9 thoughts on “Don’t Do SEO (Before You Do This)

  1. Jaya Vishwakarma Post author

    Does migrating to another web host can have a bad impact on rankings? ( Moving from Digital Ocean to cloudways ) Please help me out

  2. Maid sama Post author

    Hi Nathan, wanted to ask for buying domain is there a difference in SEO value if I buy a domain from godaddy vs buying from bluehost (for example)?

  3. Riyad Hossain Post author

    Really quality detailed information. I've learned many things.

  4. Manoj Maity Post author

    How to do conversion optimization with SEO?

  5. Kyle K Post author

    Nathan, another great video (FYI I was just chatting with you on my other email account). I’ve signed up for Gotch SEO academy. Can’t wait to check it out.

    My question for you is – what is the future of SEO. The serps are changing and google is constantly adding more ads. Seems like search results are getting smaller and smaller.

    What are your thoughts?

  6. a1superUser Post author

    One tool I have discovered for the best conversion of visitors into leads is click to call widget. For instance "Callback Tracker" connects our reps with website visitors in just 24 seconds, that is awesome 👍

  7. Aqua Master Post author

    Hey Nathan love your comprehensive videos! Contemplating on buying your SEO academy course, wanna know does the link building tactics in your course work on product review sites?

  8. Fahad Naeem Post author

    gotch you bought this car from SEO earnings?

  9. Ibrahim A.idress Post author

    the video basically saying " be ready to receive more if you want more"


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