Don’t Make This Mistake When Changing Your Domain Name!

By | August 12, 2019

This is John Locke, just making a quick
video today. I had a prospect that reached out to me, and one thing that I
noticed when I was looking at their website. Before they had a different
domain name, and what happened several years ago, they changed the domain
name. Even though, if you type in the home page web address, it will redirect to to that home
page, the new home page. That part was correct. But what I noticed
is in their back link profile, they have a whole bunch of links from sites that
never got redirected. Those pages were never redirected when they changed the
platform, and they changed their domain name. One thing to keep in mind is
whenever you’re doing any type of SEO, whenever you’re doing a redesign of a
website — and I know a lot of web design agencies that don’t specialize in SEO —
they sometimes miss this — but if you’re redoing a site, don’t just
redirect the home page. Make sure that you’re redirecting every page that is on
that old website to the new website. Here’s why you need to do that.
Links are like voting power. If you think of it like this. Think of
all the links that flow into that old website — they are are voting for that old
website and those pages. They’re saying “This page is important”. What
happens when you you launch a new website, and you only redirect the home
page, and you’re you’re missing all those other pages that never got redirected?
You’re basically decreasing the voting power (of your link profile). You’re decreasing the importance
to the Google algorithm of that new website. Super important. Make sure
that you all always do that (site-wide redirect). I’m
wondering if they — I’m going to go back and check, because I’m
wondering if they even did a Website Change of Address on that old website, to the new
one in Google Search Console. I’m wondering if they just started from
scratch with that new website. I’m just wondering. Something to check out later, I might look into. Anyway, that’s just a tip. Be careful with those
301 redirects. Make sure that you’re doing them (at a site-wide level). If you’re a design or branding
agency, and SEO and all this other stuff is not really your forte, it might be worth
it for you to tap into somebody who knows SEO. Even if you just
get them to consult with you doing the migration, for things to look out for. It doesn’t have to be me, it could be somebody in your area that you trust. But I believe it is worth it, to hire someone to do a SWOT analysis
or a risk report, and give you a checklist of things to do during a site
migration. These things can crop up years later, and it’s like, “Oh my
goodness. That should have been done years ago.”
Enough of that. My name is John Locke for
Lockedown Design and SEO. We help manufacturing companies get more
Requests for Quotes. We are publishing every day. We’d love to see you subscribe. Have a
question? Leave it in the comments below. We’ll answer it in a future video. That’s
it for now. Peace out.

One thought on “Don’t Make This Mistake When Changing Your Domain Name!

  1. John Locke Post author

    Re: Concerning what I put forward here, my suspicion that the old web developer didn't do a Change of Website Address in Google Search Console when changing the domain name — I submitted for the change from the old domain to the new, and my client moved from Page Two of Google to Number ONE for their main search terms. So yeah, that might have been it. To be fair, the Google Broad Core Update for March 2019 also happened around this time, but that is more around general content quality.


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