Embed custom HTML – Webflow tutorial

By | February 19, 2020

The Embed element lets us integrate code right
into our project. And to demonstrate this, we’ll use a custom
form embed from Typeform, but this process is similar for most third-party embeds: they’ll
usually provide code that looks something like this. Or this. Or even this. We simply right click to copy the embeddable
code to our clipboard, and over in our project, we can access our Embed element, located under
Components in our Elements Panel. And we’ll place this in a container to constrict its width, but you can put the
element wherever you chose. For now, we’re immediately shown the code editor. We’ll go to paste in the custom code we copied
to our clipboard. Now the code might not have any breaks in it. In other words: it’s all on one line. So if you’re concerned that the whole thing
didn’t paste in, you can scroll horizontally. Let’s press Save & Close. We’ll see a placeholder in our project. As we will any time there’s a

6 thoughts on “Embed custom HTML – Webflow tutorial

  1. Michae Thompson Post author

    How do I make embed element semitransparent with Z0 (in designer only) so when I edit cms collection, it’s not consistently being accidentally clicked on in the canvas? How do I make it unclickable in canvas? I only want to edit it when I manually select it in elements panel.

  2. Benjamin Toby Post author

    Why is there a restriction for the number of characters you can embed? … is this for real?

  3. Ole Schmidt Post author

    can I use a cms site plan to edit custom code or do I need a account plan?

  4. Boris Bartkowski Post author

    the option to add the "custom code embed" feature is greyed out for me? Only for premium users or where is the mistake? Greetings

  5. Itav Stein Post author

    How do I link an embed to specific elements? For example if I want to run a certain css style on specific links but not all links..


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