Easily generate new content with Microsoft Flow

By | November 21, 2019

>>In Microsoft 365, we provide great tools to make it easier than ever for you
to be able to compose new content inside
of the office client and through no code solutions
like Microsoft Flow. Microsoft 365 has also
introduced new capabilities, making it simpler
than ever for you to automatically generate
new content either from processes hosted
inside Microsoft Flow or through user activity
inside of the office client. Here, I’m working with a custom
list that I’ve set up inside of Office 365 on projects that
we may be trying to fund. One of the capabilities
that we have leverages Microsoft Flow to be able to
create a checklist document. We’ll take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes in just a second. But this flow allows me
to automatically generate a new checklist document
based on the values that I’ve entered here for the autonomous
vehicle parking drone, and here’s our document
just generated a few seconds ago, let’s take a look. This document was built for the autonomous vehicle
parking drone project, and we can see we’ve pulled in
the review date, the summary, and the effort into the new
document and added it into my Team site along with
a notice being sent to my chat conversation
in my team’s channel. This automation was built
using Microsoft Flow. Here’s how. I’m in Microsoft Flow
looking at the list of team flows available
inside of my organization. Let’s look at the checklist document. The checklist document flow is an
example of our no code solution. It allows me to pick a
particular item from my SharePoint list and use the data inside it to populate a
Microsoft Word template. All we have to do is tell flow
where the template lives, and where to get the values from the list item we selected
earlier and it will generate the file and send an alert to the Microsoft
Teams channel moving forward. That’s a great way for us to empower automatic
document generation. Let’s look at interactive
intelligent document creation. Here, I’m in a new document
inside Microsoft Word. I can create content
the old-fashioned way by searching for
it independently, opening documents and
cutting and pasting, but we know there is a
more sophisticated way. By being able to
insert document items, I use Microsoft Graph to browse
for particular things that I might want to add to my new content. Let’s take a look for the word drone. I can see all the
information that’s out there including the document that I
just created a few seconds ago, already there and available
for me to search. I can choose particular tables
to insert into my new document. I can also browse all the information available to me filtered and
suggested by Microsoft Graph. I can also browse related content to be able
to insert particular slides, allowing me to start
rapidly assembling content that’s already
been written to be able to focus on what needs to be newly created without
repeating the work that someone else has already
created for me or continuing to explore
new ways to empower document authors to
use intelligence to automate the creation of documents through workflow and interactivity.

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