Ebay SEO Tipps 2019 | 5 Dinge die du wissen musst | Baygraph Podcast #005

By | September 14, 2019

Welcome to the ebay podcast
today with the following number 5 and this time again with my congenial partner
Michael big because the topic today is like that super exciting that I’m here, so to speak
do not trust alone in front of the camera too Michael had to go anyway
be on the ball and yes, let’s go! the juxt so pinched what is going on as
the superior does not come too camera
I am totally baffled we are already at the number 5 and today it is about
real exciting topic and indeed it works around the five the five most important ones
tips for ebay retailers and there you are Congenial partner Michael Big
of course the right colleague here to cut out the best tips and tricks
can and then we want to let word come
Michael I know you are completely unprepared i have you the theme
not mentioned before but that’s the way it is It’s kinda spontaneous
we are here right now in this podcast to the day
yes I would say Michael what are so or is it really that great
tips and tricks in the seo nobody knows And everyone would have to know then
the other way, they are not but everyone knows
or how should I say or everyone So everyone should know
general of the now it stays the It will be at the end of the day or at the end
certainly know the podcast Of course, Michael saw it with us
The first one is actually yes, no secrets are very good
the tricks and tweaks of optimization and from there
we only measured it and tried to represent that and that was
just works well and that’s why we have to e-mail now
We had quite the right to know that anymore So that means what who knows what we do
daily raushauen a tip that really then verifiable loadable
that’s exactly what you’re not up to I would not
function The first type I always have in the
So, put the right category to everyone With
one of the most important things and if I am my the most important lime or the
right category and means that not you as a dealer says what the
correct category is but what ebay what the right category is looking for
only in the categories as we say that the article becomes in the search term itself
would be found but that is so complicated that I am
mine that you know that one For example, cars do not stop in
baby accessories will find yes if I do not idea carburetor enter baby accessories
then I will not find anything that’s true but there are also
borderline things then really where everyone says hey actually that belongs yes
no longer that one in the category I’ll put that up
categories Tip number one on the theme category
who takes the right number two number if you do not convince yourself of him
Let’s leave what the right category then at least try it out for it
after your article in the category where you think that article 1 belongs
just as well as he is found in the category b woman is but earlier
should you be marginal that is if I am now on the proposal of
ebay override and say the article I just heard the list right now
not in the category team he suggests then I will not be found
or at least that’s how I understood it
When I’m on the article not heard or heard
that’s a little bit worse is a bit dependent on the amount
the super g So if the number of
Articles that are listed as one certain concept is not that high
then looks like already sometimes other categories okay fine that I have
Roger that yes but how can I get out then what
right category spd believes that the article heard
First answer, of course, we bought So what is already here yes
definitely showed to the category beats those before your search term
Of course the whole thing has one too a little something with keyword research
to do that because if i am at the already put out the positive
search for my product then I am then it’s in the wrong category
interesting as a rat tail yes yes so must from the beginning and that one begins with
the keyword invention and then stop like said the next correct category
and then everything should fit but also to come back to buy
of course controls the categories refers to the keyword and ebay
of course the right categories first of all, in the idea in
forget the car and quite simply if one wants to have it even easier
Visitors used and then I have left the categories in which visited
okay but the easy way easy consult
that is a basis based on so, yes, that’s the way I think
on what is probably in one of the next in spite of cards at some point
Imagine being in there I am wrong category trend
of course, when I’m drugged deposited directly into the right one
Category change is a bit bit communicates if there is one
category i think i believe the n3 category is that the gb suggests
then in five or six No, only by number or is
a bit difficult then anyway depending on which program
meanwhile the right category too are found
to recognize the world are mostly or there are categories in the basin
otherwise named as frontend and then I can not do that either
well, everything will be difficult is that when I do that
we only put the categories there those below those suggested by him
against can not match direct select everything on keyword basis
and at that time already are keywords the next us eroticism dena I believe
Anyone out there could even do it has almost dealt with love the
keywords the most important keywords belong in the product title resp
Product name because I do not do that I have to register as well
level then really good renke represent apparently to exactly when that is
almost like as sv who is such a A little bit familiar with google seg is there
So also the page title so everything there that’s what on ebay google next to it
the search result is displayed above that is quasi the most important of the page titles and
At ebase, the product name is becoming increasingly important right with page rises so that must
fit the strongest concepts rainha and would that be us
He does homework so he has Do not say 50 60 percent good
optimized or yes a small one addition to the title more value sets
the brand should be on the brand Accommodate so to brand building to
example yes already burning or too if I ever do it when I am
bought tomorrow So while there on ebay has
item feature market but that is not indexed ok, yeah
good tips because there are then I take now with my tip number 3 that is
the cd’s keywords should not just be in the product title purely but because you
one has only about 80 characters in space you get the product title there
Rarely do all the keywords really fall purely
that could be the rest of the keywords yes, also in the product features
Integrate or has features correctly that’s exactly where you actually belong
the remaining keywords but you can not but unfortunately not
indicated at least that you are the Features that you forgive yourself that is
the point is exactly the point because one should only use these keywords in the
Features already insert the idea of house out for the category
has provided exactly because the will be also infected the own characteristics
will not be indexed there with an exception there is the field mpn or
some categories than that too Try manufacturer number so that
field mpn or the manufacturer number values ​​in the articles you notice the
graces ok so good that yes you should make a note of the flederman
where to get the keywords that he all can insert just because the
product features the idea suggests in the mpm yes or keep in the product
Do you think he has a beautiful title? One tip we have now
currently 3 still need two tips where you have to come to our five what
is said is the next hot tip we do not understand that from you
we will even take tips Even we never do anything for sex
If we do extra exports then I have to I wonder what I’m even more
so be sure to tip her Mobile short description of the short
relaxation must be defined and must be defined correctly there is
even more reasons for being first real estate short description a ranking
factor that means when you define it Has
then you will be better ranked by him if ebay itself has defined that no
impact on world war the reason for the mobile food
description and then we have of course, the more and more expectant
prominent presentation of the mobile short description mobile yes anyway
product text only the mobile costs around then the and on the desktop in the
new product view i do not know me you can already see above
Try it as if you give one bde / tm / and then the article number
you can also see the old product view if you just replaced by a new one
then you also get the new products that means we have then at the
just put the mobile short description and are from the
complete description another click away so it is then she was
detached from the buy button and if I’m in the mobile short already
only a few kids can accommodate it helps or does not matter
That definitely helps but one should bit is a differentiated look
because the mobile description already a bit as writes the text
represent because as I said that’s it only thing the customer still sees
before when the run looks in the property short description of the
collection matti I would actually not do
that means that already neat then buy something to the house
other companies now really basic basic
product features I had forgotten to mention
that the mobile short description too instead of the subtitle
is displayed in the list view if you have not defined a miracle title
and that works only in the category in itself that does not mean if
one concerns about an addiction but if you look through the times
the categories need to say to
Either I am opposite the category tree or I am in a product in it
and get me there then yes the category fade shown when
not enough is there then categories on it Bride got the urban that had to
Please repeat what you are doing right now short away so if you’re up there
the bread kremp clicks or on the category tree up there
then I also come to the Property short description as
subtitle exactly So if I’m looking for this category
father brad came that instructs me I also get clique as well
In the category woman get one and get There the biokost description instead of yes
subtitles shown on the scene only the short question of all questions had one
then it will be the first one the actual subtitle when I see him
I have hidden or is the proximity stands there when I ask you
I did not book unless I did not necessary
all right okay so cool then that Definitely mobile short description
very important very nice and then have we now the fifth and last tip
we are here today in the podcast raushauen yes I’m sick I know the world too
better tip to be clearly out there says a tip so i would take it
Most importantly the goods paid ok yes, then we are the success so
my theme my theme is so complex that we probably the whole
could turn podcast individually for what I suggested
That’s why the variants pay I think I’m the better variant
now for the other one this moment Let’s make extra trust again, that is
Years of designation is the best variant
That’s exactly what the variant should be many of you know the cellphone
category filter and this category students should with the variants
terms match and not only approximate, but exactly
Letter for letter special characters for special characters
Nobody has exactly that book letters special characters and not
only the variant designation determined but the values ​​for that was yes
that means I have one, for example Variant color then and have mine
ready to drive then my hair must can not wait if with the
place writes and that for example that example of and if i put a color in
fantastic and how works with request then I have to pull myself off
I wonder if I’m my color anthracite call if I was two then yes
it makes a variant that purely I think it was a color anthracite
I have a color gray actually But I will be the same
At least my conclusion was found if the customer gets the skull data conclusion
Exactly very great you can indeed then in the back of his tank his pedant
just say that one is just one Bill of material and the bill of materials are
an article and then from the article that has the other color
they need every system in the back deposited so bring me follow
but we can do that actually also heaps that is
we’ll do it for example if you have colors we have
For example, you have already said just gray gray silver or chrome then
we created a three colors but gray silver always chrome but at the end
of the day with us in the system backup system is all about an article
Out because next to the chrome
yes, and that really works really good because it is
every user finds the article if he goes over the filter but it does
Of course there is also a plus point on ebay then if you are looking for directly
look good for the products with the color Of course, that fits in well with that
Variant values ​​are fully infected that means you have to be yourself
consider how to become the variants Calling is good at colors is now
a bit easier but gives to for example, different variants
possibilities are his true example maybe doner maker then it was
you in the variants terms directly the the because they are
printer model can or can or the two manufacturers to times
example, which are then quasi indexed that means I get if for example
I do not threaten to sell then I get my gates for 250 250 prevailed there
your number in there and does not have something to attack with you the title we did
so not around so they are the then virtually all infected so I write
then not when i do not toner for hp black white but I drank then
simply atx 53 or somehow son so you have to think about it
the customer is looking for you have to know was yes be infected
and then you have the variants already against as the customer is also quite
Normal train falls in the church looking would
as well it’s perfect just fine Let’s combine our five tips together
that means, let’s go to the tip number One of you was the gates operated
austria always one or well then your tip number one was in the
right category list exactly this has number one zip number two
the keywords in the product title yes because that’s it
strongest ranking signal on ebay Tip number three was that one the
remaining keywords then in the Product features integrated exactly then
tivi.de was not just like that short description now so is mobile
short description is really in the master is there is not about rom
super super important and tip number five yes children was exactly the variants yet
sometimes as an additional ranking shelf wonderful then we have that now
the most important tips the tip i written at the top of the list
We do not have that now spoken because I already have it
said okay that’s kind of like that important tip that will be to the
complete podcast with fill that can we will do it in the near future
future and for so long we remain faithful if you liked this channel
either subscribe to her on youtube or then whatever you podcast
just listening and see you at the thank you very much again next time
this place for michael its use it’ll be good bye

2 thoughts on “Ebay SEO Tipps 2019 | 5 Dinge die du wissen musst | Baygraph Podcast #005

  1. sewagii Post author

    3:49 Wie kann man das den "nachmessen"? Irgendwelcher Powerseller können da sicher rumprobieren, testen und haben aufgrund der Menge der Artikel da schon vermutlich relativ verlässliche Daten. Die Mehrheit der (kleinen) Verkäufer wird aber nicht zu der Gruppe gehören und die saisonalen Schwankungen / Einflüsse von Außen muss man auch irgendwie mit rausrechnen / beachten.

    Wer zu blöde ist in der passenden Kategorie einzustellen, der gehört einfach nicht auf eine Plattform 🙂 Das sind aber in der Regel irgendwelche Ausländer und Chinaverkäufer. Normale Verkäufer haben da was die Zuordnung angeht eigentlich keine Probleme. In der Praxis werden sich dann ganz andere Probleme ergeben? Stellt man jetzt eine alte Kamera unter Antiquitäten und Kunst oder Foto & Camcorder ein. Dort gibt es je zwei Kategorien für alte Kameras. Das ist halt die Frage, was nimmt man hier? Soll man hier auf eBay vertrauen?
    Wenn man einen "Bausatz" von einem Haus oder LKW verkauft, dann wird eBay sowas evtl. in die Kategorie Modellbau einordnen. Die Kategorie ist an sich nicht falsch, aber bezogen auf die Käufer dann doch. Weil wenn es Bezug zur Modellbahn hat, dann gehört es da rein. Für Schreibmaschinen gibt es sogar drei Kategorien die passen…..

    Normalerweise sollte man doch da auch keine großen Fehler machen. Man schaut doch i.d.R. immer noch mal wo die Konkurrenz eingestellt hat. Entweder ist es eindeutig oder nicht, siehe Beispiel mit den Kameras.

  2. Saar Fischer Post author

    Kurze Frage und zwar dachte ich bisher wenn man in den Artikelmerkmalen eine eigene Kategorie anlegt zb. Keywords und haut da dann alle wichtigen Keywords rein sollte dies doch ein Ranking plus geben laut ein paar Ebay Gurus. Ist dies nun so oder nicht?
    Kann Baygraph mittlerweile alle bei ebay gelisteten Artikel automatisch einlesen?


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