86 thoughts on “Drop the Mic w/ Ashton Kutcher & Sean “Diddy” Combs

  1. Donna Crenshaw Post author

    I Don't Know What The Hell, Diddy Was Drinking Or Smoking. But Ashton Kutcher, Won That Battle!!! 😎😎😎💯💯💯

  2. Janvi Patel Post author

    Everyone saying josh give me a beat
    Josh gives the same beat every time

  3. vonnie Valenzuela Post author

    I am inclined to run around them and yell, "ooooooohhhh!!!"

  4. Leroy Ashley Post author

    Diddy did not just get picked up and swung around like a toddler, man card taken away.

  5. Barnabas Jones Post author

    I'd be tempted to critique the obvious scripting.. Super Necessary I imagine.

  6. Soe Ta eh Post author

    Kim Jungoon Or Donald Trump’s baby?How about both😂🤣😂😂😂

  7. ThatJojo Post author

    Brooo, Ashton Kutcher has an awesome flow when rapping. Would be perfect without the pauses between the rap parts!

  8. Chad Canadian Post author

    This show is so fake. The celebrities just have to remember the lines. They are not writing the lines.
    The burns make me laugh but the writers should get ALL the credit!!

  9. WolfM80 Post author

    Ashton was getting fired up for real tho, yellin by the end of it haha

  10. safwan Alvi Post author

    [Round 1: James Corden]

    I heard I was battling an A-list hunk

    But when I saw Ashton Kutcher, I knew I was getting Punk'd

    You haven't had a hit movie since 2002

    You were so bad in Jobs, even Siri won't talk to you

    On That 70s show, you're a stoner with jokes

    Which is ironic, 'cause tonight, you're the one who's gettin' smoked

    You do great charity work year after year

    Wanna save something from dying? Start with your career

    [Round 1: Ashton Kutcher]

    People came to see Peter Rabbit battle me

    But your battle's with your lady; her rabbit's outta batteries

    My career's been doin' fine ever since the '70s

    Your job's an Uber driver for real celebrities

    You were at the Royal Wedding, and that seems right

    Every wedding has a guest they didn't invite

    People see me at valet; they say "Look it's a star!"

    They see you at valet; they say "Dude, where's my car?"

    [Round 2: James Corden]

    You made fun of 'Peter Rabbit' and my work on Carpool

    I'm not taking that from the tool who made trucker hats cool

    'Valentine's Day' and 'New Year's Eve' are movies you've fumbled

    You've ruined more holidays than a Trump-loving uncle

    You joined Two and a Half Men, but producers [?]

    It's the only time people thought "Man, I miss Charlie Sheen"

    You invested all your money in technology and apps

    Hell, I'd do the same if I knew I couldn't act

    [Round 2: Ashton Kutcher]

    "If" you couldn't act, James, that's the test?

    Well, the results are in then: it's time to invest

    Your jokes are like your suits–a stretch and a groan

    You look like a hard-boiled egg applying for a loan

    I hate to kick a man when he's down in a slump

    But I'm lookin' at the baby of Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump

    And now you're off to London, is that a fact?

    Well, take some advice, James, and don't ever come back

    [Round 3: James Corden]

    Your IMDb is filled with movies that suck

    Forget straight-to-DVD, these are straight-to-garbage-trucks

    Your career since 2000's been totally depressing

    Your new show, The Ranch, has ruined my favorite dressing

    You were a '90s heartthrob, but nowadays that's a reach

    I'd rather work with Wilmer, and he's your show's Screech

    You married Mila Kunis, so I guess that's cool

    But why the hell is she still with the loser she dated in high school?

    [Round 3: Ashton Kutcher]

    Your favorite salad dressing? C'mon, dude, be real

    Ranch is your favorite beverage, skin cream, and meal

    Didn't like my Apple movie? I find that odd

    Judging from your track record, you'll take any jobs

    You did Oceans 8, that's worth mentionin'

    Prolly shoulda called it Oceans Ate Everything

    And before that, you did so many animated flicks

    That we haven't seen this face in a movie since you last saw your dick

  11. Khanbalam Post author

    What's the name of the song when Diddy Combs enters? (I searched the comments but couldn't find it)
    Or is it just a ear the DJ dropped?

  12. Mr Key Post author

    Pee duffy can rap fo sure but he's not so good at walking down stairs

  13. Wyatt Guilliams Post author

    People look at you and say Dude where's my Car!?

    Love that line

  14. Pvris Suicide Post author

    you should really put the subtitles in time with the rapping, it's disturbing for me cause i try to follow but english isn't my first language and it's frustratring to not get the burns :'(

  15. Nir Zara Post author

    Ashton can rap really well. Not the words but just his flow and style

  16. arnold seers Post author

    Really Kanye James man up your game go against snoop you can’t beat snoop 🤟🏻 he tha shit

  17. Beese Churger Post author

    It’s not Ashton Kutcher it’s Kevin Malone

    Only The Office fans would get this 😂

  18. Zeno of Caledonia Post author

    "Let it begin"

    – Dolph Lundgren, apparently.

  19. Sammy Winchester Post author

    Just for "Your job's an uber driver for real celebrities You were at the royal's wedding, that's seems right Every wedding has a guest they didn't invite People see me at Valet, they say "Look it's a star!" People see you by Valet and they say "Dude, where's my car?"' he should have won! And anyway he burned him

  20. Faaiz Rajput Post author

    Is it just me or Ashton sounds so much like Eminem!!!

  21. Emily McGuire Post author

    Yo this made me fall in love with Ashton all over again 😭♥️😂

  22. Justin Isbell Post author

    Ashton with them lame ass fat jokes. He's an asshole in real life. U can tell by the way he thinks hes better than everyone else. Dont see how people find him attractive. He reminds me of a young boy. Not a real man.

  23. GPERZ208 Post author

    Lmmfao @ how diddy's pushed dudes arms away after that hug!! Haaha

  24. Terri-lynn Brazeau Post author

    Watching this I think of "I can't dance, I wear Khaki pants, my middle name's Lance, my grandma's from France" lmao if you've watched the movie you'll know lol

  25. Smiley Leaves Post author

    You are battling, and w8ing for applause, get of da stage and stop pulling my balls

  26. Executive Interiors Post author

    What a joke puff daddy. They might as well have brought out Howard the duck . That's diddy looks like anyways

  27. Prabhavathi Rajagopalan Post author

    Drop the mic announced:
    Every other celebrity: let's do this.
    Gordon ramsay: I'll end this quick as fast as ur relationships.

  28. Daniel Stack Post author

    This is just like Epic Rap Battles, but this is actually funny.

  29. Deathikiss Blackheart Post author

    I think ashton won but oh well haters gonna hate

  30. Karen Lovett Post author

    This is the first one of these that didn't give me a laugh….. Not a fan of Ashton. This was boring.

  31. armygirl85 #FuckHitler Post author

    Ashton is the real winner here. He addresses Congress all the time about human trafficking. Not only is he funny, but he is smart as hell in real life.

  32. Richard Sewell Post author

    Hoe didnt Aston win? Like he qent way harder hence why he got famous for being on big music not rapper on there. Lmao.

  33. meawesome ubad1969 Post author

    The last one from Ashton was a solid roast👌


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