DON’T Try to Get More SEO Clients Before You Do This

By | September 16, 2019

– Hey, in this video I’m gonna talk about the one thing you need to do before you ever think about
taking on any SEO clients. Let’s jump right in. (gentle music) So there are many gurus out there and many Internet marketers
who are pushing this idea that should try to get clients in advertising or Facebook
advertising or in the SEO niche or insert whatever
marketing niche you want. And this is a good idea
because the truth is I got my start working with clients and I was able to grow
my income very, very fast by working with clients, and it’s really one of the best ways to make money online quickly
or to even earn a side income. But there’s one big problem. There is a ton of people
who are getting clients but they have no idea how to
get those clients results. And to me, that’s
personally hugely unethical, and I think that’s a real problem. And what usually ends up happening is you have a large pool of people
who are able to get clients because they’re learning from
people who are experienced, so they’re able to land these clients, but then they’re not actually
able to drive results, and then as a result, the business suffers that they’re working with, and then the business gets a negative view of whatever that practice is. So for example, let’s say
you were in the SEO niche and you wanted to get
clients in the SEO niche, and you end up getting a client and you end up not getting them results. Well, what’s gonna happen is that business is now gonna say that SEO
doesn’t work, SEO is a scam, you know, X Y Z. And that’s a problem for
the industry as a whole. And that really applies to every industry. That could apply to Facebook ads, that could apply to whatever, because business owners
are gonna be looking for opportunities to
say that X doesn’t work or Y doesn’t work, only
through their own experience. And so really when you do that, you’re not just affecting yourself, which it is your reputation, so if you don’t get them results you’re actually hurting
your reputation as well, but you’re actually hurting
the industry as a whole and you’re making it harder to sell. So that’s kind of the first
point I wanted to highlight. But the one thing that you have to do before you ever think
about doing client SEO is you absolutely have
to start your own project and achieve some quantifiable results. And I always recommend
starting a niche website or starting an affiliate website. Because I think that’s really the best way to get your hands dirty and
really learn how to do SEO, or how to do really any type of marketing. And that is truly the best
way to build a portfolio. And the truth is you actually
only need one website to build a really great SEO portfolio because what you can do
is you can actually add each individual keyword that you rank for can go into your portfolio. And what people don’t realize
is when you have proof, you actually have real results,
it’s much easier to sell. That was one of my motivations
when I first got started, when I wanted to rank
for various SEO keywords, or a St. Louis SEO company or
a Santa Monica SEO company, those types of keywords. I didn’t really have the intention of driving a ton of leads. Now, of course, that ended up happening. But the reason I really did this was ’cause I wanted to demonstrate that I actually knew how to do it. And the truth is if a client
is searching in Google and they’re looking for an
SEO company to work with, they find your business, they click on it, they submit your contact
form, and they become a lead, you’ve just demonstrated the
power of SEO right there. You didn’t even have to
talk them on the phone, you didn’t have to say a single a word, and you demonstrated the power of SEO. And so right away out of the
gate they’re already pre-sold. And so when you get on the phone, you’ve basically already proven that you know what you’re doing and it makes that sales
process so much easier. So you definitely just want the ability to demonstrate that you
actually know what you’re doing. But one of the best ways to
really get real experience and to build a real
portfolio is to, like I said, start a niche website,
start an affiliate website, and really just work on your own project. And then, once you’ve really built a real portfolio of results, you’ve really figured
out how to actually drive organic search traffic to a website, then start getting clients. And of course you don’t need
to be a 1% type of SEO expert. You don’t need to be the best
in the world to get clients. But you do need to have at
least better than average ability to actually drive
traffic to a website. So today is definitely more of a rant, more than my average videos, but I just really felt it was important because I have a lot of
people in Gotch SEO Academy who are trying to get clients and are trying to get them results. And so I’m always trying
to emphasize that point that you really need to build
up that portfolio initially, and then it just makes
your life so much easier. And most importantly, you
protect your reputation because you actually
know how to get results. Because really, at the end of the day, the goal is to actually
get the clients results. It’s not about you growing
your monthly income. The goal of your business as an SEO agency or a Facebook advertising agency or whatever you wanna be is to get the client results. And the better you can do that, the more clients you’re gonna get, and the bigger your
business will get as well. So that’s all I have for you today. If you enjoyed this video,
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