(ENG/SPA) Duos.. Can They Really Be Any Cuter?! P.O. ♥ Mino, Seo In Guk ♥ Hoya’s Bromance | Mix Clip

By | August 30, 2019

Salted mackerel! (Mino worried that he’ll break from character)
Uh, what is it? (Welcome, friend!) What the, this is [email protected]#$%^ (1. Mino♥P.O.) (Facial Expression Evaluation Results) (Joy 30%, Happiness 30%, Sad 0%,
Surprised 40%, Anger 0%, What is this? 4000%) (What is he doing here?) (HAPPY) (It’s nice to see you~) [Jae hyun] Is this for real? Really? Yeahhhh~~ Wahhhh~ I still can’t believe it? [10 years of friendship are finally
being revealed for the better] Start! (XX Apartment where Mino
and P.O. lived together) I! Chicken? I! Outside? I!! Chicken? I! LIVE! HERE! (Your real name)
Pyo Ji hoon? YOU AND ME 같이 산 데! You and me? (♥Friend♥)
Friends? WE SLEPT HERE TOGETHER! (You and me) Trainees? Nope… (Blood pressure starts rising) (Don’t get mad!) YOU AND ME LIVED TOGETHER HERE! SLEEP TOGETHER? SERIOUS HEART TO HEART TALK! (Overload) MY HOUSE YOUR HOUSE! MY HOUSE!!! (Your house is my house…)
Ay, MY HOUSE! (They’re fighting over the same house) Wow… He really can’t! (Unfair)
Slow down! I can’t hear you! (P.O. X Mino are the ultimate finisher)
(Laughter is starting to well up) What? (Not yet) Nope! No! Nope! No! Yes! Yes! (Another foreign name)
(Shakespeare) Hey, look over here!
This drawing and that drawing What is he saying? (※FYI, this is what P.O. is looking at) (Mino & P.O. practiced “Hamlet” together)
How you do in the entrance exam? (Had to pass)
I passed! (Mino & P.O.’s high school!)
Our school! The school we went to together High school! Mackerel! Mackerel! Salted mackerel! (Shout out to all salted mackerels that
took the college entrance exam recently) No, you (It’s your fault)
You got a piercing here You mouth was like this and this… (We should’ve done it like them…) (Uruguay) U! Ru! (Attaching with the jaw)
Gua! Y! What is that? U! Ru! – Gua!
– Urusaygua! (Nope) U! RU! RUU RUUU RUUU~ (No pantomime, please!) (Slowly!) U! RU! Your mouth all looks like
everything’s connected! U! RU U.S.A! I said Uruguay so many times now! (Next question!)
(Manchester United) MAN! CHE! STER! WHAT!? MAN! CHE! – CHE!
HEYYY!! UNITED! Why do you keep saying “Urusuay”? MANCHESTER UNITED I feel like I’m dying… (Okay, Next Question…!)
(Life Cycle Secrets) – SANG!
– CELL…? – RO–
– Sailor Moon! (Trying to Keep it PG: Auto Censorship) (The Final Question is the hardest) POLICE STATION! WINDOW BARS
ARE MADE OUT OF STEEL Wow, are you allowed to say that on TV? (What…?)
Police station window bars Wipe out the entire police station…! (We love the entire police station♥) (Mino said it, we didn’t) (Director bursts out laughing) (2. Seo In Guk♥Hoya) (Real Teen Romance) ♬ I Can Hear Your Voice Playing ♬ Do you have an English dictionary? Yeah Hey, you You can only practice for 3 seconds – You’re more accurate than Woo Ji won!
– Gotcha So heavy! How’s your arm? Angel?
(1004: Sound like the Korean word for “Angel”) Who are you? Yoon Jae only listens to K2 songs He’s such an old grandpa Who are you!? Birth date? October 4th 1004 Okay The truth might be a little uncomfortable But if we don’t embrace the distress, we will forever misunderstand the fake to be real
for the rest of our lives Uncomfortable truth should be embraced Not everything that can be seen is everything [Sportscaster] Seo Jeong Hun gets in [Sportscaster] Choi Yong soo gets in, and
Seo Jeong Hun is coming out front I took notes in Korean history Yeah, you were going nuts about it Why? Do you know that I love you? What is this? Oh, my, Joon Hee Si Won hasn’t eaten you yet? Didn’t you go to the baseball game? What’s up? What do you mean? I came to see you, Joon Hee Hey She’s trying to get to you, recently Watch out. If you get snatched by her,
you won’t survive Why would Si Won do that to me? Are you really giving this to me? I named him Yoon Jae, but you can change it Yoon Jae? Oh, actually, he resembles you a lot Look, look Hey, Yoon Jae. I’ll buy you a lot of yummy things from now on I said change the name No I like the name Yoon Jae Please write the application There’s Joon Hee. You can tell
Joon Hee to go Joon Hee is also going
to the Airforce Academy What? Why do you want to go to
the Airforce Academy? I just want to go What about you?
Is it because of your dad? It’s because of someone else Me, too I said, “Me, too” Should I ask for you? Do you have a crush on someone? It is even worth asking that? Yes, it is Do you have a crush
on anyone at the moment? Yes Is it someone I know? Yes ♬ Tear – Ria ♬ Did you say you have
a secret crush on someone? I don’t have any But I have someone that I like Who? You What, you crazy motherf**ker! Never mind, bastard! I’m not curious! At all! Even if you want to tell me,
I won’t ask you ever! You crazy bastard! Crazy! Ah, you freaked me out! It’s really you! – For real
– Stop it! You crazy motherf**ker!

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