(ENG/SPA) Try Not To Fall In Love with Park Seo Joon | #TNTChallenge | #Diggle

By | November 13, 2019

[TNT Challenge] (Starts off with a sweet but
normal kiss on the hand) (Kiss…♥)
(Bright sound) (Smooth back hug) (Tough-guy wrist grab) Where is she going?
She was watching me sleep (The amazing skill of a vice-chairman) (Feels like my heart’s melting) What? Shouldn’t you be able to put up with this
You’re the one who awakened my desire Awakened… What…? De… sire Gosh Desire… how… how can you
say something like that… Like it’s nothing much… (The calm vice-chairman) Watch out I’m not going to control myself anymore (The wild saying of the vice-chairman) (Sudden kiss) (♬ Kim Na Young – ‘I Only See You’
Playing ♬) (Editor’s having a hard time) (Your lips are going to wear out…) (I want to be Park Min Young
at this moment) (Non-stop line)
Call me often If you don’t, I’ll punish you How will you punish me? (Not a resistant test) (Eating up her lips again) (You said you’ll punish her) (Explicit SOUND) Like this (I give up…) (Sits like a feather) And because you’re so pretty I can’t be mad at you anymore (And I can’t bear it anymore…) (Lips and lap will wear out) (The use of this closet) (They don’t know when to stop) (Watch alone) (The people I respect most are) (The people who watched
this show with their parents) (BGM missing) (Holding breath) I don’t want to Let go of tonight..☆ (Wild confession) (♬ Jung Se Yoon – ‘It’s you’ ♬) (Park Seo Joon undoes the ribbon) (And the editor can’t feel her legs) (Two ways to piss people off is…) (First, to stop talking) (Secondly, to cut off a…) (It’s only morning you guys…) (♬ Song Yuvin – ‘The First Word’ Playing ♬) You’re so pretty… I don’t want to go to work…☆ You’re messing up my
inner peace and self-control (You’re messing up my inner peace as well) When I see you these days… I wonder if you’re the
same person as before… What does that mean? It means I like you much more…♡ (Sweet glare) But you still have to get ready for work (Now make your screen less bright…) (※Warning※ Watch alone) (I’m editing this at work) (And the kind of MOOD where I have to
be careful of people looking at my screen) (Kissing scene ASMR…) (I can’t write the subtitles anymore) (♬ Yun Ddan Ddan – ‘In the End’ Playing ♬) (The pro of cable TV) I love you I love you too (Everyone, stop smiling)
Stop smiling (We’ll pass you on to Lv.10
if you watch this with your parents) (Who were able to bear it up to here) I can’t stop you…☆

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