perfume commercial Q. Which commercial would you like to be on? A commercial that I want to be…? A Car commercial! I want to try it Since it is summer and hot It would be cool to be on a drink commercial, too (Next) #Eyecontact #Heartfallen #Icanthelp #Myheart #Keepsbeating This was when I was filming TV showVirtual dates It was a show in very unique format It was something I’ve never done before so thought it was interesting Q. You know this image is well known as an intense eye contact Yeah, right I was reading my lines staring at the camera Q. Please make an eye contact and give some smile to your fans #HUG #Having #Samethoughts #WishIwereher This was one scene fromMy line was “It’s a rule to hug you when you cry.” I was a robot I saw her crying so I hugged her (He was a robot so he would hug no matter what) #Iftherewerearobotlikeyou #Iwouldgivemysoul… #PoliceOppa #Iftherewere_anypolicelikeyou #Iwouldbewillingtogetarrested #Uniformisalove Q. Any uniform you’d like to try on? I want try on a navy uniform I don’t know how it would turn out though… #why don’t you know? #naturally it suits you Anyway I liked the police uniform To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention to wearing a uniform I thought like I just wore it because I had to But for my surprise, many people actually liked it (Feeling grateful) #Uniform #Impossible #Nottolikeyouonit #!!!!!!!!! #Why #are #you #holding #toiletpaper #while #taking #photos #whatsthe #secret This was… Toilet paper…? (Panic) Why is this toilet paper even here…? (Actually) This was a cheer for CSAT Wishing everything would go well If you drop toilet paper while you’re replacing it The toilet paper will be rolling over and keeping going That’s what I wanted to say Hoping things were keeping going and rolling well Q. Cheer message to students expecting CSAT this year? -To all students-
Hey guys The big day is coming in November I know it would be hard but I believe that if you pass through this You will get what you wish I am not saying that studying hard is everything I just you to do your best for the rest of the time Wish there is no regret afterwards Go! Guys! #LittleKangjun #Adorable #Icantell #Hewasalreadycute #evenbackthen This was a moment I was happy after eating my sister’s yogurt behind her back I don’t really remember if I went to any art classes But I found myself wearing this shirt in this photo So I got to know that I did when I was young I felt like my parents were trying hard To let me have many experiences Q. I think you were such a lovable child when you were young I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old My grandma usually brought me to her senior group My grandma’s friends were like adored me And said that I was cute and gave me some caramels too #Watcher #tough #Journey #Tobe #Actionstar Q. Have you done all stunts filming? Not all of them Q. What is your most favorite character out of what you’ve performed so far? Actually the director of our stunt team once let me do some challenging scene He though I wouldn’t be able to do it Somehow I made it and afterwards he just let me do it So literally I did them all Almost… Q. What is your most favorite character out of what you’ve performed so far? My heart goes to On Joonyoung ofHe still often comes to my mind He has a beautiful soul and is very honest
Somehow he is very alike me Somehow he is very alike me I guess that’s why he is my favorite…? #Welove #Onjoonyoungtoo #Somuch #Ha! #Gooddaddyqualified #Parentingexpert #No1bachelor This was with my Daebak I think this was hot chocolate Daebak wanted to drink hot choco so I got it for him Q. Do you like kids? Yes, I really like them You know on theCaptain Jang Haeryong’s daughter! She’s so adorable I literally watched her like this She’s so adorable Q. Are you going to be like those daddies who love their daughter or son too much so they don’t know what to do with them? Yeah I would be like that if I have a girl But… for a boy… You know what… uhm… looking at myself… I don’t want a boy… lol Q. Say something to W followers! Hi W followers! Did you enjoy this interview? Stay tuned for my upcoming photoshoot with W Korea Take care and all the best for you! Please subscribe W Korea YouTube And click likes!! Thank you! Digital Editor Jeongeun Sohn
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