Doo Min Jun doesn’t recognize Cheon Song Yi !! (Funny Lift Incident)

By | August 13, 2019

Your earrings. You have to give them
back because they’re sponsored. Happy? I’m going now. Can we let her go alone? She ran into a pervert the last time
she got into an elevator alone. And that pervert was
hospitalized for eight weeks. She beat the hell out of
the kid with a cell phone. He was really… geez. It was the first time
I felt bad for a pervert. Excuse me? Why aren’t you pressing? Why don’t you press the button? Yeah. I’m Cheon Song Yi. How long did you follow me? How did you find my new place? What do you want?
You want an autograph? You want to take a picture?
Will you leave then? I can tell that you’re still
young and you’re full of energy. I understand. But you should go
study with that energy. Or workout and use that energy. Because you picked the wrong
person to mess around with! This isn’t my first time! That pervert! Hey!
Are you going to my place? Where do you think you’re going? You’re my next door neighbor. You lived there? I moved to 2301. Surprise! Don’t you know me? You don’t know me? – Do I have to know?
– No, you don’t have to. – But why are you looking at me?
– I’m entering my pass code. Sorry. That kid! Who does he think I am? Does he really not know me? How? Is he from North Korea? Or an alien?Everyone knows Cheon Song Yi in Korea.Everyone has the title of national singer
or national actor nowadays. But they are all exaggerations. You need to have everyone
in Korea know you first. I think it’s ridiculous to call yourself a national
actress just because you had one good piece. I agree. Only Cheon Song Yi
deserves such a title. Anyway! All of our kids started
as kid actors together. But only Song Yi and Se Mi stayed. I heard Song Yi has a new drama again. Yeah, she chose the drama over the film
director Bong Joon Ho was begging her for. I hope it works out. Oh yeah, Se Mi is in it too. I didn’t read about it. – Yes…
– She has the role of my daughter’s friend. The articles only write
about the lead actress. Oh yeah! Didn’t Song Yi move today?
Shouldn’t you go? Hmm? She moved? Oh no! You didn’t even know?
That your daughter moved? Huh? Of course I did. I know she moved.
I was going to visit but… She didn’t want to cause trouble for me. Where did she move to? Huh? Just… – Seochodong…
– It’s Gold Palace at Daechidong. Yeah! I know, Daechidong. My mistake. One sec. Mi Yeon! Get in, I will take you. No, I’m okay. Learn to drive or ask your national actress
daughter to get you a chauffeur. You look pitiful. Song Yi wants to get me a chauffeur. But I just don’t want to have
a chauffeur tag along. There are taxis everywhere. Okay then. Be careful. Okay! Bye! You even got abandoned by your daughter
from trying to mooch money off of her. And you have the nerve to gloat. Hey! Your daughter is a supporting
actress. You’re just a support too. Don’t act so graceful in front of the lead. Why didn’t she tell me that she’s moving?[Mom][Ignorant Song Yi does it again with mocha!]Ignorant and stupid? It’s obvious from the screen name
it’s a kid. Did you get botox in your brain? I bet your brain doesn’t
even have wrinkles. Do the kids take lessons
on how to write mean comments? Do they take classes?[Mom]– Hello?
– How could you? Do you have to embarrass me like that?Do I have to find out about you
moving from other people?
You told me to never call you again. You didn’t want me to be
your daughter anymore.You know I…Since when did you listen to me?I always listened to you. Ever since you asked
for money to open the French restaurant.
Or the time you asked for
money to open a boutique.
Stop talking about the past!There are recent ones too. You started a
diet supplement shop and failed.
You also lost a donut shop.How much could they cost?Look at yourself in the mirror.Your face and your body.
I gave you that million-dollar body.Imagine if you didn’t have
a mother like me.
You think it’s easy to look that
beautiful naturally? Frankly, your acting sucks.You’re making money from
acting and doing commercials.
It’s all thanks to your looks that you
got from me. Not because of your acting. You should know that. I look like Dad.My goodness!You look nothing like your dad.
You know he has no looks!
Oh that’s right.
You married him for his money. That’s why you dumped
him when he went broke. Hey! What do you know, huh? I’m more like Dad
and I really hate you for that. So don’t you ever talk about him again. I don’t have enough money.
Send me five million more.Don’t you know about automatic transfer?Also call Yoon Jae.
He didn’t come home for two days. Cheon Yoon Jae!
Did he leave home again?[Cheon Song Yi]Look here.Yoon Jae, look here. Doesn’t it look real? Should I do a nude picture next time? What’s wrong? Delete this right now. Before
I get back from the bathroom. Okay. What’s wrong with him? Is he her fan?Just hate me…Stop obsessing over me…Don’t look for me again!Because I will break your heart!Say that I’m cruel!You really are cruel.Don’t swear at me!I think I have to.Forever.Can I help you? Do you know what time it is? Right now?
I think it’s past ten. It’s common sense to not sing this
late even if you’re good. You heard? I moved here because they said
it had sound-proof walls. – Sorry about that.
– Especially since you can’t sing… You’re really causing a disturbance. – Huh?
– Disturbance at night is a crime. You can get penalized if I report you. So you’re going to report me? For singing? When we are neighbors? I’m not saying that I will report you.
I’m saying it’s common sense… So you’re telling me
that I lack common sense. – What I’m….
– So I am stupid and ignorant? Stupid! Brainless! Botox! You’re saying that I got botox in
my brain and that it’s wrinkle free! That’s what you’re saying right now! I only ate an apple and half of
a cabbage head today and I’m still full. Because people gave me so much crap. But I never imagined that you’d give
me even more crap for singing! Can’t I sing for a sec? After all the crap I’ve been through? Where do I relieve my stress? I ate an apple and half of a cabbage head
all day! It’s okay. You don’t need to apologize. I don’t feel like talking to you anymore. What did I do wrong? Are you guys so perfect then? Are you that smart? You said that I was the prettiest
and that I was your favorite. And now you’re talking crap about me. You have no loyalty whatsoever.[Record of the last three months on Earth.]But this is unacceptable. Se Mi woke up at two to be on standby,
and got her hair and makeup done. And we got here at 4:30. And it’s already nine! – But the director is not ready yet.
– What could I do about it? Can you do this just because
she’s not the lead actress? Would you have had
Cheon Song Yi wait this long?What does she have to do with this?Se Mi was in only three scenes yesterday. Her first scene was in the morning.
Her second was at five in the afternoon. And her last scene was at midnight. While Song Yi got 20 scenes in seven hours. Then become a star! Or you can just quit. What? That’s enough. I’m sorry! He’s a bit sensitive today. Why does everyone take me for granted? I can’t take this anymore. This always happens. Just ignore it. Where is Song Yi when she was
supposed to standby at eight? Song Yi is going to be late today. She may not make it. Why? Didn’t you see the news?We always hear about the special admissions
process that celebrities get to enter college.
What’s more is that they are treated
as stars even at school.
An anonymous reporter
said that Cheon Song Yi
hasn’t been coming to
school for months now.
So we visited the school.Anonymous? Who is it?– Have you seen Cheon Song Yi recently?
– I saw her yesterday.
– Where?
– On TV.
She’s always on commercials.Then you’ve never seen her at school?I don’t think I’ve seen her.Didn’t she graduate?How can I go to school
when I’m shooting a drama? Isn’t this too much?Her agency stated that she can’t go to
class due to her busy schedule.
– Yes.
– However.When she is supposedly busy
with her schedule…
Apparently, she had enough time
to enjoy a cup of latte and post about it.
She didn’t look busy at all.She used her stardom to gain admission.Now she’s neglecting her duties
as a student.
How long can we ignore this?SBC News Ha Jung Woo reporting.Stay away from comments on the Internet. I asked Director Park for some time off. We will be shooting your scenes only
at night and on weekends. Go to school today. Going to school right after the
news report makes me look undignified. Of course people will say
that you’re undignified. But if you don’t go at all…
they will say that you don’t listen. And they will hate you for it. Let’s go to school. Isn’t it time for Hee Kyung’s arrival? He probably arrived already. I told him to study hard. But he was following a girl instead. What a fool. How is the real estate buy up
going for the shopping mall? Is he still not selling his land? No sir. We’re trying to convince
him, but it’s not easy. We need this taken care of before the
shareholders’ meeting. I can take care of it. How? The owner of the land just passed away. He ran into a guard rail. He must
have fallen asleep while driving. Did he? That’s really… I don’t want to be
happy about a person dying. – But does it make it easier for us?
– Of course. His son wanted to sell it because
he’s in need of cash. Good. – Congratulations Father.
– Call Hee Kyung. – Let’s have dinner together.
– Okay. Sorry. I want to, but you know I
prioritize girls over family. She must’ve been pissed. I have to go comfort her. – Thank you.
– Bye. Watch your step. – Hee Kyung!
– Song Yi! You’ve gotten prettier.
You may really become a goddess. When did you come here? 30 minutes ago. You haven’t seen me in six months.
Aren’t you glad to see me? I can’t afford the luxury to be glad. I heard you were going to school.
I will take you, get in. You look like you’re in a good mood. It all happened for the best.
Cut down on your schedule. Graduate school next year and
we can get married. Drop me off in front of the cab over there. What’s wrong? Are you never
going to get married? – I never said that.
– So you will get married. – Eventually.
– Then marry me. And the sooner the better. I’d eventually marry someone one day.
But it’s not next year. – Why not?
– Then I don’t get offers for melodrama. I will start getting old lady roles. No! You’re pretty. You can be in melodrama and rom-com
even after getting married. If you don’t get offers, I will have my
father pay for the producing. I don’t do rom-coms. I want to do steamy melodrama. – Steamy?
– Yeah. You don’t like it? Of course I do. Steamy relationships
are the best for melodramas. – Soft melodrama is no good.
– There will be kiss scenes and bed scenes. Hey, I understand. You know I was born in America. I have an American mind.
It’s open. I understand your professional career. I don’t care if you understand or not. As long as my future husband does. That’s going to be me. I think I told you a thousand
times since middle school. I’m not even talking in English
that you hate so much. Can’t you understand?Song Yi is here!She’s not taking pictures!Sorry! No pictures!Sorry!Sorry, she won’t take pictures.Put the phone away. I want to be that book. I want to be that chair. I want to be her hair. – She got a nose job.
– Yeah, that can’t be natural. She carved her chin. No one
is born like that. Anyone can look like her
if she gets made. – You would be prettier if you had it done.
– You would be too. Go get some surgery done
so that I can battle you. Song Yi, calm down. You’re
here to look good. What’s taking them so long? Start
the class already and get it over with. – Hi.
– Hi. The next door neighbor!
What’s he doing here? Do you know him? Yeah, I know him. He lives next door. – Really? That’s good.
– Yang Ga Jung. This isn’t a drama class,
so it’s difficult. You have to retake this class because
you received an F in it. What? You didn’t do anything
wrong to him did you? You moved yesterday. I’m sure
you didn’t have time. I did have time. I can see that you’re young and energetic. Go study or work out to use that energy. Why? So you’re going to report me? You’re saying that I got botox
in my brain and that it’s wrinkle-free! When blowflies mate, the female
blowfly eats the male blowfly. The male fly wants to mate,
but doesn’t want to get eaten. In other words, it wants to keep
eros without thanatos. So the male blowflies find a strategy. It brings something to eat for the female. The females eat the piece of meat the
male brings while mating. The male could mate without
being in danger. Then even more advanced males bring
their sacrifice wrapped in a cocoon. The male now has more time because the
female needs to take the wrapping off. Because this method worked cunning males wrapped their food in
thick cocoons without fillings. When the female finds out that she
has been fooled, the male is already done. After a while the females started
checking the gift by shaking it. But now even more advanced males
wrap their feces inside. Because it weighs about the same. Professor! I couldn’t even imagine it because
you looked so young. What a surprise? It was
really good to see you. – Good to see me?
– Of course! Oh, is it because of last night? Were you surprised? Me too. I get bipolar sometimes.
I think it was last night. It’s like a common cold nowadays. What do you want? About the essay you assigned. I thought that it was quite a lot of work. And? Why do you think Asia became one?
I believe it’s thanks to Hallyu. Culture made us one. And I’m at the very core… Yeah… I’ll just get straight to the point. I’m really busy because of drama shooting,
but I got butchered on the news yesterday. So I have no choice but to come to school. But the essay is too much work for me. So please help me! Please! I know that I didn’t leave
the best impression. But look at the coincidence. You’re my next door neighbor
and you’re also my professor! You never know, this could go a long way. I could pay you back one day. That’s just life. What? That’s not life. What? Once I help you, then there’s going to be
a second time and a third time. You’re going to mooch off of
me for more help. That’s how people live. And there won’t be a day
you pay me back. Because life is too short
for a person to grow up. Did he just speak informally? He’s obviously younger than me! You should’ve recognized Cheon Song Yi
at least. Even I know her. I don’t know the celebrities these days. They have no class.
They’re just loud. Yeah, the singers were
better in the old days. Old songs were much better. Bae Ho is the best singer. Of course.
He’s the best by far. I don’t even watch the dramas nowadays. But when I hear about them
I don’t understand. How are they entertaining? The older dramas were better.
‘Assiyuro.’ The best. How is the new lawyer’s office
you opened up? I do mostly pro bono cases. I’ll need you to work on my death
certificate for three months later. Again? I thought the routine was every ten years. It’s only been 2 years. Is something wrong? You’re a great lawyer,
of course there’s no problem. I think it’s going to be the last one. What? I’m going back home in three months. Thank you for everything. This is all too sudden. You were my only friend, Mr. Jang. Are you going to settle this time? I’m not doing well in school anyway.
Going again will only hurt the economy. Yes, you should do your country a service. In that sense… Se Mi. – Huh?
– Be our witness. I’m going to propose. Isn’t 15 years a long enough wait? Do you remember this picture? It’s the only picture I have because
you hate taking pictures. You’re the same, only I got old. You’re still as young as
you were 30 years ago. And handsome. This is the reason why I didn’t
like making friends. People age quickly. – And die.
– Only I get left behind. As the same young, handsome man. Live long even when I’m gone. But I always wanted to know. When you first came here… Why couldn’t you go back right away? There was an accident. I couldn’t go back
because of the accident. A child had to die because of it. Which child? She was the first person
to give me a present. It’s a present.
I drew it myself. The thing you came in
was flying in the air. Like the Moon. But are you really…
the Grim Reaper? But then… – Something strange happened.
– What? What happened? It was Christmas Eve
twelve years ago.I was working as a surgeon in Gyeonggi.It was the first time something
like that happened. She had the same face as
the girl you saw 400 years ago? – Yes.
– And? Did you go to the same spot you saw her? Hee Kyung. You bought me a ring on
Christmas Eve in middle school. I did, but you didn’t accept it. I’m not going to accept it today either. Sorry. It’s not the first time. It doesn’t even hurt anymore. But let me hear the reason. What’s the reason? Why not me? Do you remember his face? Who? Song Yi! Merry Christmas! Why did you come here again? Get lost! Move! Song Yi! Song Yi! Cheon Song Yi! Don’t come near me!
Leave me alone! Cheon Song Yi! Song Yi! Do you remember? I didn’t get to see him. But even if I did, I wouldn’t remember it. I saw him. I saw him, but I can’t remember. Why do you care? He was Song Yi’s first love. She didn’t talk to him or
be with him for a few hours. It was a few seconds. She doesn’t even remember his face. Maybe not first love. I just want to meet him again. To thank him for saving me. I just want to ask him why he saved me. Something like that.That night.I went there again.– Cheon Song Yi!
– Don’t come! Leave me alone!
Who are you mister? Are you a ghost? Or… Are you like the Grim Reaper?Was that night just a dream?Can two people look so alike?If it weren’t a dream, I’d like to see
her again before I leave. But that’d be impossible. Subtitles by DramaFever – What special?
– Song Yi Special! I’m only a star outside. I’m just
an ordinary student at school. Cheon Song Yi, you copied and pasted. You got a zero. – How old are you?
– Do I have to answer it? I’m only a human. Am I not
allowed to make a mistake? – Asshole.
– The child you met 12 years ago… I’m looking for her. Won’t I meet her again if there’s a reason? Open sesame! Professor Do! He’s such an asshole.He’s so cocky to be a doctor at
such a young age.
Who cares if he’s a genius and
went to Harvard?
He can’t get along with people.That’s because he didn’t
enlist in the army yet.
Army is the best medicine
for assholes like him.
Enlisting him for two years and chewing him
out will put some sense in his head.Only then he will become a man.Army?Have you seen anyone
enlisted for the Qing war?Back then we wore Hadoshi
instead of bulletproof vests.
We wore nine layers
of clothing to take bullets.
I thought that I’d finally be free
after the Liberation of Korea. Then there was a civil war
and the country was divided. I’ve served in the army, the navy,
the marines, and the air force since then. I had to get a new identification every
ten years, and I had to enlist every time. Psy is crying about
going to the army twice.I was enlisted 29 times since the Joseon Era.During the 400 years I
lived in this country I served in the army for
49 years and 7 months. Can you believe that?He should join the marines!

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