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By | November 13, 2019

[Music] Hello and welcome. In any large organization you need in a SEO Manager, to deal with the SEO activities. This is a mid-level management position, who can deal with the communication, project management, management, online strategy and all that. Let us look at the responsibilities and activities that need to be done by a SEO Manager. SEO manager need to know the best practices in the web industry. seo manager need not be a programmer, but he must have have enough programming skills like HTML, CSS, meta-tags, sitemaps, you need to create RSS feeds, seo manager need to know about web accessibility rules, and so on another skill to have is know about the organization’s content management systems, and how to use it. generally how content management systems work you need to work with content editors and marketing teams, also work with the information architecture teams, to work on different information categories and so on. seo manager need to collect and analyze data. he should be able to look at the Google Analytics, or such analytical tools to find out what are the variations happen. and produce reports to the senior management. seo manager needs to know the organization’s competition, Organisations competition in different
sites, and implement changes that are needed. SEO manager should be able to track changes, and recommend changes to the websites, and optimize pages for SEO. should be able to develop a social media strategy. seo manager also need to know about project management activities, you should be able to manage expenses to create timelines and milestones. In large organizations, SEO manager is a mid-level management position requiring
a business degree, or IT degree. Let us create a seo business manager role on our Drupal website. This is our site, we are going to create a SEO manager role. Go to people>roles. It is very simple. Add a role. At the moment we have the
default three roles, we add another role. Lets call it the SEO manager and save. That’s it, SEO manager. We move it little bit up, because because we arrange roles according to the privileges. Anonymous user, authenticated user, SEO manager, and administrator. Save it. That is now saved. In the future when we install SEO specific modules, we give permissions according to SEO modules we install. That is how we add in a SEO role. Adding a seo role is pretty simple. OK. Hello, if you like this tutorial, please subscribe to this channel and share it with friends. Thank you.

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