100 thoughts on “Eminem – Darkness

  1. Resulrza Agarzazade Post author

    Eminem raps is faster than my internet connection

  2. Izzat Othman Post author

    Wheres youtube, you need to spread this, not advertising shit

  3. Екатерина Тан-Бин Post author

    Русские реперы..смотрите и учитесь недопевцы😂

  4. UNDERCOVER Post author

    This video is not on trending, because YouTube is sensitive about guns. They miss the point.

  5. Buford Post author

    This is some of the most powerful shit I've seen in a long time!

  6. Jese Garcia Post author

    I knew that would happen that's why living as World as madness it won't never change how long everyone will live like this ? As longest they changed everything soon as possible before everything will messed up

  7. Sa Xx Post author

    no matter your opinion about gun control, you can't deny that this man is lyrically unbeatable. storytelling from two perspectives in one track just unbelievably amazing. the goat is a legend. 🐐👑💎

  8. Thats what She Said Post author

    ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Eminem (Feat:Darkness ) ───────────⚪────── ◄◄⠀▐▐⠀►► 𝟸:𝟷𝟾 / 6:05⠀───○

  9. Mexican Stan Post author

    Infinite : it’s ok

    Slim shady lp: rock bottom

    Mmlp : Stan and maybe the way I am

    Eminem show : white america / sing for the moment / hailies song

    Encore : toy soldiers / mosh / mockingbird

    Relapse : beautiful

    Recovery : talking to myself / going trough changes / not afraid / never over

    Mmlp 2 : legacy / headlights / beautiful pain

    Shady xv : gust over fear / fine line

    Revival : most of the songs 🙏🏽🔥

    Kamikaze : stepping stones

    Mtbmb : darkness/ leaving heaven / no regrets

    Still people says he doesn’t have content and this it’s only my point of view.. someone else got different list than mine tho ..

  10. knoll Feliciano Post author


  11. M H B E Deeb Post author

    I think now people feel more what happened in muslims mosque ( new zealand 🇳🇿 )

  12. muhammed sowe Post author

    For a sec, I tot I had watched this video when I first listen to the song. Who felt the same

  13. Marthin Bruce Pinkman 2909x99 Post author

    I hope the citizens of the United States should not use firearms carelessly if you want the twilight of the fire please take care of your permission Carrying firearms for the United States Become great again ♥️🙏

  14. Youcef Djamel Eddine MECHTA Post author

    This is em’s message to help war veterans inner problems to prevent events like that, which coincidentally drops at the same time with iran usa shit

  15. Garibubu Princess Post author

    can't believe eminem thinks the vegas shooting is a funny gag. yeah it's kind of clever that you're comparing the speed of your rapping to the bullets raining down on the concert goers that fateful day, but it's just not cool to make a joke about something like that… but this is the guy that inspired many school shooters so what should i expect…

  16. Rajath BN Post author

    Ladies and Gentlemen, This is real Rap. no mumble rapping, Strong message that leaves you speechless
    Em has always been the greatest and this proves it

  17. eddiload x Post author

    Sometime I paused the video so em can breath.

    Ops my bad. Wrong song

  18. FinskaRS Post author

    Powerful message from Eminem. You guys need to change gun laws, otherwise stuff keeps happening.

  19. jamarcwv11 Post author

    Yeah no words on mental health, drug abuse awareness, or that fact that drugged up dude apparently 'snuck' in an entire armory of weapons into a hotel by 'himself' without getting caught on camera. THERE WERE MULTIPLE REPORTS OF DIFFERENT SHOOTERS BY NUMEROUS PEOPLE AND NONE OF IT WAS REPORTED. This is gun grabbing at its finest, modern day Germany propaganda for low Iq masses to rally behind. Just know legal gun owners aren't the problem. 30000 PEOPLE ATTEND THE VIRGINIA GUN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS AND THERE WAS ONE ARREST MADE TOTAL. LEGAL GUN OWNERS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM.

  20. how to Post author

    I just heard escape from heaven were eminem disses his father. The closing line was "Rest in peace we'll meet in HELL"

  21. PsychoWhite Post author

    And since the video dropped i already saw news about at least 10 more shootings around America.

  22. Amit GG Post author

    "slim shady makes me laugh"

    "Eminem makes me serious"

    "Marshall Mathers make me cry"

  23. Natalia Montejano Post author

    If anyone truly understands eminems lyrics in his music his old music, This is not the 1st video ever of him talking about ending gun violence. This video reminds me of Toy Soldiers.. Mental illness is real and thats why some people do this type of stuff and shoots up innocent people.. Guns are not the problem Its the people who can get to guns. Guns dont get up & shoot people. :/

  24. VIP Pro Post author

    I am Fucking Since This Album came out and i can't stop Fucking i am Stuck (help) 😂😂

  25. Be Id Post author

    Good Job US Government. Cooperating with the big player Google to manipulate the algorithm of this video in a way that doesn't allow to go on the YouTube trends. Why? 'Cause it harms the interests of the Gun Lobby. The US System has nothing to do with freedom.

  26. zeth krause Post author

    Lol! He didn’t have a fully automatic rifle. You can’t buy a full automatic.

  27. Matthew Neufer Post author

    Emily has an altar with a eye upside down cross not cool
    Ullshit hes a political puppet does what fake news says

  28. FOREVER EMPOWERED Post author

    🎤🤦🏼‍♂️R.I.P ⚰⚱beat 🎵🎼🎶☠🔪😱😵💥🔫🤦🏼‍♂️

  29. Dnyaneshwari Londhe Post author

    This song has such a deep meaning. People saying Rap is what youngsters are attracted towards so that they can just stay in the modern hype should see this. Hats Off to this Guy. You are a true idol Eminem.

  30. Deth Reaper Post author

    Was thinking like 5 minutes what to write here. But I've got no words. Great lyrics and music. As with revival for me. Didn't get it at first but then it hit me harder than any other album.

  31. FIFA FAN CLUB FFC Post author

    'Marshall' is back , i could feel every single line…

  32. 93listen'er S.C Post author

    Yo M caught sme cheap arse 🇬🇧 artists trying to rebrand your 8mile By trying to simulate it..guss you gotta SUE there arse’s 👋🏻 Artists Name Is Aitch 👊🏻

  33. Jayson Post author

    Entertainers shouldn't use their platforms to try to influence policy. I love Em, and the song itself is good, but I don't like the political intent that fueled it. And the perpetrators of such heinous crimes shouldn't get recognition like this, period. That's part of the problem, this is inspiring to the next Vegas shooter or the next Parkland shooter, or the next Dayton shooter, etc etc. They want fame and recognition and when they're given infamy like this it just adds fuel to the fire. You really want to stop these things? Never say their names. Never tell their side. Never show their photos. Instead remember the victims, and promote mental health care. Guns aren't the issue. How we raise our children and how we treat mental health in this country are the issue. Hate on me all you want but anyone who's being honest with themselves can see the truth in my logic.

  34. Jacob Elmore Post author

    When did Eminem become just another talking head for the media’s propaganda?

  35. christian thompson Post author

    i came here to bash libtards that wants to ban our guns but apparently no one is getting political

  36. Onno L Post author

    Impressive work, message with gravitas without being overly simplistic

  37. Viktori Nilsson Post author

    Depreession drives some of us to the edge, to the edge…to the edge…

  38. Mihai Dj Post author

    Americans do not have the right to complain about any type of shooting in their country as long as they sell guns at the store. You need to accept your school shooting and that people are getting shot due to your constitutional right of having a gun and defend your… whateva.

  39. jonathan Atkins Post author

    And the best cover of the sound of silence goes to Eminem forever

  40. jonathan Atkins Post author

    And the best cover of the sound of silence goes to Eminem forever

  41. at1god1 Post author

    I knew you'd sold out long ago, but now you're just a puppet of corrupt politicans. Congratulations Em, you became a part of the establishment that you got famous for calling out.

  42. DrStrange MD Post author

    Anyone else think the Hook “I don’t wanna be alone in the darkness” Is connecting how Em fights that loneliness by going on stage and sharing his darkness with his fans but also the shooter didn’t want to go into the darkness alone so he took people into the darkness with him. Dope. Dark. But dope. – Jimmy

  43. Ahsen Ülkü Post author

    Why can't this song hit 30 million views it has been 3days its just so unfair

  44. J M Post author

    Could’ve done without infringing on my second amendment rights at the end of the video but still a great double entendres song


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