(ENG/SPA SUB) Kim Hee Chul×Seo Ji Hye Chemistry | Life Bar | Mix Clip

By | August 30, 2019

I think this is the first time
we’ve met on a show Yes, we’re meeting for the first time – Right?
– Yes, and we met once in a private setting – I’m sorry?
– In a private setting? When? – You said it was your first time!
– He thinks it’s your first time meeting Oh really? It was about 10 years ago I heard about this too 10 years ago?
That’s when I was a little punk! – Yes, you’re right!
– What? Even more than now? That’s when I was the rudest jerk
in the world! – It was with Kibum Kim from Super Junior
– Oh! Yes! You were close to Kibum! He said he was with a close friend of his
so I went and he was there Do you remember? Karaoke? Karaoke? I feel like I do but I can’t… So did I say “Hello” and take care of you? I heard you weren’t very polite We fought actually We fought? Don’t lie! – I hate drunken fights
– I’m not like that! I said “Hello” and he said
“How old are you?” So I said I was born in 1984 Oh! You’re 1 year younger than me Yes, so I said I was born in 1984
and he goes “Oh, you’re a baby” Aaahhhhh!!! So gross!!! – [Dong Yop] When you first met?
– Yea! “Oh, you’re a baby” Was he already drinking? Isn’t that a pick-up line? (Eww)
What was that~ I probably wanted to tell you
were a baby and say “Waaahh!” Waaaahh! You should have said this! [Hee Chul] It’s your fault! – I must have been interested
– We fought until we finished drinking – We fought like lovers?
– Huh? Let’s drink to that! Shall we order some drinks? Joon Hyun, I’m the one in a tough spot
why are you sweating? You should treat me better! I’m the one to break in a cold sweat
but you’re sweating for me instead! That looks good! Baby, do you want this? (Eww) I like it when you call me baby (The baby and the good looking guy) Me too, me too! I can’t do it for you
you’re going to regret this! – Alright, here I go!
– [Yu Ra] I’m curious! We’re the audience (Audience with the best seats)
The studio says you’re talented Huh? The studio says you’re talented (Hee Chul acts like him!)
People above and below you– – [Joon Hyun] Hold on a sec!
– Your acting! [Joon Hyun] “I thought of you
as my woman” (He learned to act by watching
) I lovetoo much! – It’s time to leave that behind!
– [Hee Chul] Got it! (Round 2) Do you think you can get by so easy
because people treat you well? (Acting pretty well without
any complications) Hey oldie, let’s have a drink Then… Then… am I allowed to feel my heartbeat for you? (Shattering the atmophere)
[So Yul] That’s such old fashion acting! There were lines (Talking about a scene looking at stars)
Including lines with the North Star There was Cassiogalpi in one of them (Cassiogalpi?) There was Cassiogalpi in one of them – [Dong Yup] Cassiopeia!
– Cassiopeia! You still got it wrong! Cassiogapi! [So Yul] You still got it wrong! (Cassiopeia)
(Cassiogalpi=Acanthopanax Senticosus) [Joon Hyun?] Did you see her expression?
She was super serious (Comibnation of star sign + plant)
“There was a Cassiogalpi” (Cassiogalpi(2017, founded by Ji Hye)) She was trying to say she got it wrong
but she said it wrong in the first place! (Getting dissed by her best friend )
Come over here I’m in tears (A story of her messing up her lines)
You were so serious about it! This is Heung Guk’s territory Oh is it? [Joon Hyun] Oh this… – I really didn’t know!
– But it was so cute! You’re really cute (It’s okay if you’re a female Heung Guk) (Now it’s Ji Hye’s turn)
[Dong Yup] Think of it as acting! Think of it as acting? Who should I do it too? (Right here ♥) (Huh?)
How do I even begin (What is she…??)
[Yu Ra] Or have another glass! (Trying to act cute) [So Yul] Don’t practice it! I don’t have a lot of cuteness
in me too but when you’re trying to act cute You have to stick your lips out (※ Make duck lips) Stick them out (Sticking her lips out) Oppa, please buy me some chocolate (Is this…right?) (Completely in love) If I drink all of this, we’re official [Hee Chul] She’s even cuter
because she’s never acted cute before! [Yu Ra] She’s good This wasn’t there before! Lemme take a look! If you want to see it, you have to
ask me cutely. Ready, go! (Easy)
Show me~ (Heart stopped x1000) [Yu Ra] She’s a natural Good thing Hee Chul
decided to be cast inWhy did you recommend such a good
program only just recently?

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    와 서지혜 84년생 비쥬얼 아닌데

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    서지혜 84년생인데 눈겁나높은듯

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    It's impossible to find this entire episode with subs T-T

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    서지혜 이렇게 예뻤었나ㄷㄷ

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    i'm not surprise if they dating, but heecchul bit hard to see woman as woman, he keep seeing them as friends…lol

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    김희철 ㅋㅋ ㅋ 크레이지

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    "Why did you recommend such a good program only just recently?"
    Also Heechul saying "damn!" in the end, hihi.

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    이쁜애들을 너무 많이 아니까 서지혜랑 만난게 기억이 안 날 수도 있구나..우리 같으면 절대 못 잊을텐데..ㅋㅋㅋ


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