Donating $100,000 To Random Streamers

By | February 20, 2020

– I will be donating
$100,000 to streamers, but they’re going to have to earn it. I represent Twitch,
Chris represents Mixer. – Yay, Mixer cool. – We will present the challenge. Whoever completes the
challenge first wins the money. And as the video progresses, the challenges will be for more money. Towards the end they’re
literally competing for $20,000. Chris, you have your person correct? – Yes. – I have my person. First one to kill a creeper wins $1,000. $100 please kill a creeper ASAP. – You should kill a creeper please. Oh my goodness. – Don’t worry you know
I’ll get the job done (screaming) – Oh! He found one – He got a creeper. – I’m stuck in the boat. Does that count? (Laughing) – That’s it yes! – Wait, but my guy the creeper exploded. Does that count? – No that doesn’t count, that’s a creeper killing itself. – Jeriko if you could have known. I’m going to let Jeriko know he lost. Sorry mate the creeper killed itself. – No! See chat I knew it. What hurts the most is being so close. – They were, they were so so close. – gg, you got to the creeper first. – [Man] Yo, Mr. Beast
dropping a thousand, what? No way. That’s insane. – We got to hit him with a good one. How about the first one
to say the word “the”. Starting in 3, 2, 1. First
one to say “the” wins. – Excuse the horrible pun. – All right. – Shall we go get some splash potion of healing and then we
can move the rain dog? – The! He said it. He said the rain. Can you donate 100 dollars to your guy and let him know he lost? I’ll donate to my guy. – There was a competition between you and a twitch streamer
to say the word the first. You lost. – What’s that? Hold up.
I know my bobs are good. (Upbeat music) But they ain’t that
good. I’m calling hacks. – He doesn’t believe it’s me. It’s real! I am Mr. Beast. – Whoa! What the heck is going on there? You said “the” first. – You did, you said it first. – That’s absolutely nuts. Thanks man! – No prob. First one to count
to 100 wins 2,000 dollars. You ready Chris? 3, 2, 1, go. Mine just sent. Oh boy. No don’t wait, just go, count. – Oh Mr. Beast! Count to 100
please don’t skip a number. Well if that’s what you want I’m sorry but that’s not gonna happen. – My guy’s not going. He
doesn’t believe it’s real. – My girl doesn’t want to count. – Start counting! – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – Keep going, keep going! – I feel defeated. – 30, 40 – Chris it’s not a race. – 62, 63, 64 – Chris did you win yet? – 96, 97, 98 – I won! – [Prof. Party Time] 99, 100. – Send this man money right now. – He won 2,000 dollars. – Here it comes boys. – [Computer] You counted to 100 first which was easy because my person didn’t even count so good job winning even though it was handed to you. – There was a lot of salt in that Jimmy. Are you salty? – I’m just slightly. – He’s going mental bro. – You want to have a fun round, where we could do non Minecraft people? – You know which you should do Jimmy? You should give some Raid Shadow Legends streamers some money. – Are you speaking of Raid Shadow Legends, the most ambitious RPG crossover of 2019? – Why yes I am speaking
of Raid Shadow Legends. – Convenient, they are the sponsors. Raid is a free app that actually looks like a triple A game. Chris you have way more
time in this game than me. Can you explain to them
you favorite champion? – So my favorite champion
is the crimson helm. She has a 75% chance that allows her to get attacked by 4 random enemies, but she also is invincible
for the next turn. So one of my favorite things
about Raid Shadow Legends, it has an auto attack feature. You put your champions in auto, they rank up and you can take a drive or you can go to a date with your wife or whatever you need to. And the developers have
published everything they’re going to be doing to the game. They have added new factions,
tag team arena feature, and even a new clan
boss for you to battle. There’s literally stuff coming
out for this game constantly. – Currently over 10 million players in under 6 months,
there’s loot collecting, a good story line, there’s
something for everyone. If you want to support us and allow us to do more videos like this in the future, click the link in the description, also you’ll get some cool prizes. – [Chris] 100 thousand silver,
you’ll get 10 mystery shards and 2 clan boss keys. – And also Adjudicator for free. Click the link in the description, it goes away in 30 days. Raid shadow legends, thank you so much. Let’s get back to donating. I think the gameplay on this
streamer is very magnificent (laughing) what do you think? – Yes – Also Maddy, just skip a minute. Do you approve of this streamer? – Stop Go back to mixer where it’s safer. – I think our next challenge
should be a math problem. First one to answer it wins. – All right. – ♪ Love she wanted you to wait ♪ ♪ let me tell you a story ♪ – Jimmy I need you to
pull this up right now – ♪ She had 9, 10 pants
and a very big bra ♪ – What is this? – Dude Mixer is awesome. – What is 2 times 8 times 2 times 8? It’s 256. All right and now. – Wait, wait, is that the real Mr. Beast? – It is, answer the question. – Look at the donation man. Mines not showing up. My guy hasn’t even seen it yet so. – 256! – Oh, Chris she won. (upbeat music) – [Computer] GG, Chris sucks. – How does that make you feel Chris? – That makes me hurt. – All right Chris, do you
have your next contestant? – I do have my next contestant. – I have my next contestant and now they will be
competing for 4,000 dollars. First one to blink 20
times wins 4000 dollars. Let’s begin in 3, 2, 1, go. 1, 2, 3, what if he blinks when I blink? 5 – 1, 2, 3, 4 – 6, blink! (dramatic music) – My dude doesn’t blink. So my guy just lost 4 thousand dollars. I feel bad. How about I donate 1,000
dollars and say sorry? Wait, hold up he’s freaking out. – [Young Streamer] What! – [Girl] Did you just
get donated 50 dollars? – 1,000! – She said, “Did you
get donated 50 dollars?” – [Girl] There’s no way. – From Mr. Beast. I’m actually scared this is not real. – It is. All right Chris we have your winner here. Good job blinking. Whoa what was that? – What? – Dude he only has a heart and a half. – I thought I was going
to have to stop streaming and get a different job. We were going to talk about budget today. – Budget? – And I just found out
my dad has skin cancer. – Oh wow. – Someone tell me that’s real. – It is real. – Dude, thank you so much. I knew you were coming over to Mixer but I didn’t think I
was anybody important. – You’re very important. – You’re very important to all of us. – Let’s get some hugs man. Hugs for Mr. Beast. – All right everybody make sure we hear this very important thing. (Scream) – Download Raid Shadow Legends
using Mr. Beast’s link. – Chris, do you have a streamer? – I have a streamer. – I have 4 streamers. Whoever wins this next
challenge gets 8000 dollars. What should the challenge be? I’ll let you pick. – First person to touch their nose. – Sure I have 4 people so it will be easy. – Go! Oh he’s scratching his face. – This guy is touching his face. No nose scratches. He’s close, he’s touching the stash. – Touch your nose. Yes! He did it! Yes! – Let me let barstool know they lost. – [Computer] You lost, frowny face. – Barstool you may have lost but I still give you permission to
react to any of my videos. – He wins 8000 dollars
for touching his nose. Your nose must have been super itchy. – What the heck was that? Oh my God. I’m on the verge of tears right now. That will help me move, pay off my car. Oh my God. Thank you so much. – I just took my sunglasses off, it’s about to get serious. We’re entering the over
10,000 dollar donation range. Chris, do you have a streamer? – I do. – I have a streamer, this is my editor. This time we’re going to put them on a level playing field. First to get a kill in Apex Legends gets 10,000 dollars. Give me a countdown. – 3, 2, 1, go! – Get a kill. Hurry. He’s about to get a kill. He’s already about to get
a kill and it just started. – Oh, man. – Oh, oh, no, go! Ethan is going to be so sad. Call Ethan. – [Ethan] Hello? – Ethan get a kill quick – [Ethan] I’m trying. – Just quit the game and start a new one. You’re going against a Mixer streamer. – All right I’m in a game! I’m in a game! I don’t know what I’m winning, but. – At least 3 sandwiches. He’s going to be so angry
dude, I can already hear Ethan. – If he doesn’t win. – Yeah it’s going to be bad. Ethan is going to hate himself. (Laughing) My guy is playing very
conservative right now. – Oh Ethan found someone, oh, oh, oh. – Oh my guy just spotted somebody and he’s going for the kill. – Ethan did like 100 damage. – Get him! I just got a kill. – He got it. – He killed him? – He got it. – Yes! Ethan, I mean aw
darn Mixer streamers. – Ethan got it! – I told him he was getting sandwiches. – Did you say 10,000 sandwiches? – No I told him he was getting 4 bacon and cheese sandwiches. – Here are your bacon and
cheese sandwiches for a year. More like a decade. About to go through, oh boy. – What? – Chris we might have killed him. – I feel terrible for the
other person now though. – Chris give him the other person, so he can donate to the person. Aww Ethan is being all heart felt. – This is the guy, tips are appreciated. How about we donate to this guy. – Whoa (Laughing) – I was like wow 2,000 dollars, and then he takes a 0 off and I was like okay that’s more expected. Chris for this round We each need to pick a Raid Shadow Legends streamer. – Okay – I just found mine, grab yours. – Jimmy. – Yeah? – You’re not going to like this. – Uh huh? – There’s zero people currently streaming Raid Shadow Legends on mixer. – Which means my guy won. – What the heck. Oh my God. – [Computer] Since you’re
playing the best game ever, here you go m8. – Thank you guys so much, Jesus. Well, that’s going to
take care of some bills. How in the world did you
guys find my channel? – We just searched the best game ever. I’m going to raid him as well. – 9,000. – Do it. – He currently has 8 viewers. Just wanted to point that out. – Oh he doesn’t have mods. RIP RIP. You just ended this
man’s streaming career. – Look at his chat, look at it. – Have you deleted the tweet? You might need to if you haven’t already. – He has 2,000 viewers. I’m going to delete the tweet. That’s the Mr. Beast touch. (Sad music) so Chris has 20,000 dollars is on the line I’m going to pick a really small streamer. – Let’s see here, Mr. Beast says, can you turn off the music? That will be a negative sir. Hey, can someone ban Mr. Beast real quick. – I asked this guy to turn off the music, he said can someone ban Mr. Beast? – Oof, so my guy wins by default? – We’re just not going to
give him 20,000 dollars. – I’ve got a perfect streamer right here ready to get 20,000 dollars. – Let me find someone else,
who does not try to ban me. We’re not having good luck Chris. (Cheering) Oh wait, I checked back in on the guy and he turned it off. – It would seem I made
a mistake, come back. – This is for 20,000 dollars. The first one to drink water, because staying hydrated is important. – He has a cup of water beside him, so I’m actually okay with that. – Drink some water. Please. – Notice my chat, drink
water. Come on man. – I’ll do what he says. – He drank water! He drank some water. – No, I quit, I quit. I’m done. – Chris come on in here, lets do it. Water contest for 20k (Upbeat music) – No that’s not, no. I’m gonna disagree. That’s not real. – It is real. – No. – Yes. – That’s not real. – It is real. – That’s not real. – It is real. – No. How do I know that – Let me follow him on twitter. I bet he’s happy he didn’t actually ban me – Did he follow me on Twitter? Dude shut the, oh my god, oh my god. Mom I’m moving out. I’m moving out! – Mom I’m moving out. Lets ask him what he’s going
to buy with the 20 grand. – What! What am I going to
buy with 20,000 dollars? Buy Mr. Beast apparel, that’s what you do. – Yes. – You go here and you
get everything on here. That is what you do. Thank you so much. – Now that the competition is over, we still had 40,000 dollars left. So we’re gonna visit Ninja and some other Mixer streamers. Hey dad, I see you found a new home. – Oh my! And 3,000 embers
that’s not the real one. – I sent him a DM, I said it’s me. – Dude okay, so apparently
it is actually Mr. Beast. I have undeleted the ban,
dude 1,000 dollar dono. You can use this in the video, and you can’t believe it was me. Sorry I didn’t believe it wasn’t you. (Siren) – You did a good job with that arrest. – Mr. Beast thank you, you have no idea I have only got like 30%
of my heart function left. You’re really tempting fate with me. – This is one of Chandler’s
first times donating. – I’m very new to this. Let’s do five. – Thousand? – Yeah. – [Computer] Chandler had your back, bro. – Look at his face, dude
the beat just dropped too. Got the dono. – Yeah because it says donation alert. – Oh my God, are you kidding? – No, were not. – No way! – If he cries, he gets anther 5. – Oh my God, thank you so much man. I was talking about you the other day, and I was saying I
really respect everything you do on your channel
because you do a lot of stuff for people a lot less fortunate than you. Thank you so much man. That’s crazy man. – We got to give it to him, he wiped it. – [Man] That’s 6 thousand
dollars you can spend on V-bucks. – Charge back, charge back. – Oh my god, Mr. Beast thank you so much for the 5,000 dollars,
I’m trying not to cry because this is weird for every body. – Wait so he didn’t cry. – He teared up. What’s the specifications of crying? – Crying is sweating from the eyes. – Then I guess he cried. – Did he sweat? Or did he cry? Because crying is sweat. Chris come back. Chandler doesn’t know
the difference between crying and sweating from the eyes. – I don’t understand what’s going on. – [Chandler] Well I’m going
to go sweat in the bathroom. – That’s called peeing. – How much you give him to make him sweat? – Chandler went a little crazy and gave him 11,000 dollars. Yeah, why do my friends keep leaving me? – Oh I remember you, hi. – [Computer] Hi. – Straight up I actually remember you. I remember you were in
my stream a long time ago and now you’re back. What do you want me to do?
Want me to blink my eyes? (Boinging) I got you, I will blink my eyes for you. – [Jimmy] And I still
have 15,000 dollars left, so I decided to put a
bounty on Techno’s head. He’s one of the best Minecraft
players in the world, and he’s currently competing
in Minecraft Monday. With lots of other
youtubers, and the first one to kill him got 15,000 dollars. – [Man] He’s trying to
heal, don’t let him heal. We got him. (cheering) – Yes! Yes! 7 and a half g’s – So wait. – [Man] It was you who got the kill right? – Yeah I finished the kill up. Thank you Jimmy thank you so much. – So yeah 100 grand gone, download Raid Shadow Legends, subscribe. Thank you. (Explosion) (piano music) (Explosions)

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