[ENG/INDOSUB] When the Weather is Fine Ep.1 Subtitle Indonesia (Seo Kang-Joon & Park Min-Young)

By | February 25, 2020

(All characters, places, companies,) (and incidents in this drama are fictitious.) (Books) (Good Night Bookstore) (Episode 1: Wind Blowing Through a Willow Tree) (Head Teacher) (Good Night Bookstore) (Books) (Bukhyeon-ri Rice-paddy Skating Rink) Uncle. Uncle. Hey. How was school today? Did you see something? What did you see? A ghost? – No. – Uncle. (Hodu House) (Hodu House) Auntie, I’m here. Auntie? What brings you here? You didn’t even call, again. What? Am I not allowed to come here? I’m just asking because you have no reason to visit. Do you want some pie? Where did you get this? Su Jeong gave it to me. You should heat it up in the microwave. It’s cold. You do it, then. What’s going on? Are you taking some time off or what? This is me. What? You didn’t know that I was in this picture? I guess I didn’t. You can see it every time you’re doing the dishes. I know. I asked you if you’re taking time off work. Until when? When do you have to go back to Seoul? We’ll see. I don’t plan to go back for a while. Seriously? You really don’t plan to go back to Seoul for a while? What about your mom? Auntie. I saw the two new guesthouses up the street. Is that why no one comes here anymore? So are you really going to live here? You were just joking, right? No, I wasn’t. Gosh, it’s hot. I really am going to live here for the time being. How are you going to live here? Like you. Just… You know, without any plans. What about the academy? You see, I don’t think I’m qualified to teach anyone. There’s no such thing. No one does stuff because they’re actually qualified to do it. Everyone just does things. Just because it’s what they do. To make money. Then I really can’t do it. Are you done eating? No. Go to bed when you’re done. But you see, you shouldn’t quit your job so easily. And don’t talk like I’m wasting my life here. Ms. Mok, what did you just say to me? What did you just say? Why did you cut Si Hyeon’s cello strings? What are you worried about? She said I can only play decently because I have a good cello. But it’s true. Hey! What? How dare you! This is unacceptable. Am I wrong? Does this even make sense to you? How could a teacher… What is this? Even teachers at school don’t hit students these days. Do you think you have the upper hand? Let me remind you that we do! My gosh. Of course, we’re aware that… How dare she hit my daughter? When she’s a mere cello teacher? I want a full refund. Na Gyeong, tell me exactly how and where she hit you. She slapped me in the face. – Hey, come here. – My gosh, please! – Come here, you witch. – Gosh, no! – Let go. How dare you hit her? – Please calm down, ma’am. I’m going to make this place shut down, so brace yourself. – Gosh. Apologize to her at once. – I’m speechless. (Wake from a deep slumber to make a hot cup of tea.) (It will melt the sadness from the day before.) (Hodu House) Hi. Hi. Hey. Over there. Those things that look like marshmallows. What are they called? Do you know? Bales. It’s also called silage. Right. That was the name. – I’m telling you. – Cut it out. Testing. Come in, Lim Eun Seop. Calling Lim Eun Seop, over. Dad, you can talk to me without that. I can hear you. But I can’t hear you, over. Well, I can hear you loud and clear even without… Use your radio, over. Go ahead, Dad. Testing. Lim Eun Seop, come to the skating rink with a rake later. Meet me there, over. Roger that. Say “over” at the end, over. Over. What are you doing here? Oh, I need to borrow that thing. Is that all you need? Yes. How long are you staying this time? Until spring, I think. Until spring? Probably. See you around. Tell me if you ever need anything. If I need anything? A car, for example. Myeong Yeo doesn’t have a car, you know. Right. Can I borrow it now? What? Your car. Can I borrow it now? Is that okay? Bye. Auntie. That guy next door… Who? I mean Lim Eun Seop. What about him? I think he’s changed. What do you mean? I mean… Bye. He’s like a different person. – Like a different person? – Yes. As if he went missing for a while and came back. Don’t be ridiculous. What? Isn’t it possible? Wait. That reminds me, I didn’t see him around for years… See? But technically, he wasn’t missing. He wasn’t? Auntie. Gosh, what is it now? Why does Eun Seop call you by your first name? What? You’re well over 40. – What did you say? – Also, what’s with your sunglasses? Did you get plastic surgery while I was away? “That day, Irene asked me.” Give me that, Hwi! Eun Seop. Didn’t I tell you not to touch my stuff? “Those things that look like marshmallows.” “What are they called?” Eun Seop, who’s this Irene? – Go away. – Eun Seop, who is she? – Stop following me. – Who is Irene? “Good night, Irene.” Did he engrave this himself? The best-looking thing on her is her glasses. Excuse me. Whatever it is, her bag… What did you say you needed again? Goodness. Take off your glasses. Take them off. Flexible tap connectors, doorknobs, an electric drill, screws, a silicone gun, and a snow shovel. Please. What kind of shovel do you need? A plastic one. Right, do you sell mint-green paint? Gosh! Goodness, that scared me. Look at that. You’re even painting the house. It’ll be so pretty, right? No, not at all. You tend to be a bit pessimistic. I think you’re overly optimistic. Isn’t the mint-green color just lovely? No, it isn’t. We have to do this to attract more guests. I’m afraid the paint will crack when the temperature goes down. The temperature isn’t going down. I already checked. The temperature isn’t going down in winter? Do you believe that? How innocent of you. That’s what the weather forecast said. Should I ask a passing dog instead? Yes, I’d rather believe the words of a passing dog. You’ll see. There will be no rain or snow for some time. (Hodu House) “There will be no rain or snow for some time.” I’m afraid my whole house will melt and flow… into a stream of mint-green. Gosh, this is bad. What? Wait. Auntie! Auntie! Auntie! Auntie! Auntie, open the door! Auntie! What are you doing? Auntie! Gosh, I’m freezing. Who is… (Good Night Bookstore) I didn’t know you owned a bookstore. I didn’t know this was a real bookstore either. Yes, it’s been about three years. I see. Do you sell used books too? No. Then what are these? I’m just holding onto them. “Holding onto?” Well, some people who come here read bits and bits… and leave bookmarks between the books. You know, like whiskey or wine. I’m just trying it so more people can visit my bookstore comfortably. You can do that too if there’s a book you like. Why did you name this place “Good Night Bookstore”? I was wondering why ever since I saw the sign. Eating and sleeping well… is more difficult than we think. It is? It’s such a basic thing, but people still have trouble with it. So… I named this place hoping people can eat well… and have a good night’s sleep. Eating and sleeping well? Is that all there is to life? Then what else is there? Thanks for the tea. Wait. Here. Wear this. “Eating and sleeping well.” “Since sleeping well is a good thing.” “Waking up well, eating well,” “working well, and getting good rest.” “And if you sleep well at night,” “that’s what you call a really good life.” “So have a good night, everyone.” Hae Won, come on! – Hurry, let’s go! – Okay.[VIU Ver] jTBC E01 ‘When the Weather is Fine’
“Wind Blowing Through a Willow Tree”
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-(Good Night Bookstore) (Good Night Bookstore, Books) (Hodu House) Auntie, I’m going to clean the warehouse today. Gosh, darn it! Eun Seop, have some of this. – Dad, here. – No, you can have it. Your dad has had a lot. Okay, Mom. Dad, have some of this. This tastes good too. Eat up. – Mom. – What? He has a new girlfriend. – Really? – What? Who? I don’t have a girlfriend. Don’t listen to her. – Her name is Irene. – What? Is she a foreigner? Where is she from? That’s not true at all. Let’s eat. Come on. I saw everything. Mom, look at him lying without even batting an eye. Finish this and get lost. Eun Seop is not even 30 yet. I’m not ready to send him away. My goodness. That’s so corny. By the way, Eun Seop. Do you have time this afternoon? I think it’ll be better… to sell tteokbokki from the greenhouse. Do you want to go grocery shopping with me? Tteokbokki sounds great. Tteokbokki is the best menu for a skating rink. Business was slow lately. That will help increase our sales. Man, no one even listens to me. Are you even my real brother? – Mom. – Yes? I need to use your car today. What? What do you need it for? Did your car break down? – No, I lent it to someone. – Your car? Who? – Well… – Wait. Hold on a second. You… lent your car to your girlfriend, didn’t you? You lent it to Irene. – What? – See? I told you. Doesn’t she need an international driver’s license? No, it’s not what you think. – She probably has one. – Of course. So which country is she from? She may be from Europe. I’m home. Come on, do me this favor. Go to the academy nearby… and pretend to be a student and enroll for a month. What’s so hard about that? Just blend in with the others and pretend you’re learning. I’ll even pay for your class. How about it? – I… – Ms. Mok. You don’t think this is spying, do you? That’s ridiculous. This is just research. Don’t you know what I mean? Oh, my. You’re so good. How could you be so talented? Min Ji, it’s your turn. Let’s go, Min Ji. All right, let’s see. Ready, begin. Ms. Mok, don’t you think our head teacher… is so obsessed with her health? I know, she always drinks those fresh pear juices. – Did you get one too? – Ms. Mok, you ordered a Caramel Macchiato, right? Ms. Mok? Ms. Mok, are you listening? And the academy teaches classical music. – Isn’t her style so old-fashioned? – Totally. – She always wears floral dresses. – Yes, exactly! Gosh, I can’t believe you got caught. You put me in an awkward situation. You should’ve been careful. That academy’s head teacher totally belittled me. Ms. Mok, you put me in such a bind. Ms. Mok, I’m keeping an eye on you. Your teaching method is quite boring as well. Pardon me? I mean, you need to find some fun, interesting things… so that the kids can enjoy your lesson. Your lessons are too dry and theoretical. That’s why I told you… to go to the other academy and learn a thing or two. Make some effort. Shouldn’t you at least watch shows like “Gag Concert”? (Lesson Rooms 9, 10, 11) Hi, everyone! Hi, kids. – My gosh! – What is that? – Hi, kids. – My goodness. You said the lesson was boring, so I wore this today… – to entertain you kids. – What are you wearing? I won’t sit in my seat until you take this off! Auntie. Auntie, what should we have for dinner? Hello? Oh, you’d like to make a reservation? Yes, of course. What are the dates? Who said you could accept reservations? We need to accept reservations to make money. We don’t need to make money. Why not? I reported the business as closed a year ago. – What? – That answers your question, right? But why… Who said you could do that? I did it because I wanted to. I own this house, after all. I know that you own this house, but it’s also Grandma’s house. Grandma ran a guesthouse here all her life. You can’t just go ahead and report the business as closed. Then what? Do you want me to open my mom’s coffin and ask her? You’re so mean. I can’t do it anymore because I’m getting old. Auntie, you’re only 48. Right. My age exhausts me. Then how are you going to earn a living from now on? Shouldn’t that concern you more than me? Auntie. This house is no longer any of your business. I’ll take care of it from now on. But how can I not care? There are so many things that require repair. Right, the money you spent on all the repairs. Ask for the money back. You’re probably broke now. I’ll tally it up and pay you back. That’s not necessary. I fixed those things because I wanted to. The business was one thing, but I was also worried about you living in such an old house. Worried, my foot. Let’s be honest. You never worry about me. What do you mean? Didn’t you do that to keep your mind off things? What did you say? You came here to escape your reality and blow off steam. But you needed to keep yourself busy, so that’s what you did. Am I wrong, Mok Hae Won? No, you’re right. But must you tell a fool that she is a fool? (Hodu House) (Good Night Bookstore) Hey, Eun Seop! Who is Irene? Who is she? I’m asking you who she is! Hey, are you not going to tell me? Is it her? What? Testing. Hello. Members of the Good Night Club, the world’s oldest… dispersed nocturnal organization. She’s back. Uncle. Did you see something? A ghost? No. There’s only one reason… why I like winter. The leaves that were covering my window have fallen, so I can now see your window across the street. And because of Christmas… and New Year’s Day, you come back to this town and spend a few days here. Hey. Over there. Those things that look like marshmallows. What are they called? Do you know? Bales. It’s also called silage. That day, Irene asked. “Over there.” “Those things that look like marshmallows.” “What are they called?” Could it be insomnia? Then shall I tell her? About the world’s oldest dispersed nocturnal organization. (Good Night Bookstore) Should I invite her to join the Good Night Club? (Should I invite her to join the Good Night Club?) (Hodu House) Testing. Calling Lim Eun Seop, over. Go ahead, Dad. No. I’ll probably not be able to say anything to her. Here. Thanks. Even if she was right in front of me, I wouldn’t be able to say it. Do you want some coffee? I didn’t know you owned a bookstore. I didn’t know this was a real bookstore either. Why do you have so many copies of the same book? “Wind Blowing Through a Willow Tree”? Yes. It’s an interesting book. I bought different versions to see if they tell the same story. Do they? Yes, more or less. By the way, why did you name this place “Good Night Bookstore”? “Why did you name this place ‘Good Night Bookstore'”? she asked. Since sleeping well is a good thing. Waking up well, eating well, working well, and getting good rest. And if you sleep well at night, that’s what you call a really good life. So have a good night, everyone. Eun Seop, focus! Come on. – All right, attention. – A “good night” has been… an important topic in my life. But I’ll never be able to tell her that. X squared minus… It’s because… I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to comfort someone. I never knew… what to say to her when she’d been crying. Hey, Eun Seop! Who is Irene? Who is she? I’m asking you who she is! Hey, are you not going to tell me? Is it her? What? – It’s you. – You mean it’s her? I mean you, Hwi. – Me? – Yes, you. Me? But why? – Why am I Irene? – You just are. Why would you write about me and the rice paddies… – Hey, go away. – Why… Oh, my. What did I do now? – Go away right now. – Stay away! I’m going home. But we’re not done yet! So, Irene from “Good night, Irene”… Yes, it’s her. My little sister. – I see. – We both have insomnia. More coffee? No, thanks. That’s right. I blew it. Hello. Oh, yes. Now? Are you sure about this? I mean… I’ve never been to a school reunion. I didn’t even know there was one. There’s been one every year for the past 10 years, although I didn’t go to every one of them. I’m not sure if it was a good idea to drag you into this. Don’t worry. It can’t be that bad, can it? We’ve been open for days now, but the sign is still not on. Make sure it’s fixed soon, okay? All right. This is why you should never hire a neighbor. (Grand Opening) – Cut it out! – Seriously. – Are you picking a fight? – Come on. – Hey. – You had a crush on Eun Sil. Guys, stop. That’s not true at all. – It’s not. – Jang Woo. Don’t you remember buying 100 roses for Eun Sil? Hey! It’s not true. – It’s confirmed now. – I never had a crush on her. – Cut it out. – You did have a crush on her. – You did. – There was so much drama. You guys talk as if you know what happened, but there’s something I haven’t told you guys. What is it? Eun Sil actually had a crush on me. – That’s pathetic. – Don’t be ridiculous. Guys, you know I was Eun Sil’s closest friend, right? He’s making it up. Eun Sil kept complaining about how he was following her around… – and it was driving her crazy. – Right. Are you serious? Does anyone know her phone number? Let’s find out the truth. I can’t believe this guy. You’re just trying to get her number. How pathetic. – Exactly. Forget it. – No, I’m not. Jang Woo, that’s enough. Oh, right. Hae Won, I heard you teach cello in Seoul. How is it? Is it fun? Well, kind of. Hae Won, do you enjoy living alone in Seoul? I’m sick of farming. I’d love to live alone in Seoul. – Me too. – I want to live alone too. Hey, you’re stuck here on your farm forever. Only a pretty girl like Hae Won can live in Seoul. What’s with you? Are you really in the position to criticize my looks? – Guys, calm down. – Mind your own business. – Who even called him here? – Guys, stop. Oh, Ji Yeon is here. Ji Yeon, welcome. Gosh, why is it suddenly so cold? – Jun Yeong is here too. – Honey, you left me behind. Didn’t I say I wanted to come too? He’s so big now. Oh, my. Hae Won. Goodness. Can we switch? Unbelievable. You finally came to a school reunion. I’m so happy to see you. How have you been? I’ve been good. You never know. How did you end up marrying him? Well… I’ll tell you later. Eun Seop, it’s you. How’s your bookstore doing? It’s doing okay. Ji Yeon, tell these guys the truth. They think I had a crush on Eun Sil. You know it’s not true. She… Yes, you did. See? It’s true. I can’t be the only victim. Be prepared, guys. Hae Won, did you get a tattoo? – You did? Is that a tattoo? – Really? Oh, this? It’s just a sticker. It comes off. – A sticker? – Is there a sticker like this? – It’s pretty. – Did you get a dragon tattoo? – It’s nice. – Oh, I know. Apart from me, did any of you have a crush on anyone? We should definitely call Eun Sil here. Right? That’s the only way to make him stop talking. It’s just that I know something. – Am I right? – What is it? What? Why? Eun Seop. Is there someone you used to like here or not? Answer me. – What are you… – Okay. – Who? – Stop it, he’s getting upset. – He won’t get upset. – Stop it. Eun Seop always leaves quietly after a few drinks. – What if he stops coming now? – Where are you going? – The bathroom. – I can’t go down alone like this. – All right, cut it out. – Eun Seop. If you don’t answer, you need to drink this as a penalty. Who was the person you liked among us? – I didn’t like anyone. – I told you. He can’t say. That means there is someone. I’m telling you, there is someone. Do you want me to say it? I’m going to say it then. Okay? Look at him. He’s totally flustered. Come on, tell us. It was Mok Hae Won. My gosh. Well… Hae Won is pretty. It was Hae Won? – Hey, where is Jun Yeong? – What? Why? Where is Jun Yeong? Where’s my son? How could you not look after your own child? – Jun Yeong! – Where did he go? – Is he a magician or something? – Jun Yeong! – Don’t crack jokes. – He’ll make a great magician. – What’s going on? – Jun Yeong is gone. – Jun Yeong! – Where is he? Guys, Jun Yeong is here. – What? – My goodness. Gosh, Jun Yeong. He can become a magician and throw magic shows. Magic is a trend lately. You know, he can throw magic shows… all across the nation and even at service stations. He can even go to Jeju Island… and get himself some sawedged perch… – Are you listening? – Yes. You know, kids these days… need to be raised to be the next David Blaine. Come here, Jun Yeong. Members of the Good Night Club, the world’s oldest… dispersed nocturnal organization. Are you all asleep? Guys, I must say… Sorry. I have something to ask you. No. What? What do you mean no? You know, what I said earlier. I was talking in the past perfect. Oh… Do you mean… when you said you liked me? Yes. It’s an emotion that no longer exists. Guys, I must say… I blew it. I totally blew it. Roger. (Good Night Bookstore) (Good Night Bookstore Private Blog Posting) (There’s only one reason why I like winter.) (The leaves that were covering my window have fallen,) (so I can now see your window across the street.) (And because of Christmas and New Year’s Day,) (you come back to this town and spend a few days here.) (When the Weather is Fine) What I said during our reunion. I hope it doesn’t bother you. You said it in the past perfect anyway, didn’t you? – Hey! – What are you doing tonight? There’s a place I like. Do you want to go with me? It looks different. It’s a willow leaf. How pretty. – Where are you going so early? – To work. There’s not much to do. We hardly get any customers. So I just have to guard this place? I’m so happy you’re here.

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