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By | November 12, 2019

[Youn’s Kitchen Official Cut]
(At a restaurant a few days later) (No further explanations needed) (Yu-Mi has quickly been
promoted as section head) Hello (The new part-timer arrives all dressed up)
Hello (The staff have gathered
to come up with a new menu) (Greeting Seok Cheon,
who will help with the menu) (Ready to take notes)
I brought this [Seo Joon] Did you change your hair again? No, my hair changes every day Why are you being formal? Did I talk casually last time? You were like, “Hey, you, Seo Joon” I did not! (Joking)
“You need to do things right!” That’s what you said (Easy to make fun of) I did not He helps me out a lot – [Seo Joon] Hello!
– [Yu-Mi] Hello! Hello, ma’am Who’s teaching? Myself and Chef Lee Won Il Oh, like last time? Yes [Seo Jin] This time… [Seo Jin] She’s President Youn I’m the vice president Yu-Mi is the section head [Seok Cheon] Really? And now, Seo Joon has joined us Are you the youngest? The most promising in this group… is the youngest (Envious) It’s perfect! Our youngest will support us What are you gonna do? I’m in charge of the hall [Seok Cheon] Last time,
you just played around That’s how I do things (Self-dissing)
Don’t mind it Seo Joon is an employee
that everyone wants – Really?
– [Seok Cheon] He’s the popular type Really? With someone like him,
there’s nothing to fear Really? Still, the food is important– [Seok Cheon] No! (‘Really’ machine)
Really? Then, should Seo Joon be
in the hall instead of Yu-Mi? If Yu-Mi was in the hall,
there’d be a lot of male customers There weren’t (Easy to make fun of #2)
[Seo Jin] We tried! Maybe she wasn’t the popular type in Bali (Oh, my head) Since we’re introducing Korean food (Youn’s Kitchen #2 soon opening in Spain)
in Europe [Seok Cheon] Have you made
bibimbap at home? I’ve mixed rice before (The president has eaten bibimbap at home) [Na PD] With just plain rice (Director Lee is suddenly serious)
We’re gonna make bibimbap We need to have a variety You’re right They’re all similar but slightly different Then… Since there are many vegetarians,
how about bibimbap with fried tofu? – Fried tofu?
– [Seo Jin] But now… Yu-Mi has to cook,
so can Seo Joon make dessert? [Seok Cheon] He can This is how you need to tell us He’s in charge of the management (Director Lee shows dimples from herpraise)
Since he’s in charge of management I just need to listen to him For the appetizer… how about Korean pancakes? Korean pancakes as an appetizer? For dessert, I’ll teach you how to easily make hotteok First, I’ll teach you how to make dessert (The section head immediately takes notes)
The ingredients are very simple You’ll be able to easily make this
with local ingredients Wouldn’t they like
cinnamon powder sprinkled on top? You’re the best! This is when the president speaks up! [Seok Cheon] That’s a great idea, ma’am [Seo Jin] But… (Proposes making hotteok in advance)
We should make them in advance and toast them
whenever an order comes in You’re very smart [Seok Cheon] Did you major
in business administration? They don’t teach you how to make
hotteok in his school though (Director Lee’s Theory of Hotteok)
You’re right The colors aren’t pretty
if we serve the hotteok by itself It doesn’t look that great We need to cover up with ice cream If we crush some nuts and sprinkle them on the ice cream,
wouldn’t that be better? Or wouldn’t it be better to sprinkle
the chocolate syrup just on the side? It could be too sweet for those
who don’t like sweet stuff (The fruit from the theory of hotteok) (The world’s most perfect hotteok) [Seok Cheon] Now, I’ll teach you
how to make kimchi pancakes [Yuh Jung] They need to
be cut into small pieces [Seok Cheon] Yes, cut
into small pieces [Yu-Mi] I think people will like this a lot [Seok Cheon] Oh, really? (The president cooks
kimchi pancakes herself) (Flipping is very difficult)
It falls apart too easily For the tuna… (1. Drain oil from the tuna)
We should drain the oil! (2. Adjust the size best for flipping)
The bigger ones are better The smaller ones are more difficult to flip (3. Add more flour for consistency)
We should add more flour It’ll be easier to shape Why is she suddenly so passionate? She’s suddenly so into this (Immersed)
How about bacon and coriander together? (Absorbed)
We need to cook it more (Ecstatic)
Can we just do things very simply? (Thanks to President Youn’s passion,
the kimchi pancakes are done) Won Il – [Won Il] Yes
– Hurry and come in here! – Hello, nice to meet you
– Hello, I’m Lee Won Il Is this bibimbap? There are roughly four steps
to making bibimbap The vegetables! Meat! Next, the sauce! Seasoning! Then, the rice! There’s so much to prepare Watching and actually doing it
are completely different [Won Il] It takes a lot of work Shall we try stir-frying? (Seo Joon attempts to flip the food) – This is hard
– Isn’t it? We need to try it ourselves I think I get the feel of it Now, we need to do it together (Using sweet soy sauce) (Bulgogi bibimbap) (Using spicy red pepper paste) (Spicy pork bibimbap) (For vegetarians) (Vegetarian bibimbap) There’s a lot to prepare This is hectic Man, we need to cater to the European taste Will you be alright? (Hacks from hands-on experience)
We learn what’s works best as we go along From our previous experience I ran a lot of businesses [Won Il] Right, on the previous season This time, we have a lot on our shoulders There’s nothing to worry about My main filmography is Youn’s Kitchen (Seoul) (After a 13-hour plane ride) (El Prat Airport in Barcelona) (In the plane to Tenerife) I caught one expression Thank you very much What’s that? Thank you very much Guess the right answer I couldn’t memorize them (The section head manages the part-timer) Bienvenido Welcome How about ‘Please speak’? Digame (Confident) How about ‘how many people’? Cuantas personas son? Primera vez aqui? Primera vez aqui? I don’t know – What is it?
– ‘Is it your first time here?’ ‘Yes, it’s my first time’ That’s right ‘What’s your name?’ Como Te llamas? (Rising confidence,
recites the numbers) (Recites without stopping) (The section head is even more excited) Now, switch I don’t know anything I’m not gonna do it Giving up? [Yu-Mi] I’ll just slice the carrots well (Yu-Mi sleeps) (I won’t do it, either) (Shakes his head) (Studying hard even during a long flight) (Seo Joon even took
Spanish lessons from a friend) (Even the gestures!) (Stammers) (Spanish for serving food) (Spanish for groceries) (Spanish for explaining the menu)

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