(ENG/SPA/IND) [#Entourage] It’s Seo Kang Jun♥An So Hee Secret Love, Right? | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

By | January 24, 2020

Yes, sir Is Yeong-bin with you? Yes, he’s with me
but he’s headed somewhere I heard he hangs out with
An So Hee a lot lately No, it’s not a lot
Just once in a while What do they do when they meet? They just catch a movie, get something
to eat… You know, the usual – Just the two of them?
– No, no With all of us, me and
So Hee’s friends included Hey, the reporters are
starting to dig into them They’re about to break the story
What are those two doing? Well, it’s just like when they were in school Hey, Cup Ramen Yes, sir They’re just friends, right? If you’re lying to me
you’re dead Of course, they’re friends
They’re definitely friends Sh… Alright, sir Hey You’ve gotten so good at lying You’re a true manager Kim Eun-gap’s minion!
Kim Eun-gap’s sidekick! Look at him texting her right away Hey, celebrities these days
don’t text much because they fear it might get leaked Oh, really? Hey, Mr. Kim called earlier What did he say? That the reporters are sniffing around I think they know something Hey! You should really be careful People post on their social media
when they spot celebrities The reporters could find out that way I told him you two were just friends
so be more discreet, will you? Fine I honestly don’t care about the reporters – Sure
– I’m more scared of Eun-gap So Hee’s also keeping our relationship
a secret from her agency I’m scared of the reporters and I’m more scared of Mr. Kim So help me out here Please be careful Fine, I know it’s hard for you I’ll tell Eun-gap everything
sooner or later Hey, it hasn’t been long
since So Hee’s scandal Let’s please be more careful, okay? Those Dispatch guys hide around
the bushes and take photos No way Whatever, I don’t care Do you not care about anything? Hey, do you like her that much?
Are you happy? Of course he is Don’t you remember him saying So Hee’s
cute when he met her at the OT? Did I say that? You said that a hundred times Hey, So Hee Didn’t you go to bed yet? [So Hee] No, I can’t seem to fall asleep I think it’s because of the all-nighters Really? Then what do we do? [So Hee] Do you want to meet up? Really? [Ho-jin] Where are you going? Didn’t you go to bed? No, I couldn’t sleep Why not? There’s this actor that I manage and he’s in a risky romantic relationship So I’m very stressed out Come on I think it’s because the girl you like
found out about how you feel No, it’s not But where are you going? No way Huh? No way She just said she missed me At this hour? I’ll be back in a bit What will you do when they take
pictures of you two together? Come on, at this hour? There’s no one out there
I’ll be careful You have a photoshoot for an
outdoor apparel tomorrow You have to get ready in the morning
You know that, right? I do? Okay, fine Hey Do you want me to come with you? Are you my dad? – Be careful
– Okay [♬ BGM “Even Though” playing]

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  1. 김예진 Post author

    진짜 서강준이랑 소희는 볼때마다 둘이 닮은 거 같으면서도 안닮았고 뭔가 비슷하다

  2. linobearable Post author

    Full version of this kissing scene …The. Hottest. Kiss. Ever!

  3. 재현 Post author

    드라마에서 서강준이랑 안소희랑 키스신할때 혀 집어넣어서 찐으로 사귀는줄알았음

  4. 으으 Post author

    날씨가 좋으면 찾아가겠어요 서강준 박민영 문정희 이재욱) 나오는 드라마 어서 보그싶당 2월 어서와라 ㅠㅠ 강준앙 ㅠㅠㅠ

  5. 김처돌 Post author

    안투라지 진짜 서강준 리즈얼굴만 남기고 간 드라마…. 티비엔 선생님들 백인호 모음집이나 더 내주세요

  6. 기됴ᅭ Post author

    서강준은 나는 안티팬이항 결혼했다 후준 닮았어 ,,,, 후준 실사화 ,,,,,

  7. 매트PD Post author

    쾅수 옷 춈 입워~ 들아마 무비 안카리고 맨날 뽤궤붯고 다녀 아이참~

  8. 김에리 Post author

    다들 서강준 리즈 리즈 하는데 도대체 리즈가 아닌 시절은 언제임?


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