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By | November 19, 2019

– At Arche Solutions, we
provide comprehensive, ROI-based online marketing solutions. And when I say ROI-based
I say that because that’s probably the most important
factor to our clients, being able to get a positive
return on their investment. If you’re going through this process there’s an absolute first
thing you need to do, and that’s a market analysis. You need to figure out what is available in your market, what
are the search volumes? And then you need to do a
comparison on those search volumes based on potential acquisition
rate and based on, well, basically your profit margin
on a per client acquisition. And this varies for most
clients significantly. But you have to have a general idea of what you’re getting into
before you move forward. And the reason for that is
the second step is execution. Execution, right now you have
hundreds, you have thousands of different online marketing
methods that you can pursue. Services, companies, there
are a ton of them out there. And at the end of the day
they all cost something, whether that’s your time,
or an employee’s time, or dollars, they all cost something. You need to be able to break down those costs and prioritize them. What is most valuable to you? What is most probably
the highest probability of producing the largest ROI? And you put those in order,
and you work down from that. That’s how we approach
it at Arche Solutions. We basically do a market analysis. And then based on that market analysis we put together recommendations as far as an executable plan, and we do it. There are some other
things at play as well. So, a lot of things are not
so straight and clear-cut when it comes to online marketing, because there’s a lot of synergy between different types of marketing. For example, if you’re doing
a pay-per-click campaign, paying Google for
placement, that has value over on the SEO side, on your
straight Google promotion. So if they’re going
together there’s a benefit. With that said, then there’s also video. Videos help significantly convert. So, what’s the best appropriate
allocation of your resources in order to maximize your potential ROI? And a lot of that is
done based on experience. I mean, myself, I’ve been
doing this since 2000. There have been a lot of
changes that happened over time. It’s a very fast-moving industry. And we do our best to keep up
with that and actually stay ahead of the curve in a lot of situations. If you’re considering an online marketing campaign give us a call, 713-963-4605.

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