ENERGY STAR Certified Homes – Technical Guidance Webpage Updates

By | January 15, 2020

Welcome to the landing page
for the ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes
Program Requirements. In this 2-minute video,
you’ll get a quick tour of its
key features. On this page, you’ll see a map
showing which version
of the program is being implemented
in each state and
U.S. territory, the implementation timeline
for each program version, all of the program requirements
currently in effect
across the country, and additional resources,
such as the Policy Record and
the ENERGY STAR® Reference Design documents. By selecting a state or
U.S. territory from the dropdown
in the top left corner you’ll be taken to a page with
information specific to that location. For example,
by selecting Texas, you’ll see the climate zones
of all counties in this state, the most current program
requirements that are applicable, and the implementation
timeline specific to that state. By selecting a specific county
in the state from the dropdown in the top left corner You’ll be shown additional
information specific to that
county, including the county-level
design temperature limits, and the efficiency features of the
ENERGY STAR® Reference
Design at a glance. The efficiency features at a
glance show the key features of the
thermal enclosure system, HVAC system, water heating
equipment, and lighting
and appliances that the ENERGY STAR® Reference
Design is configured with.
While these features are not mandatory, these measures, with
equivalent performance, can be
used to satisfy the performance target of the program. That completes our quick tour.
Please take a moment to
bookmark the main page,
/newhomesrequirements so you can start using the new
and improved ENERGY STAR
technical website.

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